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Thanks to the support from our alumni, parents, and friends, Hofstra University continues to provide an unparalleled educational experience. Our generous and committed donors make this University an excellent institution through continued philanthropy. The investment in our campus allows Hofstra to attract the best and brightest students by offering competitive scholarships and financial aid packages, recruiting accomplished faculty, supporting transformative learning experiences, providing a technologically advanced environment, and showcasing a beautiful campus.

The Honor Roll of Donors allows us the opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for your vital contributions. A diverse group of benefactors supports Hofstra: alumni, friends, parents, faculty/staff, organizations, and corporations. We are grateful to have such dedicated and committed supporters.

2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (1)

A Letter from

A Letter from Hofstra President Susan Poser

Hofstra University had another great year, thanks to our dynamic students, accomplished faculty, and dedicated alumni.

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2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (2)

A Letter from

Hofstra Vice President Alan Kelly

We are immensely grateful for the extraordinary commitment and generosity demonstrated by our alumni, parents, and friends.

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2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (3)


Hofstra University is uniquely equipped to offer students a personalized, world-class educational experience.

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2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (4)

A Letter from the

Hofstra Alumni Organization President

I am very proud to serve as president of the Hofstra University Alumni Organization, representing more than 140,000 Hofstra graduates from around the world.

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2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (5)

Meet the

Alumni of the Month

The Alumni of the Month feature on the Hofstra University website showcases graduates who are doing interesting and exciting things.

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2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (6)

Hostra Pride

Athletics Highlights

A look back at the past year in Hofstra Pride athletics.

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The Fund for Hofstra University

How do annual gifts make such a big impact?

  • Provide scholarships for deserving students
  • Ensure a technologically advanced learning environment
  • Allow us to host world-class events and lectures
  • Preserve our beautiful and nationally recognized campus

Help us achieve extraordinary things! Visit hofstra.edu/giving or call 516-463-6336 to make your gift today.

2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (7)

The Honor Roll acknowledges all gifts received during the 2022 fiscal year (September 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022)

Individual Donors

† = Deceased / * = Hofstra Loyals

Carol and Alan J. Bernon '76*

Andrew M. Boas '80*

Timothy H. Brodlieb '89

Rita Castagna

Mark Claster '77*

Michael P. Delaney '86*

Erin Brookes Dempster '94 and Craig Dempster '94*

Laurence T. Ginsberg '79*

Arlene '77, '88 and Robert Goldberg*

Alan I. Greene

Patricia and John Healy '69, '77*

Shawn M. Henry '87

Lawrence Herbert '51, '89*

Mary and Peter S. Kalikow '65, '86*

Florence Kaufman

Steven A. Klar

Judith Livingston Moore '79, '98*

Sondra and David S. Mack '67*

Cathy and Robert F. McKeon '10*

Samuel Ramos '91*

Debby and Scott Rechler*

Tracy and Michael W. Roberge '92*

Jodi and Robert D. Rosenthal '74*

Jason Savarese '95

Toni Gross Sosnoff '63 and Martin Sosnoff*

Perry Weitz '83

Margaret and Jeffrey Abrams*

Tracey '87 and Todd Ant '81*

Myrna Barzelatto

Michael E. DeDomenico '69*

Mindy and Arno Fried*

Margaret and Robert F. Gartland '74*

Leo A. Guthart*

Doris Lister*

Marilyn B. Monter '76 and Wilfred Witthuhn*

Philip J. Shapiro '78*

Patricia K. '57, '81 and Frank G. Zarb '57, '62, '75*

Janice and Jeffrey Beekman ‘76

Paula Berardinelli

P. J. Bjorneby '96*

Robert W. Buckner '56, '65*

Joan and Robert Catell*

Christopher J. Cavallaro

Lisa and Gregory T. Cerchione '84*

Robert W. Chasanoff

James K. Donaghy '90*

Howard Fensterman

Samuel J. Ferrara '94*

Lorna '75 and Edwin Goodman

Maria A. Grasso '86*

Charles R. Hale '71

Marc L. Hamroff '83, '16*

Kristin and John D. Miller '79

Ronald A. Narel '57

Patricia '92 and Larren Nashelsky '91

Catharine and Anthony Perettine '87*

Gary Podell '91

Julio A. Portalatin '81, '13*

Steven R. Schlesinger '76

Michael W. Seiman '01*

Caryl and Leonard Shapiro*

Libby G. Shapiro '54*

Marilyn and James Simons*

Robin '86 and Joseph Sparacio '89*

Linda and Myron Teitelbaum

Ann '60 and Karl Weiler '60

Laura Anne Whitley '96

Rona F. Woldenberg

Rita Woldenberg*

Roy J. Zuckerberg

Wendy and Danal Abrams*

Ira M. Birns '83

Michael Blisko '01*

Jeffrey Bloom '79

Dorothy and Wilbur Breslin*

Christopher Briller

Nancy J. Burner '88*

John Cameron*

Deborah Carr

Carolyn Chambers

Laurence N. Charney '69

Martha E. White Colabella '95 and Mark R. Colabella '85, '91

Paul Cooper*

James A. D'Addario '72*

Barbara Deane

Steven J. Eisman*

Debra Tosi Ferriso '14 and Alfred Ferriso '13*

Jeffrey D. Forchelli*

Dolores Fredrich '80 and Jeffrey Keller '80*

Haley Friedman '22

John P. Gering

Elizabeth and Gerard N. Giovaniello '64

Michael S. Harrison '71

Joseph P. Heaney, III*

Richard Herzbach '73

Nancy Gittleson Hodson '82, '84*

Paul I. Jeffery '63*

Frederick Johs '76*

Marie Parziale Johs '88*

Edward M. Kalikow '78*

Larry Keigwin '94, '07 and Christian Keesee*

Gabriela and Zamir Korn '94, '97

Kimberly '16 and James Korn-O'Shea

Seryl '84 and Charles Kushner '79*

Lenard Leeds '74+*

Jillian P. Levitt '16

Rosemary '82 and Steven L. Levitt '78, '81

Andrea Libresco '89 and Michael D'Innocenzo+*

D. Carl Lustig, III '78*

Michele Mandelbaum '76 and William Burton '74

Philip H. Mark '64*

Donna E. Marshall '95

Sneh and Gopal Mehta

Barbara '63 and Lewis Meltzer

Stella '09 and Paul Mendes*

Janis '81 and Richard Meyer

Elisa D. Ventur Muran '86 and John C. Muran '86

Janet George Murnick and Daniel Murnick '62*

John G. Newman '59

Paul O'Neill, Jr. '90

Michael G. Pantelogianis '92

Tammy A. Petragnani '88

Ronald T. Piervincenzi '93

Sherri and Marc Powers '80

A. Gail Prudenti and Robert Cimino*

Nancy and Stuart Rabinowitz*

Michael P. Roberts '86

Lawrence P. Roman '77

Cora M. and Kenneth J. Rood '77, '79

Brian Ruane '96

Ben B. Rubinowitz '81

Stephanie '68 and Stuart Saft '68*

Steven R. Salbu '77*

Nancy and Paul R. Saueracker '78*

Richard C. Schoenstein '90

Joel Segal '89

Dorthe A. Selda '69*

Terri C. Shapiro '86, '89, '95*

Anne Shybunko-Moore

Ronald E. Strothkamp*

Shari Teitelbaum and Mark Bibi '80*

Suzanne and Christopher Teleha*

Mary Tobi

Evan Torgan '82

Brigid '11 and Benjamin Vogt*

Tai Wang

Jeffrey M. Weiner '79*

Rondell J. Wescott '03*

Thad and Bin Wolfe

Carolyn Sanchez Woycik and E. David Woycik, Jr. '77, '80*

M. Patricia Adamski*

Linda '85, '00 and Marc Alpert '83

Karen M. Baumbach '99

John Belloni

Sondra L. Bernstein '53*

Bill Bleyer '74*

Courtney P. Boccio '16

Lynn A. Boccio '78

Irene K. Bossert '64*

Thomas M. Byrne '89*

Lynn '64 and Richard Cardozo '64*

The Cerrato Family*

Frank Chervenak

Mia R. '98 and Harris L. Cohen

Brooke and Richard J. Cole*

Scott Colletti

Joseph Conefry

Maryellen and John J. Conefry, Jr.

Gene F. Coppa

Sean M. Cronin '04

Brent Cunningham

Michele '94, '01 and James Cusack '90, '98*

Lawrence A. Davis '70, '74*

Solange and Frederick E. Davis, Jr. '85*

Robert F. D'Esposito '64*

John F. DiCapua

William W. Edwards

The Honorable John J. Farley III*

Kathleen and Rodney Finzel*

Paul J. Flora '68*

Kraig G. Fox '93*

John H. Frew '74*

Jordan W. Fried '13, '15*

Roger Gerland*

Denise Sciabarra Giannone '90 and David Giannone '92

Kathleen Dooley Glass '99 and Jeffrey Glass '79*

Edwin V. Grivins '80, '85

Rashad Hasan Haughton '00*

Jeffrey L. Hecht '94*

J. Marie and Christopher Hein

Catherine '81 and William Hennessy*

Robert Herber*

Beverly Baker Jackson '97*

John Kanas

Louise Kapner

Maureen P. Kiedaisch '93, '98*

John King

Suzan and Arthur J. Kremer*

Stefan H. Krieger*

Phyllis '77 and Robert Kuchner '76

Diana E. Lake '68*

Terry Lamantia '81, '86

Ralph E. Lambert '84

Lambros Y. Lambrou '97

Randy L. Levine '80

Diane S. Levy '65*

Cindy Lewis '79*

Jacqueline O. LiCalzi '85*

Lizabeth Lynner '85 and James Palenchar*

Ann M. Mallouk '72

Lawrence Martino '94

Matthew J. Mazzilli '89

Emily M. Corzel McBride '13, '14*

Janice M. McFadden '87, '92*

Joseph A. Mihalich*

Joanne Minieri '82

Peter S. Morgan '97

John E. Morrison

Fusae Nara '91*

Sheldon Newman

Ann Mccaffrey O'Dwyer '59 and Terry F. O'Dwyer '60*

Betsy and David Oestreicher

John Palmer '03

A. J. Paluska, Jr. '68, '70*

Susan Poser and Stephen DiMagno

Jill Rabin '75 and Barbara Friedlander*

Anthony J. Rondello '19

Beth S. Rosenberg '79*

Judith A. Salerno '70*

Vicki Santello in memory of Estelle Aden

Joan and Donald Schaeffer*

Annette Schrader '84 and Herman A. Berliner '15*

David Schwed '12

Patricia '64 and John Sepulveda '67*

Peter D. Shapiro '67*

Renee '79 and Stephen Silver '66*

Stephanie Siteman

Grace Anne '81 and Casimir Skrzypczak '70

Lawrence G. Smith*

Nancy '71 and Frederick Smith '73

Howard J. Talmud '91

Anita Tannuzzo '57

Guy L. Truicko '91*

Charles M. Trunz, III

Marlene J. Cookson Wallace '92 and Jay Wallace '00*

Jack A. Weisbaum '64*

Matthew Weiss '92

Carolyn Reinach Wolf '79, '86*

Cristina R. Yannucci '96


Margaret Abraham and Pradeep Singh*

Michael J. Ackerman '66*

Dagmara Aguero

Anthony S. Alexander '98

Janine M. Aliago '07*

Meaghan S. Almon '04, '08

Lori Goldman Ames '79*

James A. Amodio '74*

Eleanor '75, '84 and Calvin Andrew '72*

Andres Anglade '02

Elaine M. Anton-Lotruglio '90*

Jim Apostolico

Kimberly S. Archer '95

John Arianas '92

Danielle Atkinson

John H. Bae '89

Keith Bantz '63*

Thomas Barbaro '77

Jay G. Baris '78*

Ellen '79, 80, 83 and Michael E. Bass '81

Carole M. Bates '13

David L. Battinelli

Takita Mason '01 and Aaron Battle*

Traci and Ronald Bauguess

Richard C. Bayer '84*

Timothy M. Beckett '99

David Beito

Anna Benedetto '98 and Christopher Caruso '00*

Andrew Berger

Emily R. Berger

Leslie A. Berkoff '90

Ted Berkowitz

Aniello Bianco

Mindy Birnbaum '83 and Barry Rutcofsky '83

Larry Bloom*

Wendy and Richard M. Bochner

Charmain A. Bogue '07

John A. Boockvar

Robert V. Boos '59*+

Mark A. Bracco '92

Calandra Y. Branch '91

Elissa and Donald Brennick

Alyssa M. Breres '15

George Breres

Kenneth Breslin '86

Dexter A. Bridgeman '84

Andrea and Kenneth Brodlieb*

Louis Bruno

Michael H. Bruzik '82*

Tara Buonocore-Rut '03, '04

Linda and M. David Burghardt*

Barbara '75, '76 and Peter Bye*

Marivi Caban '08 and Christopher Weidman '07

Jennifer L. Delgais '98 and Charles L. Cacciabaudo

Konrad L. Cailteux '85*

Marc A. Caldarone

Elaine Calos

Angela and Bradley Camarda

Jonathan D. Camera '95

Nick Campanelli

Laurence E. Campbell '77*

Lori Jean Canestraro '84, '88 and Richard Powell '84, '91

Matthew F. Carberry '12

Laura and Michael Cardello, III '86, '89, '96*

Michael Cardello, IV '19, '21

Donna and Christopher Carlin+

William Carmody*

Jordan L. Caruso '11

Linda Wing Caruso '78 and Frank Caruso

Robert C. Carvalho '88

Matthew P. Cass

Jennifer and Shawn Cassidy '88

Susan and Fred Catalano*

Frank J. Catalanotto

Palmira M. Cataliotti '90

Diana T. Cecchini '85, '97*

Meredith and Paul Celentano*

Bennett Chaite

Billi J. Chambers '03

Angie Choi

Ralph Choi '21*

Parveen C. Chopra

Paul F. Ciofrone '00

Adrienne Clark '05

Austin Clark

James E. Clark

Richard J. Clavell '53*

Craig E. Claxton '11

Timothy Cleves

Patricia Cliff '80

Heather Cohen '98 and Michael Waxman '97*

Michael J. Cohen*

Robert S. Cohen '86

Barbara and Barry Coller

Camille B. Collier

Athelene A. Collins '92

Daniel F. Collins '64

Melissa A. Kane Connolly '89, '17*

Dorothy E. Connolly*

Gretchen and John Cooling

Marie Corrado '56*

Angelo Coscia

Steven R. Costenoble*

Teri '09, '17 and Mark Cox '93, '02*

Charles B. Cummings '73*

Margaret D'Albert '84

Abena Darkeh '93

Suzanne Mikos David '99 and Kenneth David '99*

Meredith M. Decsi '00 and Matthew D. Prince '97

Stephen Delaney

James L. Delgado

Louis F. DeMars '84

Gregory P. Demetriou

Sherly Demosthenes-Atkinson '12

Daniel Denihan Jr.

Donna L. Denton '88

Louis J. Dionisio '81

Orsola and Louis D'Onofrio

Edward M. Dooney '86

Kimberly P. '21 and W. Houston Dougharty*

Joseph R. Downey '85*

Rosalie Downey*

Lisa M. Dresner

Brian M. Dulmovits '20

John Dulmovits*

Daniel G. Dyer '85*

Jessica A. Eads '96*

Colleen and Thomas Ebbert*

Ronald Edelson

Laura E. Edidin

James Edwards '87

John B. Edwards '96

Bruce Eiber '77, '80*

Mark B. Eisenberg

Angela L. Emrich '89

Carmine E. Esposito '89

Michael Faltischek

Carolyn '72, '75 and Paul Farinella '69, '74*

Cynthia A. Farr '85*

Christian Fassari

Michael Feeley '01, '03

David B. Fellin '72

John G. Ferreira '83

Eileen Callahan Fiechter and Rene Fiechter '74*

Laurie and Paul Flamm*

James P. Flood '77*

Frank V. Floriani '77

Brian M. Foresta '90, '97

James M. Fox '69

Nancy '91 and Richard Freedman*

Brianne E. Frew '14, '16

Warren G. Frisina*

Judith Fryer '75 and Daniel Biggs*

Richard A Furie

Kyle J. Gabel '22

Lauren Gabel

James Galante

Kathleen Gallo*

Douglas K. Gannon '00,'02

Lisa and Milo Gates*

Eugene E. Gelling '97*

Dora Georgescu

Jill Gershman '91

Sleiman R. Ghorayeb*

Ronit Gilad

Carol Gilbert and Michael J. Delibero '93*

Annora S. Gilman '84

Dawn and James Goelz

Robin F. Goldberg

Ariel T. Goldman

Diane D. Goldman '75*

Jan Goldman '80

Melissa E. Goldman '83

Daniel A. Golub '70

Howard J. Goodman

David Gordon

Rosalind M. Gordon '73*

John K. Gorman '08

JoAnne Gottridge-Patrizi and Lester Patrizi

Susan S. Gould*

Marianne Grady '10*

Howard Graf

Marguerite Grays '82 and Hugh Campbell '82*

Francine '92 and Jeffrey Greenberg

Michele and Martin Greenberg '60

Ginny Ehrlich Greenberg '90 and Glenn Greenberg '21*

Dennis Greenwald

Sheryl Greenwald

Scott G. Greissman '94*

Michael Grieco

Charles M. Griffin '09

Greg Gulbransen '86

Jennifer Anne Gundlach

Luis U. Hammer

Mary Anne and Charles Handy '73

Joyce '56 and Samuel Hanna*

Kemp Hannon

Robert M. Harper '07*

Maria E. Harris '86*

Stephen B. Harris '86

Gloria F. Henn

William M. Hennessey '88

Allison Hernandez and Jason R. Hernandez '00,'03

Stephen E. Hershkowitz '66

Dorine A. Hetzel-Dand

Robert Heyl '71

Norman L. Hicks '62*

Barbara Hecht Hirst and Arthur Hirst*

Alan Hock

Donald J. Hofmann, Jr. '79*

Shegun Holder '97

Clifford A. Hudis

Aidan P. Hughes '21

Jennifer H. Hughes '83

Eleanor and Pascal Imperato

Robert Ioanna

Donna M. Iucolano '86, '88, '94*

Joey Jackson '95*

Leland Jacob '79

Vidya V. Jaggernauth '06

Susan '81, '87, '92 and Steven D. Jannace '87

Charles R. Jenkins '11

Richard G. Johanson '75*

Jacqueline A. Jones*

Kim Brennan Joyce '89

Cameron L. Kadison '03

Howard J. Kahn '83

Bernadette Kane

Roberta S. Karp '83*

Jamie Karson

Neil D. Katz '88

Hilke and Peter Kayser

James H. Keegan '80

Catherine and Patrick Keenan

Kristin Kelleher

Kevin M. Kelly '90*

Susan and Alan J. Kelly '20*

Robert G. Kerr

Stephen T. Kiernan '94*

Terry L. Kleid

Jessica C. Kleid '12

Spencer Klein '89

David M. Kleinman '06*

James J. Kolb*

Joel M. Kotick '83

Dawn Laffin

Kurt A. Lambert '88

Michelle Lamendola-Essel '11

Eric Lane*

Lewis B. Lane*

Colleen and Daniel Langner

Anthony D. Larson '08, '17

Samuel Philip LaSala '79

Helen M. Latimer*

Riley Leder '18

Ashley J. Legerretta

Alan R. Leiderman '81

Eric Lempel '96

Salvatore T. Lentini '94*

Michael J. Lerner '83

Tanya F. Levy-Odom '90 and Edward Odom*

Kenneth M. Lewis '86*

Nathalie C. Lilavois '86, '92, '13

Marco Lionetti

Claudia Little

Steven I. Locke '93

Carol and Jamie Loeb

William Low '98

Edward S. Lucci '70

Michael J. Ludwig

Jessica Lyons '06 and Sunny Singh '06

Eugene T. Maccarrone '76, '82*

Ilene Mack

William P. Mackey '83, '90

Reshmi Madankumar '16

Joseph S. Maniscalco '95

Barbara B. Manning '79*

Eric R. Marcus*

Max T. Marcus '17*

Leslie A. Margolin '80

Kathryn V. Marinello '84

Trudy and Steven Markowitz*

Robert W. Martin '70

Sammy Martin

Carlo Massaro '93, '96*

David J. Mattana '86*

Carl J. Matteo '71

C. Jane Currie Matteson '66, '75*

Mark P. Matthews '90

Thomas M. Mauri

Glora and Gene Mauro

Michael P. McBride

Robert G. McCloskey

Lester McKeever

Jason McKenna '96

Forrest McMullen '51, '54*

Dawn L. Sumner McShane '03, '05 and David McShane

Margaret '82 and Martin Melkonian

Carle-Marie P. Memnon '98, '13*

Margaret '87 and Thomas Merle '71*

Vincent J. Messina '89

Steven A. Meyerowitz '76

Jennifer N. Mieres

Nelson F. Migdal '75

Louis H. Miller

Victoria M. Mink '90

Sherri Mirando

Joanna M. Molfetta '96 and Richard Justino '98*

Jennifer M. Mone*

Tita and Joseph Monti

Jennifer J. Montiel

J. Michael Moore*

Timothy Morash

Neil J. Moritt

Brian Morrell

Toni Jo Morrell

Dina and Vincent Muldoon

Andrea G. Murphy

Steven Napolitano

Ira Nash

Hillary Serota Needle '89 and Michael Needle '88*

Kate W. Nellans

John Nemjo

Joseph F. Nery '98

Linda H. Newman '60

Eric W. Nodiff '80, '83*

James J. Nolan '06*

Judith Nuss-Steele '60*

Karen E. O'Callaghan and Grace M. Cucchissi*

Charles Occhipinti, Jr. '12

Deanna R. '98 and Gerard E. O'Connor '00

Charles S. Oddo '79

Michael D. Ogazon, Jr. '01, '04*

Bonnie '84 and Andrew Oringer '84

Dennis C. O'Rourke '95

Gregory Parisi '83*

Ann E. Parry '76*

Michele and Michael Paton

Michael D. Patrick '78

Anamaria Perez '73*

Timothy P. Peycke

Nancy '95 and David J. Pfeffer '96

Andrea C. Phoenix '89

Anita K. Pillai

Lauretta D. Pinckney '70

Emily S. Pines '72, '76 and Jonathan Sinnreich*

Constance R. Pizarro '82

Gregory P. Polli '85*

Martha S. Pope*

Lynn Poster-Zimmerman '83

Louis Potters

Valerie L. Powell '14, '18

Amanda E. Preston '12

Robert J. Proske '68

Gabrielle G. Prusko '21

Jean and James Prusko*

Robert J. Quinlan '86*

Sina Y. Rabbany*

Madankumar Raj

Henry Ramirez '76*

Debra Rand*

Michele '93 and Robert Rapheal '93

Mary O. Regan

William P. Rennie

Brenda R. Rezak

Linda and George Roberts*

John A. Rodger, Jr.*

Christopher Rojas

Michael J. Romano '11

David M. Rooney*

Christopher B. Rose '99, '17

Allison Rosen

Jill L. Rosenberg*

Jared Rosenblatt '03

Marion Rosencrans

Edward S. Rudofsky '73

Matthew J. Russo '17

Salvatore J. Russo '81

Mikaela R. Ryan '16

Jacqueline Saborio '01

Catherine C. Samuels '79*

Peter M. Sander

Stanley J. Sanders

Maryellen and Pat Santoro*

Gregory Sarra

Arthur Sarro '98

Ashley Sauerhof '14 and Samuel Jaffe '10, '13

Elaine M. Saville and Daniel M. DeStefano '69, '72*

Louis A. Scarcella '77

Morton O. Schapiro '75

Lisa and Peter Schiff

Philip M. Schiliro '78, '13*

Steven Schlesinger

Michael Schulder

Jane and Martin Schwartz

Mark S. Schwartz '81

Daniel M. Sciubba

Giles R. Scuderi

Holly Seirup '90, '95 and Clifford Pincus '83, '85, '09*

Nicholas A. Sgaglione

Sandra Lynne Sgroi '78

Alpesh D. Shah

Nikita Shah

Kathryn Kronenberger Shanahan '92 and James Shanahan '91, '94

Jo Sharon '98

Beverly '70 and Charles Shaw

Amy R. Sheehan '01, '04

Denise '78 and Robert Sher*

Greg Sherry

Sara Ann '83, '88 and Ronald Shindel '96

Andrew B. Siben '76, '85

David Siegel

William B. Siegel '81

Jeffrey S. Silber

Arthur M. Sillman '73

George J. Silver '83

Aram Sinnreich

Daniel Sinnreich

Lawrence A. Sipkin '66

Richard A. Small '80*

H. Brooks Smith '80

Leonard Smith

Nathalie J. Smith '68*

Regina M. Spallina '00

Michael A. Sorrentino '05*

Brian A. Sosa '07

Brian Spallina '00

Charles A. Spector '68*

Carol St Clair

Barbara J. Stark*

Panayiota '00 and Michael Stefanakis '99

Steven A. Stella '98, '00

Richard M. Steuer '70

Nancy Ann '81 and Jeffrey Sunshine '80

Patti Ann '80, '84 and Matthew Surico

Linda and Leonard L. Susman

Carolyn W. Takla '98, '05

Patricia and Jerome Tatar

Linda M. Taub '83

Brian Taylor

John H. Thelian

Charles E. Tholen '63*

Amy Thorne

Quentin D. Thorne '22

Robert Tils

Laura and Patrick M. Togno

Nomi '60 and Frederick Trapnell*

Kenneth Tripp '96

Kevin C. Tripp '17, '19

Erin M. Trippi '15

Nancy Tsai

Christopher M. Tufano '95

Shari and Jonathan Turell

Karen L. Vacchio '96

Daniel M. Vaknin

Charles E. Vasoll '51, '60*

Adrianne Cajayon '06 and Patrick Vaughan '06*

Lisa Vignogna-Barlas

Anoopkumar S. Villait '94

William J. Voelker '61

Athan Vorilas '87

Nanette M. Wachter-Jurcsak*

Christopher P. Wacker '76

Dr. Stefan Waner

Jennifer '01 and Kevin J. Warne '00

Richard H. Weiner '83

Joel Weintraub '00

Joyce and William Weir '85*

Michelle Laskin '90 and David Weissman '90*

Robert J. Werkmeister

Carolyn N. White '61*

Jamie Whitfield '82*

Rachel Wiener '72

Robert P. Williams*

Katharine and John Conroy

James M. Wolin '77, '81

Jacqueline K. Worrall '17*

Renee Pissk Worrall '79 and Richard Worrall '77, '81*

Laurie B. '80 and David J. Wotman '79

Jeffrey A. Wurst '71, '74

Barbara Brizzi Wynne

Gail and Allen Zagoren '69*

Jerome Zollenberg '61*


Caryl and Herbert Ackerman '50*

Denise Adler '81*

Gerard Agostinello

Angela and Peter Albanese

Dianna N. Albanese '17

Susan Alberda

Maureen P. Alderman '12

Michael Allain '03

Peter Allen

Eugene Alpert

Janette and Frank Alvarez '90

Kelly Morris Alwine '05 and Jeffrey Alwine '03

Steven H. Anderson '82*

Leonard B. Austin '77*

Meryl Avni

Anthony Bagnuola

Gaetano R. Barile*

Patricia '98 and Joseph Barkwill

Jeffrey Barr

Max Bartell

James Basnight

Arthur B. Behal, Jr. '88*

Gail and J. Bret Bennington*

Andrew E. Berman '13*

Thomas Bermel*

Kathy and Gene Bernstein

Steven P. Bertolino '94

Judith Bilello '73, '82

Ronald Binday '56

Christopher M. Bissonnette '94

Charlotte and Roger Blumencranz*

Cynthia J. Bogard

David R. Bolnick '80

Joyce A. Brauer-Weston '77*

Leslie and John Brigham*

Joel Brochstein

Carol Brown

Paul A. Bruckner '14*

Bennett Bruckner*

Mary B. Bucaro

Keith D. Butler '88

Richard Cacciato '67

Philip W. Cadieux '77, '84

Madeline Callahan

Bradley Camarda '21

Beatrice W. Cambridge '83*

Theresa Campbell '90

Jane E. Carleton

Alicia and Michael S. Catanzarita

Richard Celestin

Michael E. Ciminiello

Charlotte Clark

Nicole Samartino Cohen '09 and James Cohen '05, '11

Randy Cohn

Sarah K. Cohn '87*

William J. Condon '85

Marian J. Conway

Andrew F. Corrado '92*

John A. Corrado, Jr. '61*

Cornell L. Craig

Andrew M. Crossfield

Alexandra Cruz '10

Denise S. Cunningham '97*

Emily Dalrymple

Karina W. Davidson

Beverly and Gary Davis

Robert A. Davis '70*

Steven J. Davis '66

Jerome C. Day

William A. Delaney '86*

Temna Desai

Kevin G. DesLauriers

Donna C. Diamond '86*

Justin V. DiCicco '16, '18

Gerard DiConza '91*

Katherine R. Dieterich '05

Pasquale DiMartino

Jyy-Chiang John Duh*

Matthias Dunse

Marsha and Timothy Ehrsam

Timothy J. Ehrsam '14, '16

Howard Elias

Stephanie and David Elkowitz

Gillian Z. Elston and Daniel Seabold

Erica and Henry Emmet

Henry T. Emmet, Jr. '12

Keith B. Enderle '81

Pinda '94 and George Eng '94*

Linda and Alan Engle*

Stephen G. Epstein '75

Mark and Laurie Faello

Thomas A. Famigletti '68

Jonathan Farber '15

Timothy B. Farrell '93*

Kelly and Douglas P. Feick

Leslye Fenton '74 and Jonathan Moreno '73, '98*

Raymond Ferguson

Nancy Ferrara '90

Kevin Ferrari

Edward M. Finegan '66*

Edith and Bernard J. Firestone

Eugene P. Flannery

James H. Flannery

Pat Flannery

Marion P. '68+ and Leroy Fleming*

Anne Flynn

Gavin Flynn

Whitney E. Ford

Christine Frederick '91

Erica Fried

Laura M. Fu '02

Carl E. Fulwiler '78*

Dominick Gadaleta

Elisa Gallaro '80 and Mark Marchand

Gwenae G. Garvey*

K. Paul Gassner*

Dolores Gebhardt '84

Deborah '77, '78 and Joel Gerstenblatt '77*

Chester J. Geveda, Jr. '68*

Lawrence Giaccone

Vincent Giambanco

Carolina Gibson

Mark Gibson

Bryan Ginther

Samara B. Ginzburg

Dennis E. Glazer '72

Terry F. Godlove

Bryan Goelz

Marc D. Goldsmith '08*

Eric Goldstein '75

Myrka Gonzalez '82 and David Ochoa

Robert A. Gordon*

Khalil Gourdin

Bryan Graff

Howard E. Graves, Jr. '81*

Craig Gridelli

Kajal M. Gupta '89

John C. Guthman '92, '04*

Calla Gutter*

Angela Scaringella Guziewicz '92*

Martine Hackett*

Kelly Halloran

James F. Harrington '93

Evelyn M. Harrison '84*

David Harvey

Pamela Shaw Hawkesworth '88 and Kevin Hawkesworth '88

Anne Herlihy

Terri Rosini Hess '88 and Richard Hess '86, '90

Leslie Hickis

John J. Hill, Jr. '77

Rodney F. Hill*

Bruce ho*rnecke

Karen and John Hoffman '86, '93*

Leroy Holland

Sarah A. Holzberg '15*

Stephen A. Horblitt '64, '66*

Warren Hoyle

Cathy Hummel

Changlong Hung '92

Brad Hutchinson

Miriam Hyman '77*

Thomas J. Interlicchio '10

Vincent J. Jansen

James Juliano

Michael F. Kaczynski '88, '96

Rebecca Kadish and Robert Levine*

Sharon Kahn-Bernstein '00 and Lawrence M. Bernstein*

June Kailes '71

Jonathan S. Kaiman '84, '88

Shaunen P. Kaiman '18

Evelyn Kalenscher '66, '89*

Donna and Alan Kaminsky '83

Joseph N. Kaminsky '12

Ronald M. Kanner*

Denise '97 and Francis J. Kelleher '97

Carol A. Kelly

Anna M. Kerekes '55*

Thomas J. Kessler '02*

Amir M. Khan '87

Mary Ellen and Carleton Kilmer*

James M. Kinglsey '18

Craig Kirsch

Gerald R. Knorr '65

Lawrence Kramer

Branka Kristic*

Jacklyn '07, '15, '21 and John C. Kuehn '01, '03

Irene C. Kuhn '57

Constantine D. Kyropoulos '58*

Luis Lagera

Judith Cain Lambert '65 and Gerard Lambert '64

Denise Langer '83

Kari '97, '00 and Michael Langer '01

Angela Larson

Michael X. Laurano '99

John Lavin*

Stephen S. Lawrence*

Linda Leaf '65

Samuel S. Lee '98

Janet A. Lenaghan '92*

Frank Lerner '68

Sherry Levin Wallach '95

Evans Lizardos*

George Lombardo*

James Lombardo

Dennis Losco

Patricia Y. Love '70*

William Lowe

Nicole and Adam Lutfi

Mark Lukasiewicz*

Denise Lupia

Miriam R. Lyman*

B. J. Magnani '72*

Birgitte Mahrt

Marcos Maldonado

Theresa Mangravite '70

Michaele B. Manigrasso and Jay Geiger '95

Christopher C. Martin '92

Bryce L. Martino

Alston J. Mason '98

Carole M. and Anthony F. Mazzarella '72

Randi S. Mazzella

Peter McCann

Samantha McGill McKevitt '98, '99 and Thomas F. McKevitt '93, '96*

William J. McLaughlin '57*

Kelly and Chris Mennella

Linda A. Merklin '15

Olga and Demetrios Mihailidis

Joyce Mikolaicyk

Ryan B. Miller '07*

William H. Miller

Michael J. Mirando '21, '22

Christopher Modelewski '89

Thomas Moon

Susanne M. Morahan '82

Sarah A. Mori '14*

Steven Mori*

David Moss

Dawn and Scott Muggeo

Kristen E. Mullarkey Kelley '00 and Andrew Kelley*

Terese and Keith Mullin

Lloyd J. Nadel '75

Alan Neuschatz '59*

John L. Nickelsberg '75*

Joseph M. Nicolini '09

Christopher W. Niedt

Kristen Mulhern Nolan '03 and Christopher Nolan '01*

Thomas E. Nothel

Frederick G. Nurse '71*

Sean O'Brien

Stephen A. Obstbaum

Elizabeth J. O'Connor '00

Steven A. Odrich

Kevin Otis

Michael Palmer

Sangeeta Pandit

Meghav N. Parikh '12

Sung C. Park

Steven Pasternack '69

Robert W. Pearce '80

Jean C. Peden-Christodoulou '19*

Rachel Peel-Macandrew '05, '12

Deborah Pereda

Mathew H. Peretz '08

Rosanna Perotti and Mohammed Bouzaidi*

Joshua Pines*

Laurie Pines*

Taylor R. Pirone '15, '17*

Dawn '85, '86, '93 and Joseph Plumitallo '81

Ralph S. Polimeni

Jay I. Pomerantz '89*

Howard D. Pomeranz

Anthony J. Porcelli '21

Michael B. Prager '93

Denise Pratesi '69, '71 and Frank Cutolo*

Richard J. Puerzer*

Edward T. Purcell '83

Joseph Quagliano

Ryan J. Quinn '13*

Rudy R. Racine '04

Raymond Raia

Alyeah E. Ramjit '15*

Brett M. Reiss '78

Arisleyda C. Riehl '94

Joseph F. Rinaldi '81

David J. Riviere '08, '16

Jessica H. Rodgers '00*

Marjorie and Peter Rogatz

Norm L. Rogers

Steven A. Rohinsky '12

Christopher D. Romaka

M. Jennifer Romanello '87, '18 and Stanislao Pugliese '87*

Paul P. Romanello

Michele and Paul Romano '11, '15*

The Roppolo Family*

Judith Goldberg Rosenberg and Richard Rosenberg*

Barbara '77 and Irwin Ross

Heather Rudd

Mary and Louis Ruggilo*

Tina and Terence G. Ryan

Robert L. Sandherr '69

Ron Sandoval

Gregory G. Sarra '13, '15

Erica '90, '93 and Adam Sattler '93

Charles Scanio

Joseph R. Scardapane '83*

Richard H. Schaffer

Michael P. Schenk '80*

Andrew I. Schepard*

Richard B. Schwarz

Michael C. Sciacca '04

Adam P. Seeman '14

Dorian Segure

Eric Sekler

Michael Senders '16

Dina Senra

Robin Sepe

William A. Shuart '92*

Devoll I. Sino '96*

Miriam A. Smith '10

Victor P. Sparaccio

Andrew Speacht '11

Lee R. Spiegel

Mary P. Sprong '89

Jane '99, '01 and Mark P. Spruyt '97,'98, '99

Penny M. Stern*

Jeffrey D. Straussman '66

Eddy Sujak

Christine Sujak

Paul V. Sullivan '65

Amy and Eric Sullivan

Cindy Switzer

Rachel W. Szabo '15

Terrence Tarver '07*

Julia Tatar '05

Anne L. Taylor '67

Celso Tello

Elizabeth M. Treston '84, '85

Arthur Trust

Richard E. Turnau '58*

Ira J. Udell

Steven S. Valenti

Karyn M. Valerius*

Kevin Venturini

Robert W. Vestigo*

Alda and Hector Walcott*

Ruth and Robert Waldbaum

David Walsh*

Amanda Ward '16 and Peter Guinnane '16

Jermain L. Warren '01

Jeanne M. Waters '14*

Kristine Suapengco Watson '09, '11 and Ryan M. Watson '09*

Patrick T. Watson '09

Saul Waxman '77

Marni and Mitchell Weinberg '17

Kristin Weingartner

Gary A. Weinstock '75*

Julie Weitzner '81

Dorothy Wendel '89, '93

Marc S. Wenger '87

Lisa M. Wiley '84*

Nicole B. Williams '09, '12

Gloria L. Wilson '73, '77*

Jules A. Winokur '21

George F. Wright '54*

Patricia P. Wright '90, '93*

Yaniv A. Yardeni '13*

Lori Yarmie

Albert Young

Anthony J. Zappone '14*

Todd M. Zelnick '77*

David R. Zimmerman '89

Amy E. Zwarico '82


Denise K. Abraham

Robin S. Abramowitz '90

Jeffrey G. Abrandt '74

Victor Abreu

Raymond Adams

Tammy Hill Addeche

Scott Lee Adler '76

Wendy Adler

Frank Affronti '16

Gregory Ahrens

Vairam Alagappan

Iris A. Albstein

Dina-Marie Alessi '91

Geri and Stuart Almer

Gerness Alpert '68*

Scott Alpert

Iska S. Alter

Tanya Altmann

Gina Recine Andersen '99 and Brendan Andersen '98

Joanne Morse Anderson '73, '76*

Rachel N. August '11, '14*

Gregory V. Avery

Daniel R. Axelrod '21

William A. Bader '84

James Bailey

Nicole Bailey

Gladys '90 and Douglas Bank '90

Veronica Davis Barkley '04 and Kehinde Barkley*

Ralph Barone

Theresa G. Barone '70*

Peggy Barrett

Laura I. Barrouk

Kelly McKenna

Rosalba '73 and R. Gary Barth*

Carol Bartolotta

Stuart L. Bass '79

Diana L. '10, '18 and Nicholas Bassett '20, '23*

Mary Battenfeld

Judith M. Brenner*

Yxa J. Bazan '89*

Eric L. Beckler

Sheila Belcher-Finch

Mark G. Bello '96

Dorothy Phillips Bendetti '57*

Jack A. Berczi '20

Mitchell Beres

Gail Berkes Starkie '59, '65, '77*

Robert G. Berkson '60

Terry B. Birdsong '73

John M. Bishop '85*

G. Lansing Blackshaw '58, '62, '66*

Robert C. Blank '61*

Andrea M. Block '63

Joan Bloomgarden '80

Elfreda V. Blue

Lawrence R. Boddy '73

Robert G. Bogle '82

Nadege Boisson Pardo

Keri A. Boller '99

Joanne Bonello Krush '79*

Jennifer Borge

William Borges

Meenekshi Bose*

Chris Brand

Keith E. Bravo

Rita Brettschneider and Bertram Cohn*

Elena C. Brindley '22

Erik A. Brogger

Jacqueline Grennon Brooks

Donald M. Brown

Theresa A. Brown '88

Michele Brown

Sonyere Brown-Carpenter

Adam L. Browser '91*

Marc Bruggeman

Emily A. Buch*

Alice G. Buck

Denise Buckley

Jacqueline A. Burke '90, '93

Margaret G. Burke '91, '04

Alafair S. Burke

Richard Butler

Julie Byrne

Jean Cacciabaudo

MaryAnn Caccioppoli

Ralph E. Caccipuoti '77

Judith Tua Callan '83 and Cesar Callan '83

Josie Callari

Andrew D. Cameron '12

Juliana V. Campagna*

Melanie Campbell '17*

Robert Campbell

Amy R. Cantor '89

Cal Carmichael

Anthony J. Carroll

Wendy Carrus

Lynne and Paul Carson '97

Lee Chandler Carter, II

Dyan Castillejo

James R. Cavin '68*

Graceanne '91, '17 and Louie Cecora*

Susan Emery Chandler '75 and Fred S. Chandler '73, '96*

Robert G. Chapman '75*

Isma H. Chaudhry '16

Nicole K. Chevalier '18*

Sharon and Rob Chevalier*

Joanne Chirico '86*

Peter J. Clagnaz '73*

Peter J. Clarke '89

Donald X. Clavin '96

Andrew T. F. Coen '03*

Harris N. Cogan '78

Gail R. Cohen '59*

Margaret and Michael Cohen '81*

Daniel H. Cohen

Patricia and Cornelius Collins '10*

Michael D. Contreras '05*

Caroline M. Copeland

Ryan N. Cosentino '06

John L. Cotronis '92

Barbara A. Coughlin-Byrne '87*

Mary Phinney Crabbs '70+*

Eleanor and Alan Craig '56*

Susan Cunningham

Susan Cuozzo '94, '97

Dina and David Dale*

Philip Dalton

Michelle Badami D'Amore '91 and Matthew D'Amore*

Maureen '74 and Harold Damm '74, '78

Ernestine Dandy

Anthony B. Dardis

Marcus V. Daugherty '84

Jimmie L. Davis

Molly Davis

Wilbert Kyle Davis '20

James DaVolio '13

Robert C. Davolio '14

Christine '05, '07 and Ralph DeFeo '05

Bruce P. Delaurentis '75

Donald Derrico

Nihar Desai

Daniel Devine

Michael P. Devlin '89, '08*

Robert DeWitt

Arthur Diamond '78

Spencer H. Diamond '17, '18

Elena Diaz

Michael DiFabio '75, '77*

Susan Dimatteo

Theodore DiPasquale '85*

Kenneth W. Dobert '68*

Barbara J. Doctor '69*

Bruce Dolgin

Janice M. and Gerry T. Donaghy '02, '05*

Neil H. Donahue

Sean P. Doonan '13*

Brian Dorsey

Mitchell Draizin

Kevin K. Duh '19

Ryan R. Dunn '07

Dennis Dunne '79

Sabrina Durden

Sandra Durden

Mark A. Edwards

Roberta and Stanley J. Einbender '60+

Rosebud S. Elijah

Joseph J. Elliott*

Anita M. Ellis '88, '90

Erin M. Enderle '13

Jay Ennesser '80

Thomas Epps

Janet N. Esagoff '09

Henry J. Etheredge '68, '72

Saralee P. Evans '78

Carmen Every-Degel

Sean A. Fanelli '97*

Kara Farley-Cahill '08

Izak Feldgreber '85

David Feldman '89

Andrew Feng '19*

Yong Xuan Feng and Guo Yong Feng*

Joseph Fichtelberg

Jonathan C. Fidis '20*

Lawrence H. Fine

David J. Finkelstein '85

Alan D. Fishbein '80

Claire '12 and Terence P. Fitzgibbon '11

Jennifer Flaherty

Paul Fleishman

Alexa Melonopoulos Fleury '92

Steven Florides

David M. Flynn

Declan Flynn '22

Carmine J. Fontana

Frank Fontana

James D. Ford

Andrew M. Forman

Dianne L. Frank '75*

Stephanie F. Freese '93, '99

Jonathan H. Freiberger '89

Adam Friedman

Peter R. Friedman '71*

Leslie and John Froccaro

Robert K. Fuessler '13

Katherine D. Gagnon '10

Michael J. Galgano '78

Dominic Gallina '99

Nicholas A. Gallo '78*

Mary Alice LaGiglia Gans '89 and Glenn Gans '88, '91

Jose Antonio Garcia

Albert W. Garrigan '58*

Deborah '79 and John E. Gault

Diane L. Gayer*

Veronica L. B. Genco '74*

June and Harold German*

Jean Dobie Giebel and Timothy Giebel

Rodney E. Gilmore

Mark S. Ginsburg '73*

Karan and Scott Giordano

DawnMarie Goins '93*

Charles J. Goodman '83

Stephen A. Gorchov

Elisa '85, '88, 94, and Patrick C. Gordon '85

Rebecca and William Gould '72

Susan O. Grabel '75*

Judith M. Graber '82*

Richard Graff

Neva A. Graham '09*

Gina G. Granger '17

Carol Grassi

Michael A. Greco '17

Jeffrey H. Greenfield

Lisa Orns Greenwald '95, '07 and Steve Greenwald '98, '09

Louise L. Gross '77

Richard B. Grossi '95

Andrew Groves

Paul Hagan

Linda '72 and Richard Halluska '73*

Nurhan Hamarat

Gerald P. Hanley*

Alexandra H. Hannon '11*

Andrea '99 and James Hansen '99

Christopher W. Hardardt '16 '18

Juanita Hargwood

Scott B. Harshbarger

Kathleen L. Harth '81*

Lisa Hartley

Carrie T. Healy

William G. Heimerle '94

William J. Heimerle '58*

Christopher Heister

Keelah J. Helwig

Everett Henderson

Erika A. Herbert '02

Diane Herbert

Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli '92

Roberto E. Hernandez '17, '19

Daniel Heyman

Marques Highland

Robert V. Hill '97

David S. Hilpl '67

Steven M. Hodish '09, '18

Denise and Alan Hodish

Charles Hofmann

Henry Holley

Arthur W. Hombach '64, '69*

Daphne Hornbuckle '86

Nur Hossain

Adele Hough

Edward D. Houghton '69*

Robert J. Hower '66*

Patricia A. Hoyle

Neil G. Huber '17

Elizabeth and Gerald D. Hubshman

Peter J. Hulse '04

Ronald Hundley

Andrew Huntsman

Zoha Hussaini

Patricia A. Hutchinson '75

Karen E. Ingvoldstad '67, '72*

Ronald R. Janssen

Scott E. Jarvis '85, '97

George Javian

Austin E. Jenkins '18

Bryan Jenkins

William I. Jennings

Donald J. Johann '88

Karen John

Darlene A. Johnson*

Heather '87, '98 and Craig Johnson

Richard C. Jones

Rory H. Jones

Marsha D. Jordan*

Roberto Joseph

Jessica Kalbfleisch

Rukhsana Kamal

Michael Kane

Georgia Kaporis '99

Manuelita V. Kardos Betts '03

Niclas Karoff

Amy D. Karofsky

Susan A. Karp

Dianne Russo Karpowicz '79

Shkumbin Karpuzi '02

Sharryn M. Kasmir

Michael Kasperski

Howard Kassinove '65

Ina Katz*

Jenna A. Katz '22

Judith S. Kaufman

George P. Kay '66+

Erin N. Kelleher '09

Michael Keller

David A. Kellman '74*

Dina '91 and Martin Kelly '90

Peter K. Kelly '75

Tim Kennedy

Colm H. Kennedy*

Mary Kennedy

Sean F. Kennedy '88

Alan M. Kirshner '59*

Harvey Kletzkin '68*

Michelle A. Klingler '11

Susan T. Kluewer '74

John J. Koster '75, '82*

Richard J. Koszarski '69*

Brenda '90 and John Kowalewski

Margaret D. Kranz '83*

John Krapp '87, '91

Maureen Krause and William C. Horak

Andrew A. Kress '76, '79*

Michael Kuchta

William R. Kugelman '83*

Richard L. Kuntz '65

Nancy Kwon

Wing C. Kwong

Corinne M. Kyriacou*

Michelle L. Kyriakides*

Meghan V. Laffin

Roxanne Lagano '90

Valerie A. Landry '08

Alice Janks Langholz '62*

Debbi and Gary P. Larkin

Eugene T. Larkin

Jane M. LaRocco*

Bryan LaSala '06

Jonathan B. LaSala '10

Thomas P. Lauth

Stefan H. Leader '65*

Richard S. Leddy*

Barbra Lederer

Melanie Lee '05 and Michael Coates '08

Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Karen D. Lehman '07

Marilyn '75 and Peter Lehman

Geraldine Fishman Lehrer '71*

Harvey Levinson

Stefanie Lewis '77

Michael Liardi

Louis J. Liberatore

Adam Libresco

Jennifer Liddy Green '93*

Richard S. Liebling

Howard W. Linker '67

Karen '76, '79 and Wayne Lipton

Ileane Bayer Liss '96*

Michele M. LoFaso '15*

Victor D. Lopez

William F. Lopresti

Pamela Lord

Nancy Lufrano '84, '91

Kimberley M. Maccarrone '08, '10, '11

Kristin M. Maccarrone '09, '19*

Michael Macri '97

Ole Mahrt

David C. Malanga '96, '07

Michelle and Anthony Manto

Melanie A. Mardirossian '06, '10

Julia Markus*

Adria C. Marlowe '17*

Heriberto Marrero

Daniel Masiello

Kathleen Masterson

Laurie and John McAnespie

Brenda McCarthy

Chantal and Joseph McCullough '85*

Susan and Ray McDermott

Cheryl and Sean McDonald

Tonie A. McDonald '00, '13

Diane M. McFarlane '94

Charles D. McFaul '67*

Maureen C. McFeely

Dave McGowan

Jo McInerney

Karen McInnis

Bryan McIntosh '22

Noelle McIsaac '14 and Joseph M. Barresi '11

Kelly and Micheal McKenna

Arthur F. McLoughlin, Jr. '58*

Stephen J. McLoughlin '82

Timothy F. McMahon '99

Kenneth J. McMillan

Suzette A. McMillan

Richard McNally '69*

Ryan M. McPherson '08*

Carol and William McPherson*

Sherry L. McPherson '92 and Stuart D. Berg '18

Sylvia D. Meade '62

Ludgero M. Medeiros '00

Keith Mekeel '03, '05

William G. Melone '69*

Rosalie N. Messina '22

Mary and Ernest Messmer

Emily P. Miethner '10

David W. Miller '82*

Ellen Miller '87, '89, '90, '02, '13, '21

Jonathan J. Miller '07*

Michael C. Miller '97, '00

William Minoff '83

Mary C. Moder*

Nicholas J. Moffitt

Parisa Momtaz

Gerald N. Mongeluzo '65*

Patricia A. Montagano*

Cheryl R. '11 and Lisa M. Monticciolo '89*

Steven P. Moore '03

Alyssa M. Morales '18

Carolyn Morant

Theresa Durante Mormile '86 and Keith Mormile '85

David O. Morris

Helene Morris

Antonietta Morse '91

Charles J. Mulhern '91*

John T. Mullen '12

Daniel C. Murphy '93*

Terrence Murphy

Sara M. Murphy

Andrea H. Nadler '98, '06

Natalie A. Naylor*

Sheryl '09 and Donald Neubauer '05

Cynthia and David Niesman

Daniela F. Nieves '22

Michael Nieves

Ehsan Nikbakht

William F. Nirode

Christine Noschese '67

Nicole Notaro-Rizzo '04 and Francis A. Rizzo, III '99, '16

Kenia Nunez

Richard M. Nuttall

Nicole A. Ohr '08

Phyllis S. and Eric Ohr

James Olson

Robert Ondrovic

Andrew R. Oppenheimer

Denise Ackley O'Sullivan '86*

Latrisha Oswald

Samuel Packer

Javad Paknejad

Navid Paknejad ‘14

Kirit P. Panchamia

Krishna V. Pandit '20

Nicholas C. Papayani '63*

Elizabeth '97, '99 and James Parisi '97, '99

Vincent A. Parnell

Robert T. Parrinelli '00, '03*

Tom Parrotta

Raffaele Pascuzzo '96*

Vimala C. Pasupathi

Chase P. Patterson

Richard Pelcher

Vincent P. Pellegrino

Matthew F. Perettine '18*

Arlene Perkkio

Michael Perri

Jessica A. Petrilli '08, '11

MacKenzie and Kevin Phelps

Nancy and Jeffrey S. Phlegar '88

Kerry Piaggione '07

Rocky Piaggione '74

Suzanna L. Pike '21

Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Kevin Phelps

Henry Pippins

Stephen D. Piraino '13*

Katherine '11 and Andrew O. Posso '08

Evan Pouch '19

Alexander R. Pouch

Amy Powers '90

LeeAnn Prussak

Tracy and Matthew Pupke

Charles Ragault '21

Guy Ragault

Harry Rakovski '06*

Carol and Harry Ransom

Gia R. Raponi '02

John S. Recher

Rosemary '84 and Paul F. Redwood '84

Tara '01, '03 and Matthew R. Reedy '02

Gianfranco Regina

Amy R. Reich '14, '22*

Leslie Lewis Renfroe and Charles Renfroe

Nancy and Stuart Richner

Gloria G. Roberson

Derrick Robinson

John D. Robinson

Stephen Roche

Myra and Jeremy Rock

Bryan Rogers

Mark J. Rogers '80

Michael J. Roller '22

Gary Romaka

Paul A. Romano '11

Adam Rosen '95

Morris Rosen '55*

Kathy '77 and Stuart A. Rosenthal '78+

Amy '82 and Howard Rothschild '81, '84*

Barbara Roux

Daniel R. Rubey*

Craig Michael Rustici

Donald L. Ryan

Keith Ryan

Kieran A. Ryan '17

Kelly P. Sahner

Alice '62 and Nicholas Salerno

Benita Sampedro

Donald SantaMaria

John Sartor

Janet and Victor Schachter*

Rebecca Capozzi Schaeffer '13 and Andrew D. Schaeffer '15*

Michael E. Schechner '17*

Charles L. Schleien

Barbara A. Schmaltz '98*

Doris and Stephen Schmaltz*

Andrew M. Schmertz '91

Scott Ian Schneider '84*

Joan '05 and Jack Schnirman

Melissa Schoenberger

Leo B. Schoffer '77

Jenny S. Schrager '02

Ryan A. Schreiber '94*

Joseph B. Schubach '66*

David P. Schultz '14*

Mark Schur

Karla Schuster

Rudene Scipio '83*

Edward Scott '59, '65*

Keith S. Senko '15

Lynn and Keith Senko

Erin '04 and David Shaw '04*

Ralph C. Shelley '85

Mitchell C. Shenk '17, '19

Kimberly Sherman

Diane E. Shevlin '84, '88*

Donna Oseff Shirreffs '75, '80*

Paola Silva-Rojas

Marc L. Silver

Joann Simmons

Alan J. Singer

Scott J. Singhel

Leonard Skoros

Martin Smagorinsky '61*

Susan and Gary Small '72, '78

Alicia E. Smith '01, '09

Kathleen M. Smith

Patricia Smith

Shannon E. Smith*

Sabrina G. Sobel

Fred Soviero

Jacob B. Soviero '03

Veronica M. Soviero '07

Eileen Speidel

Anne Marie Spensieri-Fidis*

Michael Spiciarich

Andrew C. Spieler*

Wilkie Stadeker

Kayla V. Staley '19, '22

Kimberly Staley and Robert Reale

Kathleen '91 and William Stanley '91*

Janet W. Starwood '78*

Ira Steinberg

Colin P. Sullivan '09, '15*

Monica '77 and Richard Sussman '75

Robert Sykes

Yoshie Takahashi

Luca F. Tausch '21

Berndt Tausch

Donna Taylor

Stephen A. Taylor

Edward Marc Teitelbaum '90

Kathleen A. Theiling '75*

Debora Thivierge '92

Eustace G. Thompson

Seth B. Tierney*

Bruce A. Torff

Denise '94 and James L. Tortorelli '94

Michaela A. Transue '17, '19

Veronica Treston

Timothy J. Treubig '06*

George Trimigliozzi

Matt Tringali

Robert W. Trusheim

Sergei V. Tsytsarev

Chris R. Vaccaro '07

Jeffrey Vallillo '96

Jaime Van Dyke '00 and Keith A. Doran '94

Catherine Vanech '18

Susan and James Varnum

Marianne Graham Vecsey '61, '73 and George Vecsey '60, '90

Kirby Veevers '08

John Veit

Carlo Vigorito

Thomas Vogel '13*

Terrence M. Vogenberger '05

Thomas J. Wagner

Kathleen Walser

Miriam Wanderman*

Michael Warshall

Richard H. Waxman '73

Lawrence Weber '71

Shelley Freilich Weinberg '71*

Joseph S. Weiner*

Ann Weingartz

Kevin R. Weissheier '15

Matthew G. Wessinger

Neil T. West '71*

Brantley M. West

Jil and Mitchell Wexler '82*

Patricia D. Wilen '83

Donielle Wilkinson

Jason Willey

Donald N. Williams

Tracie and Robert Williams*

Veta Williams '03

Lisa Warren '85*

Joseph B. Wing '80, '91

Lori Winters

Robert Wishnew '73*

Fred P. Wolff '61

Justin D. Worth '16

William Zanis

Susan Zizza '87, '96*

Joseph R. Zoeller '75*

Courtney H. '11, '15 and Aaron Z. Zucker '15

Jason T. Zullin `97


Daniel P. Abbruzzese '72

Mia Abell

Tobie Accardi Ancipink

Jina M. Accardo '82

Wylie A. Adames '01

Teresa Adams

Elyse A. Adelberg '98

Beverly S. Adler '80, '85

Ariel Adler

Harrison Adler

Deepak Agarwal

Lawrence S. Agnello '86

Ron J. Agostino

Brendan M. Ahern '07

Taranjeet K. Ahuja '21

Ashley N. Ainbinder '14

Paula S. Akst '72

Domenico Albanese '08

Elizabeth '85 and Salvatore C. Albanese '86

Adam Albert '09

Adam Algaze

India Y. Ali '08

Michael Alicea

Christopher K. Allen '03

Daniel Allerton

Patti Ann Alleva '76, '79

Dennis J. Almodovar '90

Donna and Doug Aloise '75, '84*

Valerie Alonso

James M. Altmann '20

Mary and Lawrence Altmann*

Kumar A. Alwar '85

Elizabeth Murphy Aly '83, '89 and Amr Aly '89*

Ruth Amaio

Ronald Ammon '86

Frederick Amore '56*

Maria J. Anastasio

Doreen '72 and Alan L. Andersen '75

Anne M. Anderson '89

Karen M. Anderson

Lucinda Anderson

Sandra Anderson

William C. Anderson

Theodor J. Andresen '67, '69

Jason Andrews

Keith B. Annapolen '75

Robert A. Anspach '02*

Gregory J. Apgar '06

Gina Apostolico

Courtney M. Appelbaum '15

Kim and Richard Appelbaum

Kelly and Timm Appleton

Max M. April

Rita and lowell Apsel

Glen Apsel

Inaki E. Aranguiz '21

John Duncan Arden-Kimmel

Sterlyn Ardrey

Denise Murray Arena '04 and Michael Arena '89

Lisa Marinello Arena '87, '90 and Anthony Arena '85, '87

Dawn M. Arenella '97, '99

Christina Arnone '06, '09

Monica Arora '10, '20

Ellen L. Arthur '78

Christopher Artinian

Tracy Artson

Andrew Aschettino

April Elizabeth Aspinwall '03

Tourai Assefi '65*

Elizabeth L. Astralaga '89, '94

Kelle Atkins

Yvonne V. Atkinson '12

Susan I. Auer '89

Judith '74 and Elliott Auerbach '74

Joanne and Stephen Auerbach '69*

Marti Austin

Rachel Avery Conley '02

Alexander Baas

Matthew A. Babel '91*

Ronna Bach

Bernard Bachenheimer

Dean C. Bacigalupo '93, '02, '05, '13

Elizabeth Bailey

Brea Baker

James C. Baker

Marianne Baker '74

Steven Baker

Anisah K. Baksh '13

Joseph S. Balbalian '56*

Madison A. Ball '15, '18

Michele and Michael Ball

Sheila M. Ballato '12

Horacio Baltazar

Catherine Bangeranye

Patience O. Banister '74*

Tyler H. Banks '13

Maria Barbadaes

Matthew Barbarello '89

Christopher Bardi

Gregory W. Barger

Geraldine Barish

Robert K. Barnes

Valerie A. Barnett '75

Ralph Barone '22

Marci Barrett

Minna Barrett

Barbara Kessler '84

Christopher Barry

David Barry '95

Lewis Bartell

Kelle '03, '08 and John C. Barth '00, '08

Maria Basic

Sherrie Basile

Dolores Anne Battalia '78

Joseph A. Battillo '82*

Anthony Battista

Nicholas J. Baudo '63

Denise D. '74 and James R. Bauer*

Marcy '78, '85 and George Bauer

Allan Baumgarten

Frank Bavaro '90

Lynn '94, '96 and George J. Beisel '94

Christine M. Belford

Robert J. Belford '73

Debra Bello

Thomas Belmont

Diana L. Benavides '07*

Wendy L. Bendersky '01

Daniel Benjamin '74

Amber A. Bennett '17

Dana J. Bennett '99

David A. Bennett '96

Gail K. Bennington '92, '96, '04

Linda D. Bent-Koerick '80

Analise Beres '22

Anthony Beres '21

Catherine Fechtmann Berg '69*

Jennifer Berg

Steven G. Berg '74*

Or Berger

Pasqualina Berkowitz

Fabio A. Berlingieri '88

Lisa H. and Alan P. Berman*

Kourtney N. Bernard-Rance '17 and Matthew Goodison-Orr '17

Ellen and Charles Bernardi

Robin '82 and Scott M. Berner '82

Brett Berntsen

Jared S. Berry '10*

Barbara Besdansky '89, '97*

Danielle M. Bibbo '99

Donald J. Bieniewicz '70*

John A. Bilello '87

John P. Biordi '02

Eileen Biundo

Christine '71 and Kent Bjornstad '68

Neil A. Blaauboer

Carol Katchmar Blach '80 and Tadeus A. Blach '80

Colleen '17, '21 and Hunter E. Blain '16, '19

Catherine Blaisell

Susan Blakeley

Erica L. Blank '99*

Dianne Alper Blau '67 and Michael Blau

Alan R. Blayne '75, '78, '81, '84*

Jennifer A. Blazevich '05

Randee Novick Bloch '67 and Brian Bloch '66*

Kellie Block

Paula P. Boccio '69

Carie Bodo '88, '06

Brian K. Bohl '08, '10, 17*

Alison Bonaviso '18*

Darcy Bonaviso

Dennis Bonn '89, '91

Charles Bonomo '87, '90

Larry Boone

Jerald D. Borgella '05

Nancy '71 and Thomas M. Borkes '72

Jennifer Boscarino-Green '05, '22 and Edward Green

Kimberly A. Bosse '16

Joann Bottiglia Mikowski*

Kathryn L. Bourdeau '12*

Peter A. Boulukos '69

Sheila Warren Bouwman '58*

Ian D. Bower '95

Charles F. Bowers, III '87

Crystal L. Boyd '94

Patricia H. Brady '81

Lisa Brady

Gina-Marie Brahms '92

Laura L. Braider '05, '09

Robert Brand '64*

Patricia Brandeau*

Abigail S. Brauer '17*

Jane and Robert Brauer '75*

William J. Braun '57*

Rebecca and Louis Braunstein '89, '95

Mary Lou Folts '93

Judy Breden

Sandra B. Brennan

Susan Brennan

Scott Brenner '14

Cameron M. Brennick '17*

James J. Breslin '81*

Mary I. Bresnan '06

Roseanna Brewer '82

Richard C. Bridges

Margaret Britt

Marla Brockman

Tina M. Broderick '98*

Amy L. Brown '82

Kathy Brown

Lorraine M. Browne '97

Mindy '60 and Stan Brownstein '59*

Janice A. Bruggeman

Jason Bryant

Francis Bujnicki

Ronald Burakoff

Deborah C. Burgess

Linda Burke

Scott V. Burkhardt '03

Claire Burns

Mary Jane Darmody Burns '55

Mary Jo Bursig '77

Josephine Buscaglia-Maietta

Jason M. Busch '08, '10*

Mark W. Busch*

Karen Bussell

Linda Butler

Ryan C. Byers '02

Louise and Michael Cafone

Marisa N. '17 and Alexander P. Cain '17*

Frank W. Calamusa '71, '83, '85*

Mario E. Calderon '00*

Ann M. Callaghan '93*

Brooke Camarda

Gumersindo Camcam

Michael Camilleri

John A. Cammarata '57*

Genevieve E. Cammer

Pina M. Campagna '00*

Jacqueline Campbell '07, '22

Victoria L. Campos-Gaylor '96

Susan Devine Canada '72 and David Canada '72*

Nadine and Neil Canter*

Lauren T. Capo '99, '05

Susan Hale Capone '85 and Peter Capone '85*

Marie Cappiello

Joseph E. Caprioglio

Nicholas G. Capriola '15

Charles Capuano

Corey J. Caputo '14*

Linda Caputo '78, '90, '98*

Cathie Caputo Morgani and Joseph Morgani

Joe Carbonaro

Alanna M. Carcich '08, '22

Hilda Kurner Carman '53*

Allison J. Carmody '14

Frank L. Carollo '76*

Stephanie Carollo

Melanie Moore Carpenter '95, '98 and Matthew Carpenter '96*

Nicholas R. Carr '09

Patricia Carroll Olds '81, '84*

John H. Carter '58*

Vicki and Richard Carter*

Linda M. Casbon

William Casey

Joan Sinatra Cassandra '71 and Michael Cassandra '72*

Catherine Cassidy

Donna Castelli '72, '76*

Diane Castillejo

Gabriel J. Castillo '94

Frank C. Catalanotto

Michael Catalanotto

Craig Catanzaro

Bari E. Cenname '89

Lawrence Ceraulo

Nicole Cermele '09

Thomas F. Cerussi '88

Alexa M. Cervo

Cheryl Cervoni

Adam Chaikin

Mitchel Chaikin

Sean Chamberlain

Jennifer Chan '94

Rewa Chan

Paul Chapman

Carmen Chapman-Reynolds

Florence '06 and Dwayne Charles '04*

Bruce H. Charnov '90

Bari R. Chase '75, '78

Judy Chase

Carrie Chau

Qiong-Ying Chen '96 and Zhen Huang '91

Michelle '92 and Albert Cheong '90

Sherley Cherenfant '93

Robert Cherniak '60*

Brenda and Peter Cherry '70

Lisa M. Cheung '92

Marc A. Chiffert

Nina Chohan

Rafael Chong

Ray Chopay

Stephen S. F. Choy '77*

Evan Christou '85

James Chung

Mary J. Ciamei '97

Theresa Cirasola

Donald L. Citak '80*

Catherine Clancy-Dumont '97, '00

Samira Clarke

Gregory B. Classon '81*

Donald Claxton

Edward Coffield

Elizabeth Colby Cogan '89 and Peter Cogan, Jr. '87

David L. Cohen '92

Elliott J. Cohen

Kristin E. Cohen '88

Robert H. Cohen, Esq. '80, '83

Robert Coletti

Laura Coletti-Mann

Dawne and Harvey Collier

Catherine Collins

Elisabeth R. Collins '07

Maureen O'Brien Collins '84*

Maya R. Collins '14

Lisa and Pat Comunale

Fanny Connolly*

Brian Connor

Anthony E. Conrardy '10

Michael C. Contreras '75*

Robin J. Conversano '93*

Grace Conway

Ricky Cooke

William T. Cooke*

Stephanie Cooper '82, '89 and Cosby Smiley*

Jessica A. Cooper

Jessica C. Cooper '12

Joan H. Cooper

Jon Cooper

Anita '72 and Wyman L. Cooper '72

Craig M. Cooper

Ilene Corina

Jo Anne Corleto '79, '85*

Jenny A. Corrado '97

Stacey E. Corvi

Barbara Cousins '60*

Karen Brucker Covitt '64*

Wayne M. Cox '15

Nancy Crean

David A. Crichlow '85

Tony Crocco '85

Philip A. Crotty '73*

Ellen Crouzet-Pascal

Gary Cucchi

Chiara Cucco

Dean M. Cummo '99

AnnMarie DeMeo Cuocci '87, '93*

Elizabeth A. Curley '07

Anne and David Curley

Mary Curran

Patricia Thomas Curry '75

Mary R. '88, '93 and David Curtis '87, '89, '93

Claudia A. Cuti '77

Michael P. Cutrone '12

Mary and Robert Daley

Leslie A. Daley Rode '90, '95

Rita and Michael D'Amato

Mark S. Danielson '76

Edward A. Danowski '63, '66

Alan J. Dans

Judith Dansker-DePaolo

Kenneth Daube

Joel S. Dauman '80

Kathleen E. Davidson '09

Christopher R. Davis '06

Jeffrey J. Davis '90

Regina M. Davis '68

Steven Davis '90

Corinne and Daniel DeCrescenzo

Susan M. DeFlorio and Guy A. DeFlorio

Rory F. Deignan '73, '74*

Jerome H. Delamater*

Ruth Elaine Delaney '76

Corrina Delgadillo '16 and Brett A. Schreiber '14

Joanna and Philip V. DeLuca

Thomas J. De Mayo '73

Barbara Lum Dembinski '78, '82 and Kevin Dembinski '78*

John F. Demek, Jr.

Darren P. Deoraj '14*

Michael T. DePaoli

Victor DePaula

Rakesh Desai

Greg DesLauriers

Jennifer DesLauriers-Knop

Iva Ellen Deutchman '74*

Nancy Di Napoli Deutsch '66 and Herbert Deutsch '56*

William H. DeVeer '51*

Gregory Devingo

Beth Devlin

John DeWitt

Cristina Diaconu '95 and Christopher Eldredge '95*

Kim and Mike Diamond

Luis Diaz

Alice R. Diaz-Bonhomme

Anthony DiCandia '71

Susan M. Dickes '15

Christopher J. Didden '95

Christopher DiGiacinto '93

Andris Dikmanis '03*

Joe Dilemme

Eric L. Diller '14

Denise J. DiMeglio '81*

Joan M. DiMenna

Andrew C. Dinan '74*

Paula D'Innocenzo

Robert W. Dixon '58

Lisa N. Dobra '11

Deborah V. Dolan

Loretta M. Donaldson

Frances L. Donnelly '05*

Louise Donofrio

Margaret L. Donohue

Sara '90, '92 and Kenrick Dookram '90

Karen Doornebos

Simon R. Doubleday

Linda C. Riccio Doyle '92, '97 and Patrick W. Doyle '93, '95, '01

Laura E. Doyle

Nathan Drickamer '21, '22

Murray David Schwalb

Eileen Amari Driscoll '69*

Michael A. Ducroiset '09

Carolyn M. Dudek*

Bob Dudley

Thomas N. Dufek '82

Louise C. Duffy

David Duke

Neil F. Duncan*

Steven F. Durham '69

J.J. and Daniel P. Dwyer '19

Marybeth Dwyer '15

Michele Dyer

Christine Drauch Dzus '73 and George Dzus '73

Toni Ebron

Shereen Frances Edelson '77*

Susan Edelstein

Andrea Marie Efthymiou

Shane T. Egen

Tom Egen

Teresa and Joseph Egitto

Robert F. Eisen, Jr. '76*

Carolyn Eisenberg

James W. Ekberg '81*

Lance Elder

Deborah L. Elkis-Abuhoff '96

Jayne M. Kitsos '93

Annalise R. Ellis '09, '12, '21

Nancy L. Elsas

Antonio P. Encarnacao '04

Richard R. Enderle '12

Eileen Ernst

Fernando Espinoza

Michael J. Esposito

Ralph Esposito

Patricia A. Evans '92 and Gerard Martin

Robert M. Ey '74*

Marilyn fa*gelson '83 and Anthony Kaplan '82

Brandon J. Falchiere '87*

Michael J. Falino '94

Stephen J. Fallon '12*

Gabrielle Fastow '88 and Steven Tesch*

David S. Faupel '93

David Feather '93

Kim Federman

Grayson B. Feick

Ruth C. Feigen '55

Kimberly N. Feigin

Julie '93 and Ted J. Feldman '92

Mindy A. Feldman '85*

Steven M. Feldman '78*

Andrew Fernie '22

Mary and Peter Fernie

Edward Feron

John Ferrari

Glenn Ferretti

John R. Ferretti '05

John R. Ferretti '80, '83

Thomas A. Ferro '87, '91*

Lauren Fallon Ferruzzi '03 and Michael Ferruzzi '03

Laura L. Fetter '98

Nicholas S. Fici

Joseph E. Field '88

Amy Fierro

Sharron B. Figucia '82

Rachelle Kritzer Filipek '86, '90 and Stephan Filipek '88

Lisa Filippi*

Michael P. Finneran*

Kathy and Ken Fiola

Barbara '88 and Michael Fissene*

Danielle T. Fisenne '18, '22*

Fern A. Fisher

Leanne Fisher

Ellen '64 and Charles A. Fishman '64, '65

Jesse R. Fishman '17

Pamela Fitton-Gale '84*

Ann M. Fitzpatrick '75*

Susanne Fitzpatrick

Robin A. Flaton '81

Carol T. Fletcher*

Monica J. Florio

Carole Flot

Alan D. Flurkey

Brandon X. Fonville '19

Traci A. and Kelvin E. Fonville

John J. Ford

Gerard McEnroe

Elizabeth M. Ford '79, '83*

Brittany N. Forgione '08

Dawn Lee Forgione '79

Douglas Forgione '15

John Forneiro

Charles J. Forrest, Jr. '09*

Alexander Fotiadis '19

Maria and Harry Fotiadis*

Spencer Fowler '22

Susan and William Fowler '74

William T. Fox '94

Eileen Fox

Deneen Franco

James R. Franco '14

Susan Francoeur

Brittany R. Frank '20

Michael B. Frank '77*

Ronald W. Frank '11

Merrie S. Frankel '80*

Thomas J. Fratello '71*

Richard S. Frazer '69*

Lewis Freifeld '64

Sheryl Anne French '80

David R. Fried '82

Janet E. Friedman '72

Sandrea Friedman '84*

Paul B. Fritz

Raymond Froese '63

Jeffrey J. Froh

Joseph Fronczak

Kristin Fronczak

Charmaine Fuller '96

Mark Fuster '69*

Theodore Gabbe

Angeline Gaffigan

Warren W. Gaggin '66, '72*

Yvonne Gaither '82

Joseph M. Gaito '91

Tammy A. Gales

Elizabeth Gallagher and Arthur H. Sulzer, IV '86*

Louis J. Gallagher '74, '76, '77

Linda Galler

Elena '87 and Christopher Galluzzo '87

Ana Garcia

Pamela A. Gardella '89*

Grace K. Garemore '20

Holly Garemore

John Garfinkel

Daniel Garibaldi

Thomas Garrett

Lauren A. Garro

Carmela E. Gass

Daniel D. Gass '21

Catherine L. Gates

Carmen Gawronski '86

C. William Gaylor, III '06

Victoria J. Gaylor '22

Albert Gee

Shirley B. Geis

Katherine A. Geller '86

David Genaway

Ron Gendron

Danielle L. Gennusa

Jean Zimmermann Genovese '76 and Andrew Genovese '74*

Harry F. George

Bret German '12*

Stephen M. Gershenson '62*

George Gertner '95

Mark H. Getman '95

Patricia Geyer '94, '17

Gabriella Giamanco

Page Giambanco

Ray Giannelli

Gretchen Gill

Karen M. Gill '70*

Thomas K. Gill '80, '01

Gina Gillespie

Stephanie '92 and James Gillette '92

Judy Cella Gilligan '67, '72*

Stephen Gilroy

Kelly Gineo

Ryan Gineo '22

Giuseppe Gionfriddo

Vinny Giordano

Vincent E. Giovinco '91*

Grace '90 and Ralph Girardi

John E. Giradi '18

Ms. Dawn M. Giudice*

Tom Glassman

Nathan Gold

Douglas S. Goldberg '82*

Howard M. Goldberg '94, '98

Saryn R. Goldberg

Bruce Goldfarb

Davin Goldman '03

Sherry R. Goldman '80*

Steven D. Goldman '90, '95, '96*

David Goldsteen

Joanne F. Goldstein '74

Noreen Koppelman Goldstein '89

Kathleen Michelsen Gonzalez '65, '72 and John Gonzalez '64, '72

Mario H. Gonzalez

Debra L. Goodman

Edward S. Goodman '94

Joan D. Goodman '74

Peter W. Goodman

Dorothy L. Goosby '01

Susan Gordon

Kaitlyn E. Gorsky '18

Robert L. Gottesman

Gary Governanti

James Graff

Ann J. Grafstein

Beth E. Grampetro '01

Regine Breton Grandmougin '01 and Benoit Grandmougin '11*

Kenneth Grassano

Matthew Graziose

Eileen J. Greco '16

Helen Greco

David M. Green

Juan'Ya L. Green '16

Marti Green '80

Tamar Green

Marian D. Greenberg '60*

Lynne Greene-Brooke '66*

Daniel J. Greenwood

Avery M. Grimes-Farrow '17*

Dorothea Grimes-Farrow and John Frederick*

Cathy Grimm

Charles W. Gritton

Jocelyn D. Gritton '22

Daphne Gronich '81

Richard P. Grucela '75*

Salvatore A. Guardino '17*

Marlene Guevara

Margarita '19, '21 and Tunahan Gumuskaya '20

Gary R. Guth '90*

Randy Gutierrez

Andrew D. Gvozden '12

Nathan Ha '18

Marwan Habeeb '78

Leslie Hahn

Petra Haid

Miriam Hairston-Cooper

Mark E. Hall

Kathy and Ross Hallam*

Nicola Hamilton

Mary and David Hammond*

Stephanie W. Hammond

Robin '73, '74 and Eric Hananel '72, '74*

Nikki Hanco*ck-Nicholson

Thomas A. Hanft '92

Daniel J. Hanley '93

Donna Lee Heinz Hanlon '60+ and Daniel Hanlon, III '59, '64*

J. Hanna '07

Richard Hansen '69*

Vishal Hardowar '16

Jeffrey S. Haroz '82

Michele Harrington

Laura R. Harris '77

Wayne Harris

Robert L. Harrison '75

Michele Denise Hart '83*

Teri M. Harvey '78

Steven J. Harvey

Ada Hass

Mike Hassan

Michael P. Hathaway '18

Richard T. Haunss '70

Jessica A. Cooper

Grace A. Hawkins '12

Marva D. Hawkins '90*

Robert A. Hawkins, Jr. '65*

Diane S. Hayes '74*

Raymond J. Hazel '74*

Lawrence B. Healey

Kimberly Hearst

Kathleen '70, '73 and Alan Hecht

Leigh D. Hedstrom '95

Bonnie P. '94, '98 and Lars Hedstrom

Robert J. Hefter '65*

Timothy Hegarty

Marielaine Hegel '74*

James Hegmann

Joan M. Heide '73*

Susan Heilig*

Christian A. Heimall '11

Barbara A. Heinssen '82

Sharlene and James Helfgott '79*

Michael A. Heller

Sara R. Hendricks '16*

Linda Lee Hendrickson '69*

Michael Henke

Jacqueline Henry

Roseann Foley Henry '80

Albert A. Hepting

Stephen M. Hepting

Brian Herber '21

Marc L. Herbert*

Mary Lou Herlihy

Jorge Hernandez

Melanie Herschkowitz

Amy Herzog

Barbara Herzog

Dayle Heslin

Amanda L. Rosenberg '12

Gregory W. Hewitt

Erin Hickey '19

Elynda Hickson-Tinnie '80

Kristen and Daniel Higgins

Shaun C. Higgins '20

Timothy Hill '01

Edward D. Hillel '87*

Carl Hiller

Lynn P. Hillery

Scott A. Hilligoss

Brian Hillmann '03

Susan and Michael Hinchcliffe

Barbara Riemer Hirsch '53*

Eileen and Mark Hirsch*

David ho*rburger

Katherine Hoey '95*

Stacey Hoffman

Richard A. Hollenberg '71*

Marta Garcia Holliday '94*

Wendy L. Hom

Nicole Homburger '19

John R. Honkanen '85*

Calla M. Hales '12, '15 and David Hood*

Tyler Hope

Christopher M. Hoppe

Stephanie Horan

Eric A. Horn '95

Tobi Horowitz

Laurie Sayevich Horz '95 and Bryan Horz '10*

Dawn Hough

Pamela and Willis H. Hough Jr.

Larry M. Howard '64*

Pat Howe

Katherine Prusiewicz Howe '80, '96*

Bruce A. Huber

Robert Huber

Ryan Huber

Jerald D. Vail

Amanda L. Hughes '13

Donna Hughes

Lori Hummel

Myra K. Hutchinson

Antonia Iacolla

Vicki Iafrate

Flavia and Francis Iannaccone*

Michael G. Iaqunito

Edward P. Ichart '81*

Salvatrice Ifasi-Williams '02*

Bruce Immerman '67*

Pietro Infante

Carmine Infante

Christina J. Infuso

Maria D. Innocenzo-Benjamin

Peter Ioppolo

Paulette Isaacs

Robert A. Israel '54

Greg Itahara

Sheila K. Jabalpurwala '91, '94*

Gloria Jackson-McLean '05

Richard Jacobs

Jennifer Jacques '10, '14, '15

Barbara L. Jaffe '06

Mark S. Jaffe '77*

Michael Jagacki

Tiffany M. Jagrooph '18

Janice James

Candace Jarrett

Kari Jensen

Dorian Jimenez

Tobe Joffe '80

Durand W. Johnson

Jeff E. Johnson '03, '07

Jeffrey D. Johnson '79

Laurie Johnson '85*

Mark Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Natalie P. Johnson

Samantha '10 and Dale Johnson '08

Tabora A. Johnson '03, '05

Tracey Johnson

Ken Johnston

Evelyn R. Jones '75, '81

Jared Jones

Joseph M. Jones '72, '76

Ryan M. Jones '10

Sally Jones

Leon A. Joseph

Grace L. Joyce

Stacie Jubinski

Joseph Jurczak

Linda Kaenzig

Steve Kaenzig

Steve Kafkis

Adam D. Kahn '13

Mara and Philip Kahn

Sofia Kakoulidis '91, '96*

Corey J. Kale '21

Roger Kale*

James Kane

Janine M. Kane '95

Renee N. Kantor '72*

Barry F. Kanzer '75

Tara J. Kaplan '02

Barry B. Kaplan '68, '69

Stephanie and Jeffrey Kaplan

Robert I. Kaufman '77*

Neera Kaufman

Anke Kayser

Maryellen Keane '70

Robert W. Keith '57*

David R. Keller '85*

Susan P. Kelly '78*

Michael Kelly

Margaret Kelly

John G. Kennedy '91*

Kevin J. Kennedy '92*

Rita Kennedy-Smith

Francis Kenney '79

Sandra Kent

Richard Kerins

Sue and Louis Kern*

Gary D. Kerzner '91*

Samuel Kessler

Theresa Ketcham

Michael A. Keyock

Arfa and Faroque Khan

Steven Kibitel

Nicole '02 and Jason Kidd '02

William E. Kidd

Howard G. Kiedaisch '72

James J. Kiley '72

John D. Killian, III '50*

Jonathan W. Kilmer '10*

Bernard King

Christopher S. King '89, '91

Elizabeth King

Jack King

Michael R. King '04

Frances Mortensen Kittelmann '63*

Patricia E. Klahn '64*

Karen McAuley Klausen and James Klausen '59, '62*

Victor Klein '13

Jacqueline A. Kleinman

Jeffrey Klirsfeld

Steve R. Klosterman

David M. Knaus '72

John Knop

Keith J. Kobel '85

Janice Koch '87*

Kara J. Koch '07*

Evan S. Koegl '09

Ileen '70 and Michael Koenig*

Michael Kohner

Douglas S. Kolker '78*

Christine J. Kordalski '93

Susan Koscis

Ashley J. Kotkin '11

Roberta '85 and Lawerence Kotkin '76, '78

Kathiann M. Kowalski '76*

Adrienne R. Kravitz '14, '16, '22*

Linda Krieg '90

Michael S. Krolick '73*

Peggy Karlin Kroll '66*

Evan H. Krypell '14

Julian G. Ku

John A. Kuhn '77*

Michele Kule-Korgood '93 and Michael Korgood '85

Bryan R. Kulp '06

Heather and John Kuzmich

Thomas Kwiatkowski

Marygrace Labosky

Matthew E. La Corte '15

Christian H. Ladigoski '16

Stephen M. Lagana '04

Margaret Laibach '80*

Evelyn Van Ness Laky '71 and William Laky '59, '66*

Donald D. Lalama

Peter Lalic

Jeffrey Lam '20

Karen L. Lamardo '89

Sara B. Lamar-Sterling '92

Eileen P. Lambert '90, '92*

William J. LaMura

Peter Lancy '66, '67*

Eric A. Landau '68*

Alton J. Landsman '78*

Ashley E. Lane '08

Jodie Lane*

Vincent Lane

Susan Langlois

Jodi M. Langsfeld '11

Paul G. LaPierre

Amanda Laramie

Vanetta LaRosa

Andrew Lasala

Jake Lasala

George R. Lathuras '67

Regina Lattimore

Stuart J. Lava '77*

Kimberlee LaVecchia '95

Steven Lawson

Ethna D. Lay

Joan Layne

Teresa Lazar '21

Phuoc Le

Frantzer Le Blanc

Ellen L. Le Noble '78*

Barbara G. Leass '71*

Jonathan E. Ledesma '14

Maryellen Leduc

Kristen J. Lee '10

Lawrence W. Leff '89

Maxine L. Legall '14

Robert J. Leggiadro

Margaret McCormack Lehner '67*

David M. Leiderman '16

Darlene Leininger

Jessica A. Leis '11

Mary C. Lemp '20

Therese M. Lendino '78*

John Lenihan

Patricia Lento

Kathy Lenz

Teng P. Leong '12

Howard C. Lerner '64*

Elyse Less

Susan Levey '78

Myles R. Levin '55*

Judith A. Levine

Ronnie E. Freedman Levine '74, '76*

Brittany M. Levine '15, '17*

Marilyn M. Levine '77

Joan and Leslie Levinson

Shari Levitt

Brian R. Levy '72

Eileen Levy

Justin A. Levy '09

Lawrence Levy

Arne Lewis

Catherine C. Lewis '09

Helen Lipitz Lewis '69 and Harold Lewis '70*

Irene F. Lewis '63*

John Liberatore

Joseph Liberatore

Martin F. Librett '79

Phyllis Libutti

Theodor S. Liebmann*

Talia Lifschutz

John Lightstone

Donna Lipari

Robert Lipper '74*

Jason Lista*

Joan Weil Litt '69 and Bruce Litt*

Hailing Liu '10

Keith Livingston

Vicente Lledo-Guillem

Beth Ann Locke

Lee Lockheed

Steven Lohlein

Luisa F. Lojan '09

Michael LoNigro

Cathy Jo Lore

John Lorenzo

Michael Lorigo

Devyn Losco '21

Lori Losco

Patricia A. Losco

Shawn Loughlin

Vincent Louther '90

Jesse Lubin '09

Carolyn Lucas

Tanya Luthi

Meryl Steinberg Lutz '70 and Dennis Lutz*

Brian S. Lyght '87*

Janine A. Macedo '95*

Olivia M. Macedo '18, '20*

Robert W. Mackreth '46

Joseph Madsen

Yvette S. Madubuogo '95

Ryan M. Magee '07

Michael B. Mager '90

Jorge Maia

Ronnie S. Maibaum '72*

Robbin and Mitchell Malinowski

Max Malitzky

Edward Malkus '69

James Mallon

Joan Malloy

Mary Ellen Malloy '63, '71

Edel Malone '09, '12

Peter Mancini '01

Donna J. Mangan '82

Rosalie D. Mangels '68*

Roy Mangiamele*

Cindy Mannon

Leslie Mansfield-Weidner '92 and William Weidner

Emily Mansur

Maria Mansur

Joe Manta

Sharon Manto

Mark J. Marcucci '85

Jacquelyn Marcus

Robert A. Margolis '78, '92*

Lauren B. Marino '94

Christina M. Markham '04

Harvey Markowitz

Fatima Sow Marquis '12 and Brian Marquis '11*

Michael H. Marrell '57*

Joseph G. Marshall '58*

Rosalie and Bruce Marshall*

Angela Marte

Vajoan Marte

Amy-Beth Martin '00*

Christina A. Martin '09

Connor V. Martin '18*

Judith Hogan Martin '58 and Richard Martin '58

Kathy Stuckey Martin '76*

Susan L. Martin

Maria Martino

Jennifer A. Marx '09, '11

Jonathan K. Masa '11

Dorothy Mascia

Regina Mascia

Diane Masciale

Movell A. Mascoll

Kathleen M. McClain '11*

Milton Masur

Robert Matos

Alexa Mattera '20, '22

Marichel F. Matthews '99*

Andrew J. Matzelle '82*

Kim P. Mayo '82

Angela Mazarese

James Mazzeo

Anthony J. Mazzurco '97*

Erin F. McAnespie '20

Maureen McCann

Mary McCarthy

Michele Anthony and James McClain*

Sara E. McCleskey*

Ray McClure

Maricia K. McCoy

Patricia and James McCreesh

Patrick McCrossen '22

Kathryn M. McCrossen

Jacqueline E. McDermott '12

Kevin McElroy

Gerard McEnroe

Gregory McEnroe

Christopher McEvoy

Brian McFadden

Theresa A. McGinnis

Michael J. McGinniss '92

James McGinty

James McGowan

Jacqueline '58 and James J. McGrath '58

Anne McGuire

Hannah McGuire '22

Michael McGuire

Connie and Joseph McHale '79

Timothy McIntee

Patrick McIntosh

Julie and Robert Mcintosh*

Christina Visaxis McIntyre '62*

Gina McKay

Virginia and John McKevitt

Joseph J. McKillop '00

Brian McKinley '94

Gina McLaughlin

Thomas McMichael

Martha S. McPhee

Mary M. McShane '87

Theresa M. McSweeney '86

Merry E. McVey-Noble '95, '00*

Riane Jacey Medel '20, '22

Juliet and Ric Medel

Fernando A. Medina '86*

Christine and Raymond Meehan

Rajiv C. Mehta '97

Theresa and Anthony Melosci*

Marc Ryan Meltzer

Andrew Menechella

Joseph Menichini '92

Gregory S. Mercer

Lesley and Owen M. Mester

Lukas Metlicka '20

William G. Metzler '86

Angela Micek

Michele '81 and Peter Michaelson*

Laura '99 and Vincent A. Michello '99

Brian R. Michels '04

Bridget K. Michener '97

Michael Milana '18

Mary and Michael Milana

Mark E. Mildner '80*

Roger Miller

Evelyn Miller-Suber

William Minnich

Alexander V. Mirante '17

Petera Mary Mironchik '65*

Adrienne M. Mirro '79

Ellary M. Mischel '20

Barbara J. Mishkin '62*

Esta S. Mitchell '64*

Susan Grimes Mitchell and Paul Mitchell*

Ryoji G. Miyajima '20

Yasushi Miyajima

Genevieve Moreault-Moin and Shahriar Moin

Nicholas A. Moin '16

Vincent R. Molinari '88

Michael Mollica

Susan A. Monahan '74*

Richard E. Monath '72*

Anne M. Mongillo

Marilyn Monroe

Colleen A. Montague '96

Tyrone J. Montague '86

Victoria Montague

Gio Montarsi

Marlene Monteleone '78

Mary Ann and Joseph D. Monticciolo*

Michael Monticciolo '97

Mitzi Moore

Elaine C. Moorer

Ursula Moorer

Terence A. Moran '03

Phillip W. Morash

Teresa E. Morgan

Kenneth J. Morgan '77*

Wendy Morgan '77

Kirk D. Moritz '77

Jeffrey S. Morosoff

Michael H. Morris '59*

Stanley Morris

Christopher Morse

Stephanie Morse-Shamosh '78

April A. Mosca '04, '08

John Moskal

Rachel I. Moskowitz '17

Susan and James Mrozack '69*

Kathryn Mueller '98, '00 and Brian J. Canese '99

Maliyka A. Muhammad '03

John Mullin

Joseph Mulvey

Timothy J. Mulvihill '88

Emily C. Mundorff

Mario A. Murillo

Christie M. Murphy '18

Doc Murphy

Kim A. Murphy

Lizanne Murphy '07

Timothy Murphy '21

Anthony Musumeci

Yurko I. Mychaluk

Jane Myers

Louis Najarian

Jerry P. Nappi '81*

Mangala Narasimhan

Micaela A. Nash '13

Thomas Nastasi

Arthur J. Nastre '68*

Doug Nastro '74, '79

Linda Nathenson

Rebecca S. Natow*

Cecilia B. Nauck '64*

Doris Navarro

Lilia R. Navarro

Mario P. Naves

Sean Nealis '19

Randall Neeb '64

Kristine A. Neelon '10

Robert E. Neelon '09

Dion C. Nesmith '15

Lisa H. Neufer '07

Andrew Neugebauer

Richard K. Neuman

Naomi Neuwirth '76*

Ryan J. Newberry

Suzanne M. Newell '98

Arlene C. Newman '72*

Lauren A. Nichols '12

Michael J. Nigro '06

Mark C. Niles

Stephen H. Nisenson '66

Ken Noe

Richard Norman

Sarah A. Novak

Elizabeth L. O'Brien '00

Mary O'Brien

Stephanie J. O'Brien '04, '06

Marc Ochs

Nadine and Peter D. Ochs

Adrienne M. O'Connor '69, '96*

Daniel O'Connor '94

Kevin G. O'Connor '19

Christine B. Oddo '89

Stacey M. O'Donnell '11

Shellane Ogoshi '08, '13

Stephen Okinow

Marieke Oldeman-Alders

Adriana B. Oleksiuk '71

Gina Oliver*

Virginia L. Oliver

James E. Olivo '77, '81*

Sara and John O'Malley

Colleen A. O'Neil '17

Bonnie I. Optekman '76*

John O'Rourke

Jovanni J. Ortiz

Stephanie Ortoleva '76 and Francis Della-Penna

Jon Orton

Rochelle L. Ostroff-Weinberg '74*

Ronald Ostrow

Wendy Otis

Robyn Outlaw

Brigitte F. Oviedo '08

David Ozersky '68*

Lexmia Ozuna

Madalyn Padio '22

Karen Padlo

Frederick C. Paine '85*

Justin E. Paley '06*

Anthony Palucci

Leonie S. Pan '83*

Julienne Papa '07

Cleovoulos D. Papadatos '93

Gul B. Paryani

Gabriel Pastrana

RoseMarie Paternostro

Carol '71 and Michael Patoka*

Andrew Patterson

Margaret Doyle Patterson '65

Lynne Genaway Patti '02 and Michael Patti '02

Ernst Paul, Jr. '87, '17

William H. Pavony '60

Mary Ann Pazler '82*

Miniki Peaco*ck

R. Ellen Pearlman

Richard J. Pearson '74*

Michael G. Peco '82*

Michael G. Peco Jr. '21, '22

Anthony Pedraita

Daniel Pellegriti '00*

Anthony Pennolino

Rita Pennolino

Antoine D. Peoples '04

Leonard V. Peres '69*

Joseph Pergola

Theresa Pergola

Alicia C. Perna '00, '03 and Joseph D. Conefry

Henry D. Perry '67

Harriet L. Peters*

Cathy Petersen

Ann M. Peterson '75, '79*

Patrick F. Phelps

Joann Phillips

Darrell Phipps

David M. Piechota '89

Dorothy and Stanley Pierce '76

Patricia S. Pierce

Maria '88 and Daniel Pinnell '86

Joseph D. Piorkowski, Jr. '76

John Piropato

Dominick Pisapia

Melissa Pisapia

Jean Marie Pizzariella '92, '94

Laraine A. Pizzi '95*

Hallie Plagakis

Eric M. Plakun '68*

Neal R. Platt '78

Elisabeth Ploran

Michael Plumer

Rochelle I. Podolsky

John J. Podsiadlo, Jr. '53, '58*

Christy Poe

Audrey L. Polinsky '91

Graciela S. Pollard '82

Florian Popp '14

William J. Porter, Jr. '74, '77

Daniel M. Posener '89*

Mike A. Postilio '98

John W. Potito '18

Areta D. Powell

Barbara Powell

Mary-Louise A. Powell

Patrick Prager

Bridget D. Pratt

Margie Prescott

Albert Prete '76

Nicholas J. Proto '17

Kevin M. Prush '21

Caroline L. Pupke '02

Samantha '95, '00 and Michael Quattrucci '90, '94

Patrick Quigley

Curtis Quintyne

Irene Rabinor '63

Denise Radicone

Sandra M. Radna '86

Stuart Radowitz

Rasel N. Rahman '17*

Anoop Rai*

Eric Ramirez

Frank Ramppen

Philip H. Ramsey '68, '70

Frances Ranzie '95

Anne Marie Rao '90, '97

David Raphael '92

Ruth Rauch '74

Linda '77 and Bruce A. Rauch '69*

Antonia Rawlings

Patricia H. Raynor '77*

Robert L. Rediger '81

Lynne Redleaf

Kristen and Robert Reed

Kristen N. Reed '93, '96*

Madison Reed '19

Mellynn Reese

Jason Regis

Maria S. Reilly '87*

Scott W. Reinhardt

Michael B. Reiss '98

Lois '74 and Alan Reitzfeld '76

Nicolas L. Relacion

Angelica C. Relacion

Richard W. Reutzel '74*

Joshua Reyes '18, '20

Caria G. Reynolds '22

Gia K. Reynolds

Marcelyn Reynolds

George A. Rhodes*

Edward Ricci

David A. Rich '80*

Patricia and Frank Rich

Kenneth R. Richards '84*

Mary Jane Richilson '76, '77

Gregory L. Richter

Pablo Rieppi

Charles G. Riordan

Lawrence Ripak, Jr. '67*

Patrick Rivera

Ruth M. Roberson

Mark T. Roberts

Noel Robin '61

Anthony E. Robinson

Helen R. Robinson '83

Tomeka M. Robinson '89

Sally M. Robles '84*

Jennifer L. Roden '08, '11, '15

Leslie G. Roden '67

Victor Rodriguez

Joan and Robert Roehrig '68*

Richard Rogers

Eugenia Rojas-Rodriguez

Christopher Roller

Sharon Roman '72*

Jonathan Romano '11

Michael Ronzetti '72

Randy Roppelt

Linda Rose

Matt Rose

Michael J. Roseingrave '71*

Kimberly Rosello '96

Cheryl M. Rosenberg

Andrew Rosenblatt

Holly B. '65 David R. Rosenfeld '65

Michael H. Rosoff '79

Virginia Ross

Christopher V. Rotella '81

Linda G. Roth

Ronald R. Roth '69

Taylor G. Roth '05*

Constance Royster

Richard L. Rubenfeld '70*

Jay Rubinstein '82

Joan and Donal Rudolph '17**

Howard M. Rudolph '87

Karen Rue

Roger S. Rue

Amanda and Cody C. Ruggirello '14, '19

Sabina E. Ruggles '19

Theresa M. Ruggles '14

Marie and Sheldon Ruggles

Nicholas J. Ruocco '00

Carol and Walter Ruskiewicz*

Jo Anne Russell

Ryan Ruzika

Renee Ryan

Henry A. Saavedra

Guillaume Sabourin

Franca '06 and Steven Sachs '05*

Ophir P. Sadeh '04

Christopher M. Sajewicz '02

Brenda Salinsa

Marvin Salth '63*

James J. Sample*

Katerina and Samir Sanbar*

Robin and Frederick V. Sandas, Jr.

Kristyn M. Sandberg

Susan '87 and Frederic Sanders*

William C. Sanderson

Michelle Santantonio

Robert J. Santimays '79, '82

Anthony Santos

Francisca Santos

Stephen S. Sapega, II '75

Denise A. Sarian '81

Richard A. Sarner '80

Bob Saunders, Jr. '89

Thomas J. Savio '90

Linda Scaglione

David Scarborough

Christopher J. Scarry '96

Lea Scelfo

Danielle A. Schadler '12

Marjorie and Alfred J. Schanstra

David Schatsky

Erika A. Schaub*

William Scheibeler '01*

Gerald C. Scheiner '66*

Linda E. Scher

Linda K. Scherer '64*

Bob Scheu

Stephen J. Schiavetta

Robert D. Schimmenti '86*

Scott Schneider

Bette '90 and Paul Schneiderman

Kathryn E. Scholnick '12

Michael C. Scholnick '20

Joseph Schramm

Albert L. Schreiber '66

Brian Schreiber

Jonathan Schrubbe

William Schulder '77

Jed N. Schulman '79

Ilene J. Goldberg Schuss '80, '04, '07*

Gail and Neil Schwab*

Jonathan C. Schwalb '09

Tamar and Murray David Schwalb

Arthur D. Scott

George Sealey

Sidney Sealy

Joseph M. Seaman '59*

Barbara and Martin Seeman

Anthony J. Segesti '66

Sharon Selden

Victoria F. Semple

Kaushik Sengupta

Thomas Sepe

Marilyn Serota '61

Achraf A. Seyam

Nevin R. Shah '18

Comila Shahani-Denning

Barbara Tellis Shapiro '64

Evelyn H. Shapiro

Jessica Sharp '18

Irene Sullivan Shatz '59*

Vida Shaver

Jenna A. Sheerin '09 and Lukasz Kwiatcowski*

Mobeen Sheikh '19

Mari E. Shepard '02

Theodore H. Sherman '75*

Charmaine Sherriff-Wilson '83*

Dawn D. Sherwood

Walter C. Shontz

Carmen L. Shortt

James R. Shuart

Samantha L. Shuart '18

Alex Sica '22

Troy Sica

Victor R. Siclari '83*

Annaliza A. Sidoo '09

Joyce and Sheldon Siegel '64*

Carolyn and Sandy Siff

Joel Sikowitz '59*

Joseph A. Silcott '68*

James Sill

Wendy C. Silverman

Benjamin F. Silvey '19

Carol R. Simon

Victoria M. Simon '05, '13

Janet M. Simone '15

Kara J. Simone '15

Barbara Simoneau

Danielle Bruggeman Simoneau

Eileen G. Simons '87*

Wendy '77 and Robert Singley

Richard Sipala

Nora '18 and Paul Sirianni

Eli Sirotin

Patricia and William J. Sixsmith

Barbara Sklar

James J. Skopek

Martin P. Skrocki '71*

Lauryn Slotnick '07

Daniel J. Slottje '11

Delores Smalls

Jessie and Daniel Smiley

Amy J. Smith '18, '19

Duyren T. Smith '08

Eric S. Smith '84

Isabelle Smith '65, '68

Gerard J. Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Jonathan R. Smith '72

Joyce Smith '77, '80

Monica and Edward Smith

Shirley H. Smith

Stephanie Kairies Smith and Jeffrey L. Smith

Steven D. Smith

Jackson T. Snellings

Barbara and George E. Snizek

Carole J. Snyder '88

Jo Ann S. Solagnier

Darrol B. Solin '59*

Derek Solomon

George Solomon

Janet E. Solomon '75*

Jonathan M. Solomon '76*

Matthew L. Solomon '12

Daniel Solow

Susan S. Soroka '68*

Michael Sorrentino

Elise Sosnow Cohen

Richard Sosulski '73

Steven A. Souhrada '90

Dean P. Spadaro '95

Lisa A. Spar

Christopher P. Sparta

Barbara Spence

Mike Spence

Karin J. Spencer '94

Deborah Speter

Debra G. Speyer '80, '84, '88*

Robert B. Spieler '64*

Amy L. Spintman '85*

Joan A. Spitsen '53*

Kathleen M. Spring '95

Jason A. Squitieri '02

Claudine G. St. Juste

Florence C. Stadtlander '88, '89

Robert Stahl

Brian Stamm*

Candice Stark '76*

Martha and Robert H. Stark, Jr. '80*

Mark Starr '65*

Michael D. Stebel '76

Bruce Stegner '86

Alan I. Stein '70

Amy R. Stein '18 and Michael Moskowitz '82

Ted Stein

Angela Steinberg

Anne S. Steiner

Tamara Stephen '96*

John Stergis

Harold M. Stern '93

James K. Stern '85

Kenneth Stern

Eileen C. Steward '74

John A. Stocker '86

Craig M. Stolzberg '02

Janet '98 and Brian Stone '90*

Wendy and Tom Stoudt

Joann Stout

Renee Strauss

Linda Strongin

Reginald Stroughn

Arthur Strunk '52*

William Strynkowski '63*

Mark J. Stuckless '10

Keith M. Studholme '83

Amanda Stump

Denis G. Sukhodolsky '94, '97

Joanne Sullivan

Lisa Pravato Sullivan '87 and Joseph Sullivan

Alissa H. Sundel '92

Robert B. Swersky

Aaron A. Swinson

Linda Wax Swirsky '55*

Robert A. Swirsky '84, '88

William Switzer

Patrick Swords '73*

Melissa J. Symeon '95, '98

Emily Szachnowicz '19, '21

Erin and Aleksy Szachnowicz*

Timothy Szlosek

Barbara Szydlowski

Hidetaka Joe Takahashi

Matthew Tangredi

Michael J. Taratko '95

Francine M. Tarpey

Geoffrey Tarson

Marcus A. Tarver

Samuel Taub '89

Robert J. Taurozzi

Christine Taveras

Richard L. Tax '66

Caitlin M. '06 and David Taylor '01, '06

Barbara A. Taylor '89*

Kathleen Taylor '01, '04

Lora Teichberg

Daphne E. Telfeyan

Sandra I. Tello

Cary S. Tepper '80*

William M. Terrone '69*

Samuel R. Tesch '21

Ryan T. Tessier '15, '16, '18

Evangelia Theodorou-Boudourakis

Ralph Thomas '15*

Connie Thomas

Elizabeth A. Thomas '72, '80*

Peter Thorp

Karen A. Till '84*

Mark Tipperman '73*

David E. Tobias '91

Maryle Tomasi

Monika R. and Frederick Tomasone '57

Christine E. Tomback '72, '75

Brian Toron

Ronald C. Travis '69

Beth A. Tripmacher '00*

Sasa Trivanovic

Brett J. Truitt

Benjamin Truncale

Diane Tucker

Robert Tugander '92

Steven Tugander '89

Joseph R. Tunstall '19

Carol and Stephen Tunstall

John A. Tuominen '73*

Jon Turner

Alicia Tutt

Bernie J. Tylor

T'Shira Tyson-Louis

Tara M. Ulrich '06

Isoken U. Uzamere '11

John C. Vaccaro '06

James P. Vafeas '90*

Jerald D. Vail

Effrey Valdez

Thomas Vallely

Joseph P. Vallone '92*

Ann M. Van Cleef '74*

Gabriella Varano '21

Joseph A. Vassalotti '85

Robert F. Vazquez '87

Ivette Vazquez

Courtney Veinotte

Anthony Vella '82*

Arthur J. Venezia '50*

Vincent A. Verdi '89

Nicholas Vergara

Vincent M. Vespa '21

John Vetter

Miriam T. Vincent '12

Frank P. Viola '74*

K. G. Viswanathan

Richard J. Voight

Flavio Volpe

Thomas Volpe

Marc Von Essen

Gisela Von Zedlitz

Gordon Votruba

Kathleen and Edward Vowinkel

Matthew Vowinkel '21

Joyce B. Wagner*

Rhonda E. Wainwright-Jones '88

Kevin Walker '73

James R. Walsh '97*

Margaret Ann Walter '80*

Thomas R. Walters

Robert M. Wanderman '77*

Li Wang '13

Kevin J. Ward '89

Lisa and Chris Ward

Steven J. Warner

Robert P. Warshauer '70*

Karen B. '76 and Harry C. Washington

Shelita A. Watkis '21

John J. Watras '77

Radue Watson

Edward G. Watson '89

Tobias Watson

David Wayne

Ross V. Weaver, Jr. '58*

Eric J. Weaver '73, '80*

Genevieve N. Weber

Sari '87 and Peter Weber '84, '85*

Jesse A. Webster '07

Clifford R. Weidberg '69*

Kenneth Weigand

Estelle Weinstein '84

Kim and Russ Weissheier

Brian and Tammy Wellman

Allyson D. Wenig '95

John Werner

James Wessinger

Scott I. West '22

Jacqueline and Steve West

Lance Westergard

Brenda F. Westheim '64*

Austin Weyrauch

David B. Wheeler '81

Eric White

Lance White

Latesha L. White '15

Patricia Dainet White '78

Novia P. Whyte '00, '05

Ioana Wicker

Richard Wiedman

Barbara Milsen Wiener '61*

Penina Wiener

Roberta Wiener '73

Tami S. Wiener-Stout '62

Barry S. Wilder '68*

Wynne B. Wilder '75

Carol F. Wilgus '70

John F. Wilkens '79, '87*

Kimberly E. Wilkens '15, '19

Susan L. Wilker '89

Elena Wilkonski '96

Joanne M. Willey

Brana S. Williams '65

Elsa F. Williams '86

Jason D. Williams

Nelson H. Willick '76*

Diane Willner

Wayne A. Willoughby '87

Andrew L. Wilson '08

Joyce Wilson '62

Kenneth J. Wilson

Melissa L. Wilson

Patricia Cutter Bohn Winckler '67

Brad T. Witkowski '18

Sara Witmer '06

Eric Woldenberg

Edith Wolff

Karen P. Wolk '91

Ruben O. Wolkowyski

David W. Won '17

Rachel L. Wonderlich '02 and Anthony Marino '97, '01

Toon-Chien Wong '02

Matthew H. Woodard '03

Cynthia A. Woodhouse '91*

Todd Woodlee

James Woods

Robert L. Woods

Charmise P. Woodside-Desire '19, '23

David Woolwine

Alan J. Work

Julie '01, '03 and Zak Wright '96, '00

Yang Xiang and Yi Wu

Rosemarie Yancosek '86*

Denise L. Yannone '73, '74

Ellen C. Yaroshefsky*

Jay Yentis '70

Cecilia Yeung

Allan Yoskowitz '02

Chrystal Young-Johnson

Elinor and Daniel Yovanovich

June M. Zaccone

Irene Wenzek Zaccor '82 and Albert Zaccor '82*

Joseph Zaffuto

Judith Zaffuto

Timothy F. Zalak '74*

Henry Zalak

Stacy L. Zalewski*

Christine Zammit

Francis J. Zampino '65*

Robert Zanella '85

Martha A. Zeleniak '78 and James R. Podobinski '78

Michael Zeleznock '05

Elizabeth A. Zembruski '97*

Cynthia Zhao

Zelik Ziegelbaum '79*

Richard A. Zimmerman '83*

Kristal Brent Zook

Stacey Sack Zuckerman '86 and Robert M. Zuckerman MD PC

David W. Zuhusky '79

Linda D. Zwiren

Susan Zwirn

Allan Zyller


Michela Abbatiello '02

Josephine Abizeid '08

Mason Abney

Jane Abraham

Barbara Abrams '68

Louis A. Accumanno '20

Leonardo Acevedo

Efraim Acker '15

James C. Adams '00

William G. Adams '79*

Kira Adaricheva

Zoe Adkins

Judith '80, '86 and Gary Adler*

Joel E. M. Adler '61*

Daniel L. Adler '20

David O. Aduaka '20

Nighat Afreen

Krista Agostinello '22

Syed U. Ahmed '22

Johan Ahr

Toni Lee Aiello

Amudalat A. Ajasa '22

Tari Ajeh '19

Adeshola Akintobi '05, '08

Zoha Alam

Hammed O. Alao

Christina M. Albanese '11

Karen T. Albert

Robert Albert

Jennifer Alberta

Edna L. Albrecht

James Albrechtsen '22

Ellen and John E. Albrechtsen

Steven Aldea

Gioia B. Aldrich '70, '76*

Kennedy Aldrich

Dylan Aleixo

Nanette Alesci

Filomena A. Alessandro '85

Jonathan M. Alessi Sheinman '20

Jessica '11 and Constantine Alexandrakis

Abby W. Alhante '80

Nazihah Ali '20

Sheza Ali '22

Danna H. Aliano '16

Arlene and Leroy Allen '87

Jennifer L. Allen '18, '19

Tom H. Allen '67

Tracy Allen

Travis Allen

Phyllis Almenoff '76, '79

Kyra Aloizos

Isabella Aloysius*

Michael Alterio

Annette Altman '94, '01

David A. Altman '14

Marian Altrowitz

Eric Alvarez

Kathryn Alvarez

Tyler E. Alvarez

Joseph Amandola, Jr.

David Amar

Jonathan Amatulli '20, '22

Ruth Ann K. Amberstone '76*

Brie Ament

Jenna Ament

Roksana Amid '17, '22

Marisa Kussoy Amirata '97 and Ralph Amirata '96*

James Amodia

Gianna Amore

Shivraj Anand '86*

George Anastos '22

Matina Anastos

Gregory Ancewicz

Dylan P. Ander '16

Marsha Ander '84

Brock Anderson

Ingrid K. Anderson

Kiera L. Anderson

William Anderson

Lori Anderson-Turczyn '19*

Connie Tais '20

Olivier Andre '15

Richard Andretta

Alisha Andrews '21

Mary E. Andriotis '21

Owen Andruchow '20

Patricia Anglero

Fahmida Alam Anika '18, '20

Dominic M. Annacone '76*+

Jasper K. Ano '22

Susan Ano

Laura M. Ansell

Dino Anselmo

Amanda Anthony

Makeda Anthony-Kemp

Jenna Antonelli-Frem '98, '06

Anthony Anzalone

Lily A. Anzalone

Vasilios J. Apostolou '98, '21, '22

Sharon Seemadray '01

Abena O. Appiah-Kubi '15

Adrian B. Applebaum '57, '66

Sally L. Applebaum

Michael Applequist

Madeline G. Appleton '22

Deborah Apsel

Sima Aran

Bryan D. Ardouny '91

Paul V. Arena '70

John N. Arfanis '76

Daniela A. Arguedas '22

Laurie Ariola

Luke P. Ariola '22

Philip Armato

Barbara Armstrong

Alec W. Aronson '21

Nia D. Arrington-Seward

Christopher Artinian

Emily Artinian

Garo P. Artinian

Heather Artinian

Joseph Artinian

Mary Lynn Artinian

Peter M. Artinian

Timothy Artinian

Angela and William Artuso

Daniel P. Artuso '16

Michael Artuso '22

William J. Artuso '13, '15

Tatyana Arumova

Myriam Arvelo

Justin Asante

Emily Asciutto

Saman Aslam '22

Jason A. Asparro '03

Glen Aspel

Victoria R. Aspinwall '98, '16

Asia Ataide '21

Gillian G. Atkinson

Anthony L. Auriemmo '17

Hannah Austen

James Avanzato

Nigel O. Awai '95

Douglas N. Axman

John P. Ayres '61

Michael J. Ayres '94

Joseph Azzato

Cydnee Bacci '19

Wendy Bach

Hailey Badalato '22

Joseph A. Badalato

Vera Badamo

Kimberly Badger

Natayla D. Baichan '22

Caryn Bailey '16

Tyler Bailey '22

Jennifer S. Baker '94 and Richard B. Suvalle '95

Joseph B. Bakovsky '76*

Harold Ball '88

Howard M. Balzer '74

Mary E. Bambino '07

Constantinos K. Banagos '21

Abigail R. Banegas '11

Hector Banegas

Greggory P. Bangco '12

Alyssa M. Banotai '03

Lauren M. Banzer '20

Aisha Baqai-Stern

Veronica M. Barat '22

Victoria Barbuto '22

Miguel Barcelo Vidal

Jean M. Bardes '71

L. Karen Barkman '66*

Marsha Barley

Tamara Barnas

Laura Barnum

Kenneth J. Barrett, III '15

Lindsey Barrett-Coimbra

Ian P. Barry '04

Kevin Barry

Mollie Bartell

Bear Barth

Benny Barth

Finn Barth

Michaela Barth

Nicole R. Barth '05

John Barth

Stephanie Bartkus

Matthew E. Bartolotta

Mary and Nicholas Bartolotta

Justin V. Barton '03

Sadie Barton '20, '22

Amelia J. Bashy

Anna Basic

Suzanne P. Basilicato '83

Annemarie Bastone '22

Sylvia and Franco Bastone

Christopher P. Batashoff '22

Judith and Michael Batashoff

Sean M. Bates '17

Rajpal S. Bath '14

Ben Battye

James E. Bauer '93

Sofia A. Bauer '22

Wesley Bauman '73

Nancy Baumel '64

Lisa E. Baxter '22

Katherine E. Baxter

Sally Baxter

Les Bayer '66

Michele A. Bayley

Timothy B. Baysinger '09

Melanie Bazer '91

Jacqueline Bazompora

Robert Bearchell

Frank Beasley

Marie Beaujuin-Dunkley

Luis Becker

Natanya P. Beckford '22

Ciera J. Beckman '22

Laurie G. Bedard '85

Maria Beehner

Lindsay A. Beer '01

Sudha Begari

Monica Belagoor

Katerina Belales '21

Michael S. Belkin '72

Joanne E. Bellissimo '84

Vincent A. Bellissimo '14

Daniel A. Bello '22

Theresa Belloni

Jason BenEliyahu

Hernan Benitez

Everette A. Benjamin '11

Margaret Benn

Nikki Benn

Kristin M. Bennett '09, '11

Rebecca Bennett

Robert C. Bennett*

Robert L. Bennett '00

Famaine C. Benoit '08, '10

David Bent

Jennifer and Justin Bentivegna

Danielle Berardi '01, '22

Roy H. Berberich '68

Joanne M. Bergbom '65, '85*

Stephanie J. Bergen '21

Amy Beth '90 and Michael Bergen*

Jared Bergenstock

Bobbette Baskowitz Bergstein '58 and Martin Bergstein

Linda Berkin '67*

Richard Berkowitz '84

Francine R. Berman '85, '00*

Ross D. Berman '11, '12

Melissa P. Berman '20, '22

Bethann Bermingham

Connor C. Bermingham '22

Caitlin Bernal

Sarena K. Bernard '13

Brian R. Bernardi '17

Leanne C. Bernhard '21

Jase E. Bernhardt

Judith L. Bernstein '84, '85*

Crystal L. Berry '97

Barbara G. Berse '87*

Shannan Berzack

Melanie Bessel

Erik J. Beuttenmuller '19

Kathleen A. Bevan

Edward J. Beverly '92

Jon R. Bewley '15

Ramisa Bhuiyan '21

Lois A. Biello '72, '76

Jolyn Bien

Mathias Bien '22

Joseph E. Bifulco '94*

Kristen M. Biggin

Frances M. Bila

Carole and Daniel Bilodeau*

Brackett H. Bilodeau '11

Vandana Bindra

Sinem Binici '05

John Binkley

Jillian I. Birnbaum '22

Anna and Carmine Biscardi*

Kevin J. Bisceglia

William C. Bishop '15

Adam S. Bissonnette '06

Aditya A. Bissoonauth '16, '20

Frank Bitetto

Christopher M. Blach '13

Michael A. Blach '11, '12

Judith N. Black '15

Pat Black

Deanna Goldstein Blafer '60*

Trevor Blaisdell '21

Mayra Blanco

Roberto J. Blanco '22

Devin Blandino '22

Brittany L. Blankmeyer '09

Mark Blankmeyer '78

Jonathan M. Blankopf '22

Leslie and Leonard Blankopf

Carolyn L. Blatt '62*

David Blicksilver

Owen Blicksilver

William R. Bloom '74

Randle E. Bloom '05

Jennifer Bloom

Ricky Bloomfield

Rona Bluman

June and Arthur Blumenthal

Patricia Bober

Francisco Boccuzzi

Toni Boehm '99

Megan Boese '21

Tyler Bogart

Zachary Boisvert

Alanna Boland '22

Julie Bolden

Joanne Y. Bonasera '73*

William Bonasera

Kya I. Bonner

Christina M. Bono '07

Yaw Bonsu

Kristy Boody

Kym Boomer

Skye Boomer '22

Danette E. Boone '89

Damian M. Booth '04*

Emily Booth '13, '15

Aleyana G. Boothe

Jake Bordenca '22

Gail and Paul Bordenca

Donald Borenstein

Marlene Orenstein Borenstein '80 and Edward Borenstein '80

Jason A. Bornstein '01

Lauren Borrelli

Rachel Borrelli

Ann and Michael Borut '59, '62*

Lisa '83 and Steven Boscarino '82

Robert C. Bosco '66*

John J. Bowman '68, '78

Rachel Bowman '20

Sharon M. Bownes '22

Julie Bowyer

Ellen Boyle '19

Jim Boyle

Florence Anne Brady '84*

Bryan Brady

Kyle Brady

Myrna '99 and Laurence Brady '90

Theresa A. Brady '86*

Mathilde C. Braithwaite

Nicole M. Brajer '12

Michael Brancazio '16, '18

Deborah Brandsema

Taina Brantley '21

Damahl Brathwaite '13

Christina and Timothy A. Braun '93

Christopher T. Braun '22

Melissa L. Braunstein '22

Mary Braun

Andrew M. Braverman '94

David Braverman '92

Courtney C. Breen '13, '16

Thomas Breig

Ashley M. Brennan

Jade Brennan '22

Kevin Brennan

Maria Brennan

Maureen A. Brennan '72

Joan Brescia

Nicolle Brescia

Gregory Brescia

Seth Bressman '75, '77

Arthur W. Breunig '75

Caron C. Bricks '13

Abby M. Briggs '22

Dennis A. Briggs '83*

Paulette Brinka '04

Robert Brinkmann

Scott A. Brinton

Kathy Briscese

Taylor Bristol '22

Marcus Broadhead '97, '99

Alexandra M. Brock

Alexis L. Brock '04

Steven W. Brockett '86

Carol Vickerman Bronzo '54*

Robert A. Bronzo

Colin S. Brooke

Angela A. Brooks '20

Debra L. Brooks

Lia Brooks '08

Shadawn Brooks

Alixandrea S. Brown '14

Angela and Barry Brown '60

Benjamin G. Brown

Christopher R. Brown

Crystal R. Brown '12

Heather Brown

Janet E. Brown '57, '63

Jeanne Brown

Justin R. Brown '18

Mitchel Brown

Tracy Brown

Erynne Browning '22

Darren W. Brownlee '09, '12

Johnathan Brownlee '89

Eli B. Bruch '05

Lenora A. Brucker

Kevin J. Bruggeman

Mackenzie Bruggeman

Michael G. Brundage '75*

Diane and William Bruner

Edward Bruner '22

Edward P. Brunet, Jr. '04, '15

Joseph P. Brunetta '66*

John Brush

Kyra J. Bryant '21

Joyce Bryk '79*

Ezron Bryson '09

Lisa Brzezinski

Patsy Buchell

Eleanor G. Buchman '65*

Cindy G. Buckley '17

Tshai Budhi Henry '97

Uma Budhram '22

Yana K. Budkevics '77

Daniel H. Budne '83

Andrew W. Budris*

Delilah Buitron '00

Carmen Bull

Cindy Burcin

Dean Burckhardt

Isabella F. Burckhardt '22

Meredith L. Burcyk '16

Devin W. Burdo

Adam R. Burgos

Martha J. Burgos '14

Lauren Burke '20, '21

Sheena Burke

Stephanie L. Burke '03, '06

William Burke '56

Rosann M. Burke Petruzzi '71*

Ryan J. Burkert '21

Connor K. Burkert '20

Wendy G. Burns '75, '79

Tyler Burns

Nathan O. Burns

Norma R. Busching '73*

Alexandra Bussell

Pamela Bussell

Bryan Butler

Darren E. Butler '22

Donna L. Butler '85, '03

Brittany L. Butts '11, '14

Adrian Caban

Jasmine Cabrera Jahan

Josephine M. Cacace '91

Angelo A. Cacciatore '83

Mindy S. Cacciatore '95, '97

Olivia J. Cacciatore '20, '21

Vincent J. Cacciatore '22

Ryan J. Cafferty

Camille F. Calabrese '99

Christopher Calabrese '94

Emily Calamari

Ana Carolina Calderon Portilla '18

Matt Califano

Maureen Callaghan '93

Michael Callaghan '85

Barbara Callahan

Chris Callahan

Hannah Joy Callahan '22

Mila Calvacca Capone '22

Zachary T. Camileri '21

Briana M. Cammarata '15

Kristin M. Cammarata '09

Marie A. Cammarata

Diane M. Cammer

Sage William Camosse '20

Joseph F. Campagna '22

Angela and Vincenzo Campagna

Kristina M. Campagna '13, '15

Michael A. Campagna '17, '18

Daniel Campanelli '89

Clive M. Campbell '13

Lynn Campbell

Mary F. '73 and Alphonse Campbell '70

Vanessa Campbell

Marisa Campione '20

Fernando Campo '67*

Gayle Canada '68

Thomas J. Candalino '68

Jared A. Candelaria '21

Gregg Cantwell

Kathryn Cantwell

Jessie Cao*

Maria Capazario

Katie S. Capobianco

Thomas D. Capobianco '15*

Kathie A. Capozzi '77

Daniel J. Capozzi '85

Nicholas Capozzo

Patrick Cappetti

James A. Capraro '82

Thomas F. Caputo '22

Mary Caputo

Dana M. Caraballo '17

Brandon J. Caradonna '16

James Cardinale

Kevin Cardoza

Joan Carfa*gno

Maria Carfa*gno

Olivia L. Carhart '22

Myra Carhart

Marie A. Cariello '65

Pere Chares Subira

Eileen Aanonsen Carlsen '64 and Richard Carlsen '64*

Catherine Carman

Joan Schuppel Carman '45, '74*

Colleen '90 and Eric J. Carmeli '89

James Carnelia 69

Christina M. Carnovale '13, '15, '20

Kevin Carr

Susan Carr Gossman

Kieffer Carranza '15

Catherine M. Carroll '12

David T. Carroll '90

Gwendolyn J. Carroll

Jeanne P. Carroll '08

Kevin Carroll

Lawrence T. Carroll

Madeleine L. Carroll '15, '18

Keith Caruso

Natalie Casale '21

Jessamarie Casalino

John Casares '21

Cynthia Cascella

Courtney Casey

Jessica Casey '13

Robert Casey '21

Michael Casselano

Adam Castar '19

Barbara Catalanotto

Marisa Catalanotto

Sharon Catalanotto

Kellie Catanach

Evan L. Cater

Gina Catino

Alex Cautaerts

Bo Cautaerts

James M. Cavanaugh '20

Sean M. Cavanaugh '17, '18

Terry A. Cavanagh

Michael Cazzola

Andrew Cecora '20

Kirsten A. Cecora '22

Pa Alie Ceesay '19

Chris Celano

Jennifer Celorio

Julio Celorio

Rebecca Celorio '16

Joseph C. Centrone '18, '20

Stephanie Cerniglia

Jovana Cernjanski

Milena Cernjanski

Maria Cerqueira '20

Catherine and Nicholas Cerrone '04, '11

Christina Cerroni '97

Sondra Cestari '12, '16

Jeffrey J. Cestra '03

Matthew Chaclas

Karim Chaiep '20

Brittany N. Chajkewicz '17

Timika Chamberlain

Helen R. Chambers '80, '83*

Lauren E. Chandler '13

Christopher R. Chang '22

Robert Chang

Taiga S. Chang

Gillian A. Changa-Budhram

Juliette L. Charles-Pierre '93*

Sally Charnow

Elizabeth A. Chase '89*

Nandini Chatterjee

Navkiran S. Cheema '18

Jialin Chen '22

Ruo Chen

Cynthia G. Cheng '14

Sunita Cheruvu

Justin W. Chesney '17

Alexander R. Chestnut

Christopher Chevins

Leah Mary Chiappino '22

John Chiappino

Dorothy Chiaramonte

Donald W. Chichester '55*

Josephine Chichi

Mary Anne Chin

Rodney K. Chirchir '18

Jillian Chirico '22

Joseph A. Chirico '85

Paula Paucar '20

Sandra Chizzoniti

Kevin Choi '17*

Haydee C. Chong

Gregory S. Christensen '71

Carol Christian

Catherine Ann Christian '85*

Louis Christiano

Lauri A. Christiansen-Wegener '04

Ashley Christy

Yao H. Chu

Dorothy Chung '16*

William Chung*

Edward J. Ciaccio

Jessica Cianciotti '15

Diane and Robert P. Ciavardini

Angela Cimino

Paul Cimino '81

Mehmet Ferruh Cinel

Afra Cinel

Nehir Cinel

Toeman Koray Cinel

Scott C. Cinnamom '81

Frank Ciofrone

Cara Cioni

Debra Ann Cipolla-Minafo '86 and Greg Minafo

Penny Citrola '01

Haley E. Clancy '22

Mercedes Henderson Clark '97

R. Darryl Clark

Ryan Clark

Adrienne '05 and Charlotte H. Clark

Aeriell Clem

Rob Clemens

Serge Clement

Tim Coakley

Aliona Cochiorva '15

Bryce A. Cody '13

Francene Cohen '71

Gary Cohen

Harriet W. Cohen '68, '72, '76

Jahmarli K. Cohen '21

Mike Cohen

Susan E. Cohen '13

Lindsey Coimbra

Joseph Colahan

Christine M. Colao '86

Meredith Colapietro

Adriana Cole

Brooke Cole

Debra Cole

Mackenzie Cole

Richard J. Cole

Taylor Cole

Yolanda Cole

Connor Coleman '20

David E. Coleman '87

Hope Coleman

Jodi and Matthew B. Coleman '97

Linda and Joseph Collica*

Taylor Collier

Beth Collins

Donald F. Collins '76*

Griffin Collins '17

Kasey J. Collins '22

Mary E. Collins '78

Leonard W. Colluro

Zachary Colluro '22

Alexander Colon

Antonella M. Colon '21

Ann M. Combes Baller

Lorraine Commisso

Danielle M. Commons

Anne Marie Condron-Buonomo '94, '95

Christopher J. Conforti

Eddie Conklin

John Conlon '22

Sean Conlon

Julia L. Conniff '22

Susan M. Connolly '74

Mairead Connor

Siobhan Connor

Eileen T. and Henry J. Conry '79*

Emily M. Considine '16

John Contess

Juliana B. Contess '22

Kathleen A. Conti '16

Heidi '92, '97 and Pedros Contreras '93

Bianca Convery '22

Joseph Convery

Laura M. Conway '22

Victoria Cook

Kylah Cooke '19

Bryan Cooley

Blake H. Cooling

Diane W. Cooney '63+*

Jonathan Cooper '19

Linda Caprio Cooper '67 and Richard Cooper '65*

Meagan L. Cooper

Miriam Cooperman '78*

Anjanette S. Cooper-Mitchell '00

Marissa Cope

Melody Cope

Thomas Cope

William Cope

Alexa Corben '21

Paul R. Cordella '97

Angela Cordle

Riley G. Cordle '22

William J. Corrao

Christopher M. Correia '95*

David J. Correnti '77

Mauro J. Correnti

Garry Corts

Maria Corvino

Kristin S. Cosover-Kanzer '90

Salvatore J. Cossentino '80*

Augustus A. Costa '80

Rowena M. Costa

Grace M. Costantino '77

Patricia M. and Desmond Costello*

Kayla C. Costello '17, '18, '22

Samantha Costello

Pamela Coufos

Maria Coven

Jessica D. Cowperthwait '07

Dawn Cox

Kristen L. Cox

Raymond Coyle

Jessica D. Crawford '98

Ryan Cremins

Zina Crescenzi

Peter Crifo

Nicole Crisafulli

Anthony H. Crisci '11

Samuel L. Criss '22

Fabian Cristian '04

Carla-Jo Croce '91

Robyn S. Crosby '00

Mikiyah S. Croskey '21

Jennifer Cross

Michael W. Crouse

Joshua-Ronald Cruz '22

Alma Cruz

Andrew Cruz

Camille J. Cruz

Michael Cruz

Nicholas Cruz

Rolando Cruz

Joseph Cuccio

Chiara Cucco

Denise Cuddy

Nosilia Cuellar

Elwin Cuevas

Lucinda Cummings

Leslie Q. Cunningham

Shirley Cunningham

Lauren Cuomo '22*

Nadia N. Cureton '99

Christopher Curran

Sylvester Curran

Todd G. Curry

Olivia Curry

Colin J. Curtin

Julie Curto

Deborah H. Cusnir

Maniya Custis

Alyssa M. Cuzzola '16

Kennedy J. Cymerman '20

Andrea G. Cyriacks '67

Amy Cytron

Joann Czerwonka-Lisa

Michele DaCosta

Alicia Daigle '20

Janet M. Daigle '86*

Jubal Dais '20

David E. Dale '12

Joseph T. Dale '18

Mark A. Dale '16

Rebecca R. Dale '22

Keith M. Dallas '94

Robert P. Dalton '03

James Daly

Taylor D'Amato

Ronald P. D'Amelia

Bryan C. Damon

Jennifer A. D'Andrea '98

Madelyne Daneman

Pietro D'Angelo '21

Alice Daniel '19

Devon Daniel

Ethan J. Daniel '18, '19

Peter C. Daniel

Alessia M. Daniele '13

Hailey O. Daniels

Makeyla Daniels '21

Jared Z. Dans '22

Lori Dantonio

Richard D'Aoust

Nora Darragh '21

Joseph Daru

Rahul Das

Sudeshna Das

Eduardo G. D'Atri '22

John G. D'Atri

Thomas A. Dattilo '14

Emily N. Daubenspeck '22

Lori and Howard R. Daubenspeck

Ramona Helms D'Aulisa '85, '01 and Odina D'Aulisa '84

John V. D'Auria '00

Joseph A. Davi

Julia Davi '22

Alyssa David

Mildred David '68, '77

Amy D. Davidson '75, '78

Daniel W. Davidson '15

Marjorie Davidson '73*

Susan D. Davidson '06

Ryan Davies '22

Adeline Davis '22*

Franca Davis

Madhava D. Davis

Mark V. Davis '04

Matteo Davis

Sanderia L. Davis

Samia Dawood

Athena Dawson '22

Travis Day

Nancy Dazza

Peter Dazza

Robyn Dazza

Gerardo De Jesus

Melanie A. De Jesus '16

Richard G. De Lambert '57

Peter De Voogd

Linda Deakoum

Robert M. Dean '18, '21

Deborah E. Deasy '75

Chelsea Debarros '22

Rohani Debarros

Akintola Debayo-Doherty '71

Antonietta DeBlasi

Nicholas DeBlasi

Victoria DeBlasi

Diana and Joseph DeCarlo

Lauren M. DeCarlo '22

Patrick L. Decatrel '88

Travis DeCotiis

Daniel DeCrescenzo

Christopher Deegan

Fredericka Deena

Maria Deegan

Brian DeFeo '22

Emily G. DeGaglia '09

Emily DeGennaro

John F. Degl

Annette Degnan

Anna DeGoede

Ava L. De Gori '09

Frances Degori

Leah DeHaemer

Christopher R. DeJesus '22

Debbie DeJong

Maria Y. Del Mar

Joel Del Rosario

Lauren M. del Valle '16

Marli Delaney '20

Jill Delano

Maxime Delaplace

Paula DelColle

Jessica Deleon

Alexander Della Ratta '18

Daniel N. DellaMonica '12

Jill D. Delman '78

Stanley Delman '63*

Amy Delmore

Lee DeLorenzo

Hannah DeMarco '22

Wendy DeMarco

Marianne '62 and Ronald DeMartino '62

Maria Demas

Tony DeMauro

Erin L. Demek '22

Shakirah DeMesier '09

Margaret E. DeMicco '79*

Ingrid '63 and A. Bradford Demilo '63

Susan Demko

Dale L. Demner '64, '67*

Andrea Dempsey '21, '22

Victoria R. Dempsey '17, '19*

Steven DeNapoli '11

Ryan P. Denault '16

Richard F. DeNigris '65, '71*

Mary DeNisco*

William A. DeNisco '10*

Lauren Denker '19

William Dennehy Parrinello '20

Keith G. Denton '77*

Steven G. DePalo '90

James C. DePasquale '86

Aaron C. Depass '88

Christina M. DeRespino

Grace K. Dervin '85*

Bharat Desai

Neil P. Desai

Nisha Desai

Simryn N. Desai

Cecelia DeSimone '22

Christian E. DeSimone

Frank DeSimone '76, '82*

Desray Desir

Ayden DesLauriers

Jake DesLauriers

Madyson DesLauriers

Jordan S. Desner '96

Jonathan M. DeSousa

Gina '94, '99 and Todd DeStaebler '90, '98

Donna DeStefano

Nicholas Destefano '22

Christopher Detwiler '20

Samantha M. Detweiler '22

Gerard P. Devine

Kevin Dexter '13

Amanda and Robert DiMonda

Harley D. Diamond '79*

Samantha Diamond '22

Stanley A. Diamond '77*

Julia Diaz '90

Edilson Diaz '22

Alisson S. Diaz-Morales '22

Alicia DiBella

Whitney DiBella

Danielle DiBella-Lenaway

Heather Dick

Denise DiCristofalo '98*

Pamela Diehl

Felicia DiFilippantonio

Petrina DiGangi

Cassandra Diggs

Angela DiGiovanni '16

Maria Di Giovanni and Anthony Taylor

Erika Dilday

Kayla Dillman

Kristin Dillon

Marion Dillon

Nelson Dilone

Giancarlo Dimeglio '22

Frank DiMeglio

Kaylor D. Dimes '21

Nickolas Dimitrakas '22

Vassiliki and Emanuil Dimitrakas

Trevor Dimmie '05

Min Ding

Kunchok Dingyon '22

Tsering W. Dingyon

Gianna R. Direda '22

Elena DiStefano

Rocco A. Distefano '22

Suzanne DiStefano

Alexandra DiTaranto '22

Anthony M. DiTaranto '15

Mark DiTaranto

Mohammed El Amine Djellal '18

Brian P. Doane '78

Cathy Dobie

Rory Doehring '16

Amanda Doherty '22

Christine Doherty

Sandra Doig '65*

Ronia D. Dolabany '21

Joseph A. Donadio '88

Todd Donaghy

Julian B. Donahue '19

Norah A. Donahoe '18*

Kelly Donlevy

Kaira E. Donnan '22

Teresa Donnan

Anthony M. D'Onofrio '22

Alicia Donohue '83

Sean R. Donohue '15, '17

Samantha Doornebos '22

Howard E. Doppel '60

Joseph M. Doria '16 '18

Patricia A. Dorilio '77, '80

Eileen and Joseph Dorinson

Lisa Dorsett

AnnMarie Dorsman

Aneri M. Doshi '20

Alex Doskoez

Marie L. D'Ostilio '79

Matthew J. Dougherty '13

Shannon Dougherty '17

Marla Dovsek

Donna Downs

Sean Anthony Dowridge '22

Sharan Dowridge-Seenarine

Ann Semineri Doxsey '78*

Joseph Doyle '97

Melvin Doyle

Louretta '92 and Michael Dragonetti

Janet B. Dreifuss '86

Diane Inserra Drew '66*

Leonora Drew

Laila G. Drosman '22

Daniel D. Drown '65

Ellen '73 and Martin S. Dubin '72, '74

Andrew D. Duca '15

Jill Duerler

James Duff

Kristen M. Duffy '05, '08

Michael T. Duke '96

Charles L. Dumblis

Kaitlyn Dumont

Ruth A. Dunbar '84

Jeannie-Marie Dunkel '97, '02

Judith Blatt Dunn and John Dunn*

Loraine Dunn

Brigid M. Dunne '19

Francis E. Dunne, Jr.

Jermaine Dunson

Thomas J. Dunton '71

Jennifer P. Duperval '13

Jennifer Dure

Zachary R. Duren '22

Elisa Duren

Joyce and Tim Durfos

William Durkin '74

Stephan Duroseau '19

Jaiden K. Dwyer '21

Thomas Dyer

Patryk J. Dziura '22

Katarzyna Dziura

Pauline Vormittag Eagen '67 and William Eagen '68, '70

Timothy T. Eagen '97, '01, '08

Bryan Eavens

Ariel A. Echevarria '19

Julia Eckhardt '22

Joseph Echhardt

Paul J. Edelson '10

Stacey Edmonds

Amy M. Edouard '06, '08, '10

Tara '00 and Thomas A. Edwards '00

Andre Edwin

Caitlin Egan '22

Seth D. Egert '14

Dale Eggert

Michael A. Ehrenpreis '08, '12

Edward Ehrlich '78

Kristen C. Ehrling*

Warren E. Ehrmann '60*

Christian A. Einnatz '18*

Christine and Manfred Einnatz

Jeff Eisen '83*

Karen M. Eismann '75, '77, '84

Barbara '86 and Walter Ejnes '86

Laila B. Ejups '82, '85

Francine '72, '75 and Merton Ekelman*

Almastella Ekong '20

Sarah El Bouzaidi '19, '21

Youssef El Bouzaidi '17, '21*

Tiffany ElBardissi

Wainwright B. Elbers '94

Emily A. Eldredge '16

Maria El-Hallal '22

Joseph E. Elko

Roger Elliott

Valerie Elliott

Brenda J. Elsey

Donald Elustondo

Mohammad Elzanaty '20

Lunik Emini

Camille Emmett

Charles T. Endy '69

Jonathan W. Eng '09

Sidney Eng

Margaret Engel '21

Paul Engelhart

George J. Enos '77

Viola Enos '75

James A. Epstein

Steven Epstein

Steven Epstein '73

Micaela M. Erickson '22

Steven Erland

Maria Ermolova '11

Marc A. Ernay '91

Ronald Erster

Alia Ervin '22

Gloria R. Ervin

Alejandra Escobar '22

Maria F. Escobar

James Esernio

Ryan O. Espineli '17*

Diana Espinosa '05

Alejandro Espinoza Wolleter

Anthony J. Esposito '15

Salvatore M. Esposito '77*

Lenore Esposito

Arianna M. Esposito '22

Alex Eusebio '18

Floyd Evangelista

Julie Evangelista

Jane Evans

Kristy Evans

Rachel F. Evans '89

Toby Everett '64*

Jonathan Evers

Paul Ewers '04, '17

Emily Ewing '21

James G. Ewing

Maxine S. Ezra '66*

Jennifer '92 and Andrew L. Faber '91

Benjamin Fach '22

Gail Fach

Kyle Facibene

Barbara Faith

Wael Fakhry

Wanda Macuska Falci '55, '85

Elizabeth C. Falco '10

Janice Falk

Scott Falk

Tammy Falk '93, '96, '00

Bruce Falkenberg

Mary Falkenberg

Theresa M. Falletta '09*

Roberta '81 and Michael Fallig '79, '91*

Frederick J. Falteisek '60*

Caleb J. Fang

Andrew P. Fantucchio

Wendy Faraone

Barbara S. Faraone

Margaret C. Farese '21

Isabella R. Farino '22

Adriana L. Farley '98

Christopher R. Farley '10

John Farley

Patricia Farley

Siddique A. Farooqi '12

Luke Farrell

Karen M. Farrell

Beverly Farrow-Taylor '81

Maureen A. Faulkner

Marc Fautas

Alexandra Faver '18

Maude Fawcett

Meghan Fawcett '22

Anthony P. Fazzone '92*

Barbara Federman

Emmah Federman '22

Jack Federman

Kim Federman

Kim R. and James D. Federman

Juliana Feeney

Patrick Feeney

Alex B. Feinstein '18, '19*

Guido Feldberg

Anita Feldman

Hans E. Feldmann '61*

Robert Felice

Bill Feller

Steven Fendell '78*

Laurie Fendrich*

Mara Ferguson

Scott Ferguson

David Fernandez

Rhonda Fernandez

Stephanie '06 and Richard J. Ferraioli '05

Christina Ferrante

Alana R. Ferrara '20

Nicole L. Ferrazzoli '13

Rachael J. Ferro '19

Peter D. Fetiak

Kirsten A. Fetter '18

Stephen Fields '61*

Adriana M. Figueroa '12 and Michael D. Hershfield '12

Laurel A. Files '60

Ritchie Filippi '05

Donald J. Filonow

Samantha Fine

Gloria Finizio

Susan Fink Smith

Ariana Finlayson '08

Kimberly Finnigan

Anthony Finocchiaro

David A. Finzi '21

Mary Ann and James Fiola

Adam H. Fisher '99

Arianna P. Fisher '22

Catherine Fisher '16, '21

Maria Fisher

Megan M. Fisher '22

Mary Fitamant '22

Mary and Richard Fitamant

Desmond C. Fitzgerald '16

Alex P. Fitzgerald

Krystle A. Fitzpatrick

Alexis Flaherty

Desmond Flaherty

Edward C. Flaherty

Geralyn Flaherty

Adam Flash '22

Allison and Edward Flash

Brittany Fleck

Glenn Fleischhacker

Benjamin Fletcher '19

Isabela A. Florea '22

Amy L. Flores '11, '13

Pete P. Flores

Elizabeth L. Flores '03

Kerlann L. Flowers '03, '07

Grace C. Flynn

Colleen M. Flynn-Pirrmann '88

Thomas Fodor

Johanna Fogle '19

Christine M. Foley '09

John P. Foley '84

Meghan A. Foley '10, '13

Shawn T. Foley '89

Elisabeth D. Ford

William Forero

William J. Forrester '71, '76

Cheryl Forsyth

Emma R. Forsyth '22

Meghan Forte '22

Brittany Foster '17*

Shaun D. Foster '15

Melina Fotiadis '22

Jonathan I. Foucault '12

Donna L. Fountain '85

Michael Fox

Trillium Fox

Eileen Fox Herbert

David A. Foxen

Jennifer Fragleasso

Antonio L. Franceshini '22

Gina Franco

Kerry Franco

Andrew Franco

Nicholas Frangiamone

Jennifer L. Frangiosa

Kenneth F. Frank

Rita-Marie '01, '03 and James Frank

Sydney P. Frank

Mark Frankel

Johanna N. Y. Franklin

Regine M. Franklin '01

Stay-Ann M. Franklin '17

Maryam Franzella

Paul Franzetti '22

Valentina Franzetti

Stacey '99, '04, '07 and Stephen J. Franzke '05

Donna Frazier

Keith A. Frederick '00

Eileen '75 and Bruce Freedman*

Melissa Nathanson and Eric M. Freedman

Norma Freedman

Jordin Freeman '20

Stefan Freeman

William Freeman

Laurell Frein

Clara N. Freiss

Aishah French

David W. Frey '21

Tali Frey

Alex M. Friedman

Anne M. Friedman '66

Francine Friedman '60

Linda S. Friedman '88

Matthew C. Friedman '22

Mitchell Friedman '81*

Richard A. Friedman '87

Ronald L. Friedman '77, '93

Sheri M. Telanoff Friedman '95

Bruce Friedricks '80

Claire R. Fritz '89

Gabrielle Frontera '13

Xiang Fu*

Foon Fu

Asenath H. Fuchs '58

Anaya S. Fuencio

Diane E. Fuller '72*

Robert L. Furman

Christopher A. Fusco '14

Emil Fuzaylov '18

Clara L. Gable '15

Michael M. Gaborno

Jainee Gabrielsen '19, '20, '21

Hannah M. Gaffigan

Sean E. Gaita '82

William Scott Galasso '74*

Daniella N. Galatro '22

Adam Galchus '19, '22

Abigail Galette '22

Jonise Galette

Judith Ann Galgano '75

Dana Galizia

Daniel Gall

Emily A. Gallagher '17

Christa M. Marino '08

Jessica K. Gallagher '01, '03

Paddy Gallaher

Frank J. Gallo '05

Siddarth Gally

Tatiana Gamarra Enriquez '08

Brendan Gambeski

Jordin Gambino

Genevieve L. Gans '11

Angelica Garcia '19, '20, '22

Rosette Garcia '83

Stephanie Garcia

Jose Juan Garcia Moreno

Andrew Gardecki

Robin Garfield '94

Karl Garrett

Alexis M. Garrett '19

Emma Gartenstein '22

Lauren and Steven Gartenstein

Crystal Gary

Jade L. Garza '22

Matthew J. Gassert

Joanne Paul Gatland '62*

Kathleen and Kenneth Gatti

Josie Gatto '21, '22

Robert Gaupp

Anne Marie Gawlick

Lynn Gawlick

Leah Gaydos

Brittany M. Gayer '16, '19

Stefanie Gayer '13

Carlos Gayle

Latanya Gayle

Jake Gazura

Ruth S. Gazzola

Vin Gebbia

Sri Ramya R. Geddam '22

Briyanna Geffrand

Daniel Geier

Jennifer and Brian Geiger

Wendy Kim Gelfand-Chaite '22

Hannah Geller

Jillian D. Geller '22

Rachel P. Geller '15

Renee Geller

Debra Gensler

Tiffany Georgatos '11

Matthew R. Georgetti '13

Madison R. Georgiana '20

Salim Gerald '20

Nick Geralis

Heloisa Geralis

Lauren T. Gerardi '22

William Gerber

Kaitlyn A. Gerdes '18, '19

Kelly M. Gerdes '18, '19

Nicole M. Gerena

Jennifer Gerlach

Stephanie Gerland

Sam J. Germana

Stacy and Daniel Gerstenblitt '83*

Dustin Derrick Gervais '04

Naomi L. Gewanter '10

Joseph R. Geyer '14

Judith D. Geyer '69*

Christopher A. Gharagozlo '22

Marisol Gharagozlo

Jamie Ghigiarelli

Amanda Ghysel

Alexa V. Giaccone '22

Jennifer L. Giaccone '22

Jennifer Michelle Giaccone

Kaitlyn Giaccone '22

Kevin M. Giaccone '17

Marianne Giaccone

Mollie Giamanco

Sheila Giambanco

Valerie Giambanco

Krisha Giammarco '12

Grace Giannatsis '22

Kathy Giannatsis

Nicole Giannetti

Shane Giannetti

Rosetta '87 and John Giannotti '78

Jennifer M. Gianunzio '90

Jonathan Giarla

Mary C. Gibbons '04*

Kathleen Gibowicz

Karen and Philip Gibson

Laura and Brian Gibson

Michael Gibson

Xander Gibson

Brandon W. Gifford

Isabelle Gigliesi

William B. Giglio

David M. Gil De Rubio '90

Dana Gilbert

Joseph Kelly Gilberto '21

Shannon Giles

Ryhaan S. Gill '14

Joseph D. Gilles '12

Douglas Gillies '12, '17

Adam Gillman

David Gilroy

Gregory Gilroy

Maryann Gilroy

Patricia Gilroy

Tara Gilroy

Craig A. Giordano '97

Daniel E. Giordano '82

Donna F. Giordano '84, '90*

Joanne M. Giordano '05*

Andrew Giovinazzo '22

Jeffrey Girsky

Evelyn Gitsin '19, '22

Maureen Y. Gittelman '90

Jaden Gittens

George A. Giuliani*

Prinzipia Giunta Duggan '85, '90

Andrew Giustino

Melanie R. Gladstone '06

Susan Glaser

Ronni B. Glass '77

James Glass

Nedra Zall Glasser '72, '76

Amy Glawe

Toni Glotter

Grace E. Glover '77, '83*

Gabriel Gluck '75

Marjorie Gingold Glucksman '77, '78*

Dyonne Gocking

Dean Goelz

Sandra Goelz

Kosmas Gogos

Constantine Gogos

Beth S. Goldberg '95

Brian Goldberg

Katherine E. Goldberg '09

Kathleen Goldberg

Murray G. Goldberg '81

Ryan L. Goldberg '22

Jane Goldblatt

Jesse Goldfarb

Brian Goldfeder '10

Shoshana Goldman '19

Teri Goldman

Deanna Weiss Goldstein '66 and Lester Goldstein '66

Jason L. Goldstein '12

Joyce Lee Goldstein '62

Laurie A. Goldstein '65*

Marsha Golob

Meagan Gombos '19

Samantha A. Gong '22

Lawrence Gonsisko

Lindsay Gooch

Jane Abbott Goodenough '79*

William H. Goodenough '13*

Melanie R. Goodin '96

Jordan H. Goodman

Joshua A. Goodman '13

Judith Goodman '71

Seena Gorchov

Basil Gordon '19

Ronald A. Gordon '71

Stacey M. Gordon '88

Tamara Gordon

Nicole Goris '22

Mohammad Gorjestani

Katherine E. Goscinski '07

Bryant D. Gossett '14, '16

Anne Gotwalt

Jeremy Gotwalt

Tricia Gotwalt

Brian P. Goulard '21

Brittany A. Grabiec '22

John Grabiec

Patricia Graf

Richard Graff

Sherri Grande Direda

Jonah Grant

Tatiana Grasmann '22

Jeffrey A. Grass

Maxx T. Grass '18

Charlie W. Grattan

Leona S. Graup '73, '85

Daniel H. Graves '12, '18

Richard Gray '76*

Ashley E. Gray '08, '11

Daniel L. Gray

Patrick H. Greeley '13

Earl Green, Jr. '77

Jill Green

Makeda A. Green '19

Noah Green '22

Judith Green Rendely '63

Brian Greenberg '68*

Gillian E. Greene '20

Nuevia Greene '09

Chelsea Greenfield '15

Maria Greenidge

Reno Greenidge '12

Kendale Greenidge-Bullock '22

Max Greenwald

Carol and Joseph Grice*

Joseph E. Grice '20, '21

Dolores C. Grieco '57

Leonard T. Gries '69

Kelley B. Griffin

Antonio M. Grillo '18

Camilla Grimaldi '22

Elisa Grimaldi '20

Lucia and Joseph Grimaldi

Vija Sylvia Grinvalds '80

Joanne Grochowski

Jennifer C. Grod '14

Michael E. Gross '62+*

Sharyn H. Grossman '66, '74 and Bruce D. Grossman*

Lynn Grotsky

Daniel J. Gruber '09

Kirsten L. Gruener '18

Kerri Grunenwald '03, '08

Amy and Larry Grynberg

Jeffrey R. Grzesik '93*

Mark Guandolo

Sara Guarascio '19, '22

Ann and Thomas Guarascio*

Jason Guardiola

Elyssa Guarnieri '20

Carolyn Gubell '18, '19

Janet and Barry Gubell

Kathleen A. Gubitosi '89*

Nicholas Gueits

Linda D. Guggino '75, '83*

Kelly Guidry '19

Matthias Gumbrecht '06

Anne Gumbs

Diana Gumbs

Laurie Gumbs

Rodney Gumbs

Dongdan Guo

Edward Guo

Quentin O. Guobadia '21

Anjali P. Gupta '17

Saksham Gupta

Adam Gutes

Elizabeth Gutierrez '20

Nicolle Gutierrez Ospina '21

John F. Guy '57, '60*

Viviane Guyou

Danielle L. Guzman '15

Barbara A. Guzowski '17

Michael D. Guzzardi

Ruth Carol Haber '79*

Nezar D. Haddad '19

Julia Haft

Sean Hagan

Emily M. Hahn '08

Helene M. Hahn '03

John Haldeman

Nicole Halkias

Barbara A. Hall

Kieran M. Hall '21

Linda M. Hall

Margot '86 and Donald A. Hall '56

William E. Hall '58*

Kristin E. Hallam '20, '21

Hannah Hallam '22

Rebecca Hallam

Nancy E. Halliday*

Helen F. Halloran

Crisa Halmoukos

Demetra Halmoukos

Helen Halstead Geary

Michael Halstead Swan

Judith and Thomas Hamann

Marlena M. Hamann

Shawn P. Hamel '17, '18

Tara P. Hamilton '16

James Hammill

Dick R. Hampton

Michael Han '04

Sheila Anne Coates Handy '79, '81 and Alfred Handy '90

Nicole Haney '95

Kelly Hanlon '98

Robert Hannay

Joseph Hannigan

Bronwyn '13 and James Kemp Hannon '00*

James M. Hannon

Madeleine G. Hannon '11*

Rachelle Hansen

Dalton Hansten

Catherine Hardwick

Larkin E. Hargraves '08

Tarek S. Harhash

Christopher Harkins '08

Janet Harkins

Abigail G. Harney '22

Maureen Harney

Bailey Harris '22

Cher B. Harris

Deborah W. Harris '81*

Janice Harris

Lane R. Harris '22

Lee Harris

Lesley E. Harris '90

Marcy Harris

Maury S. Harris '79

Robert M. Harrison

Jonathan Harrity '20

David Hart

Margaret E. Hart '22

Michelle S. Hart '12

Patricia Hart

Jacqueline Hartnett

Joyce Y. Hartsfield

Emma F. Hartshorn '22

Leighanne Hartshorn

Sean J. Harvey '12

Danielle Harvey

Hammad Hashim

Halimeh M. Hatahet

Kerri A. Hauff '14, '19

Diana Hauser

Anastasia M. Hautanen '17

Eileen Haviland

Christine Hawkins

Eugene A. Hawkins '92*

Jaymark Hawlader

Nadia Hayes

Susan Hayes '85

Alicia L. Haynes '05, '14

Gretchen Louise Haynes '74

Arpita Hazra '19

Elaine '71 and James Healy '67

Quincy Heath

Heather Heath

Marc Hebbeker

Petra Hebbeker

Stefan Hebbeker

William M. Heberer, III '87, '95

Christine Peterson Hedman '55 and Edward Hedman, Jr. '55*

Christopher Heilig '21, '22

Ruby Heissenbuttel

Julia Hekimian

Terrance Hendricks

Ted Hendrickson '66, '70

Michael Hennessy '90

Robin Henninger '19

Kenneth C. Henry Jr. '93

Emma S. Henry '21

Jaala S. Henry '22

Yvonne '74 and Warren Herbst '73, '83

Christopher Herman '22

Louis Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Santiago Hernandez

Daniel F. Heron '16

Keri L. Heron '22

Mark Herron, II '22

Norman R. Hershkowitz '67*

Richard H. Hershman*

Lauren J. Hertan '18

Justin Hertz

Ilana Herzberg '15, '16, '18

Jonathan C. Herzog

Stephanie M. Hesselbarth '11

Alan D. Hetherinton '18

Amy Widlitz Heumann '73*

Mary Jeanne Hurley Hickey '50, '55*

Patricia Verdon Hickey '81*

Michael R. Hicks '07

Abigail Higgins

Diana Higgins

Anette Hilder

Caitlin Hilder '22

Maurie Hill

Randal K. Hillebrand '89, '96

Louise Halpin Hillen '63 and Jon Hillen '61, '62

Bonnie Hiller '61*

Barbara M. Hilli

Jaylen A. Hines '21

Jazlin Hinnant '22

Bryan Hirsch '22

Matthew Hirsch '19, '20

Michael Hirschfield

Adrienne H. Hirschler '77, '83

Susan R. Hirschstein '67*

Cody E. Hmelar

Lorie Hobart '88

Philip V. Hoch '09

James Hodges

David H. Hoeppner '09, '14

Laura A. Hoffman '73*

Douglas E. Hoffmann '67*

Melanie S. Hoffmann '02

Annabel Hofmann

John M. Hogan '76

Patricia and Peter Hogarty

Shannon Hogarty '18

Elisabeth Hogue

Brianna J. Holcomb '17

Doris B. Holdorf '55

Susan G. Holland '76

Victoria T. Holton '21

Elizabeth Homan

Doni-Melissa '07 and Matthew Homenick '05

Robyn Elise '84 and Dan Hohenberg

Patrick B. Hopkins '17

Zion Hopkins-Quinn

Elizabeth Horishny '22

Petro Horishnyy

Ellen G. Hornberger '14

John J. Hornik*

Stuart D. Horowitz '75, '76*

Nicholas Hoult '19

Seth Houseman '22

Tracey Houseman

Noella K. Howard '07

Joan Howell

Edgar Huamantla '14

Ling Huang

Gerald Hubshman Sr.

Lois Hubshman

Mathilde Demisay Huckins '52*

Shawn Hudson

Mildred Huffmire

Robert Huffmire

Jamel J. Hughes '22

Roger W. Hughes '64*

Thomas M. Hughes '70

Victoria '03 and Matthew Hughes

Sabeen Humayun '19

Austin Huminski

Jordan Hummel

Todd Hummel

Janet Ann Humphreys

Christopher J. Hunter '21

Eugene C. Hunter '86

Taniqua L. Hunter '99, '04

Jordan Hurley '20

Emma Husk '22

Laurits Hvidtfeldt Rahbek

Cletus Hyacinth '90, '94

Noelle A. Hylton '02, '05

Alex R. Hyman '13

Adam Hyman

Brooklyn Hyman

Cathy Hyman

Tina Hynes

Christine M. Iannuzzi-Reaves '03*

Jennifer Iaquinto

Chizara Benedicta Ilodibia

Farheen Z. Ilyas

Christine Imrie

Michael R. Indomenico '21

John Infuso

James M. Ingoglia '99

Elyse M. Ingui '04, '06

Francis C. Inserra '82*

Richard Ioannou '14

Andrew Iovino '21

Dana and Keith Iovino '89

Julianna Iovino '22

Margaret M. Ippolito '88, '95, '96

Maryam Isles

Atara Israel '22

Danny Israel

Ayah Issa

Nikita Ivanynyuk '22

Vadym Ivanynyuk

Marsha W. Iverson

Marcus Ivy

Adele Iwachow*

Jillian Jablonski

Kadaline E. Jackel '22

Taleesha Jackel

Aaron Jackson

Glenn Jackson

Keith Jackson

Sallymae B. Jackson '69

Shawn Jackson '22

Benjamin Jacobs

Ely Jacobs '05*

Ryan Jacobson

Jonathan Jacoby

Leia Jacovassi

Sam Jaffe

William M. Jaffe '80

Howard W. Jaffie '73

Asma A. Jafri '19, '20, '22

Joanna Jagacki

Michael Jagacki

Richard A. Jagel '73*

Karen I. Jagram-Maraj '20

Joan James

Rita James

Francisco M. Janeiro

Cooper Jansson

Kara L. Jaremko

Lamont L. Jarman '05

Mercedes D. Jasterzenski '22

Frantz Jean-Baptiste '01

Alexandra N. Jerreld

Tori Jett Blen

Janice Jiang

Jinlu Jiang

Lea C. Jilling '22

Marie P. Chiaino Jilling and Frank Jilling

Cassandra Jillson '22

Riccy Jimenez '07

Ignacio Jimenez Ruiz

Tulsi Jipp

Pamela M. Jodha '08

Amanda Johansen '20

Jeffrey John '14, '18

Ayesha Johnson '01

Barbara '63 and Norman Johnson

Benjamin D. Johnson

Brittany Johnson '21

Jenn Johnson

Jennifer J. Johnson

John H. Johnson '72

Lauren N. Johnson '22

Morriah I. Johnson '21

Nicole '94 and Ivan Johnson '94

Terry Johnson

Jacqueline Johnson Fore '80*

Erica P. Johnston '06

Rylee Johnston '20

Samuel Johnston

Audrey L. Jones '19

Dwane Omar Jones '05

Gavin Jones '22

Kirra Jones '07

Kyle A. Jones '13

Lisa Jones

Maureen Jones

Meredith '00, '07 and Jimmy Jones '00*

Richard K. Jones '57*

Ronald I. Jones

George Joseph

Leslie S. Joseph

Mardelinne L. Joseph '22

Richard D. Joseph '83

Richard S. Joseph '58

Jane A. Joslin '68

Robert J. Joyce '14

Stephen J. Juchem '90*

Fernando Juguera

Judith Julien

Alexa M. Jung '22

Jennifer and Michael V. Jung

Petra and Jason Kaatz

Sophia Kabel '20

Joe R. Kabel

Brooke Kaenzig

Charles Kaenzig

Benjamin Z. Kahn

Francine Kalafer

Joseph D. Kalamaro '07

Michael J. Kalberer '01

Brian Kalbfleisch

Christian E. Kalbfleisch

Virginia Kalbfleisch

Constantine H. Kallaur '66*

Peter Kane

Jamie S. Kanner '18, '20

Paul J. Kanzler '62, '65

Utsavi H. Kapadia '18

Diane Kapatos

Nick Kapatos

Arlene K. Kaplan '65

David Kaplan '98

Jay P. Kaplan '65*

Nancy F. Kaplan '73, '91

Sandra L. Kaplan*

Sophy Kaplan

Gulcin E. Karakas

Nicole C. Karaman

George Karamanoglou

Ibraheem M. Karaye

Theodora E. Karczewski '68*

Oluwatobi A. Kareem '18

James R. Karins '17, '20

Simon Kasbari '22

Susan Y. Kasparov '15

James Kassebaum '81, '92

Kathi Kassover '74

Tracey J. Katof '08

Theoni Katsihtis

Esther C. Katz '22

Lynne N. Katz '71

May Katz '79

Meredith Katz

Ryan Katz '20

Alene K. Kaufman '75

Lilly Kaufman

Diane Kaufmann

Manjot Kaur '17

Aparna Kaushik

John W. Kay '94

Sharon B. Keane '00*

Denise Keating

Richard A. Keenan '14, '15

Olivia J. Keena-Ross '22

Thomas J. Kehoe '75

Karl Kelber*

Daniel J. Kelleher

Luke Kelleher

Mary Kelleher

Terrence J. Kelleher

Dan Keller

Liam Keller '21

Rebecca Keller

Vincent Keller

Henry Kellerman '58, '59*

Toye Kelley

Richard T. Kellner '85

Irene A. Kellner '67, '71

Diane R. Kelly '75*

Francis J. Kelly '87

James Kelly

John L. Kelly

Kaylee M. Kelsey '21

Aaron Kenison '22

Adrienne B. Kennedy '60, '62*

Alexandra Kennedy

Caitlin F. Kennedy

Derek Kennedy

Joellen Kennedy

Jo-Ellen Kennedy

John Kennedy '22

Kaela Kennedy

Lisa Kennedy

Martin Kennedy

Megan E. Kennedy '14

Ryan S. Kennedy '20

Thomas Kennedy

Tim Kennedy

Nicolette A. Kenney

Jillian Kenny

Carol Lynn Kent '87

Brian Kerins

Joan Kenyon Woods '86

John Kerins

Kathryn Kerins

Maureen Kerins

Christine A. Kern '22

Mary and Robert H. Kern

Ellen F. Kessler '86

Kitty and Melvin Kessler '67*

Magdalena '10 and Krishna Khadar '12*

Natalie Khait '12

Areeba Khan '16, '19

Lily Khan '20

Orlee Khan

Julia Khanamirian

Ashraful Khokan

Andrew Kholodny '22

Irina Kholodny

Jonah M. Khorrami '22

Sandra A. Khorrami

Jawad T. Kiani '21

Rita D. Kiernan '71*

John Kiggins

Erin Kiley '18

Aidan Kilgallon

Kevin Kilpatrick

Daniel W. Kim '18

Audrey King

Bradley J. King '00

Christoper King

Geoff King

Kaitlyn A. Kinnard '22

Sarah M. Kinnard

April Kinney '21

TaKnealia Kinsler

Laurie A. Kinzer

Margaret Kirch

Liana Kirchner

Gillian P. Kirkpatrick '17

Caroline Kirkwood '09

Michelle Kirkwood '13

Porter L. Kirkwood '93

Alexi B. Kirsch

Georgie Kirsch

Jason Kirsch

Rob Kirsch

Joanne Kitson

Amy Klaiman

Juanita Klapak

Jayme M. Klapman '11, '20

Richard A. Klass '89*

Jeffrey Kleger '69*

Enid Klein '77

Eric R. Klein '21

Fred B. Klein

Joan M. Klein '56, '58*

Matthew Klein

Megan Klement

Connor H. Klementowicz '20

Abby Rodell Klier '59*

Frenchy Klosterman

Larisa Kluchman

Michael Kluger '83

Fred S. Knechtel '95

Khadija P. Knibb '11

Devona Knight

Jolinda Knight

Rachel Knight '22

Zachary E. Knighton-Ward '21

Lola Knights '99

Brandon Knupfer '22

Cori J. Knupfer

Tyler Koblish

Sean Koellner

Anne Koestner '21*

Mayumi Kohiyama

Alyssa R. Kohler '20

Priya M. Kolar '22

Erin Kolat

Ben Kolbe

Elma Kolenovic

John C. Komst '65*

Thomas W. Kopec '07

Danya Kornblum

Cobi Koromvokis

Stephen J. Koshers '69

Bryan J. Koslow '01

Alexandra Kosokhar '21

Eleni Kothesakis '22

Martin S. Kozak '68

Katherine Krahulik '19

Keith Kramer '22

Kim A. Kramer '07

Lucile C. Kramer '72, '85

Elaine Kraus

Jame' J. Krauter '99

Elaine B. Kravetz '94

Stephan G. Kravitz '73, '74, '80*

Helena Krawlzik '22

Lorrie Krawlzik

Felix P. Krayeski '59*

Eleanor Krebs

Nellie Kreimer

Maegan Krifchin

Sheila M. Krische

Jonah S. Krischer

Roni Kritzberg

Samantha E. Kritzberg

John Alan Kriz '64*

Bianca E. Kroening '17, '19

Robert A. Krolick '09

David Kronheim '79*

Steven W. Kruger '11

John J. Kubik '91

Allyson Kudla '22

Tammy Kudla

Rachel S. Kugelmass '12, '14 and Jonathan D. El Kordi-Hubbard '14

Bryan Kuhl '98

Kristin Kuhn

Owen E. Kuhn '22

Diane Kuhtik

Kevin Kuliner '22

Aashish Kumar

Adam P. Kurzyna '12

Nicole Kusinsko '21*

Joe Kuzia

Susan Kwan

Christina Kyprianou

Stephanie M. LaBarbera '15

Michael A. Labruzzo '86*

Antreise Lacey '20

Joseph Lachat '66,'70,'81

Elizabeth M. LaFaye*

Kathryn Lafaye '21

Ryan G. LaFaye '18

Ashley C. Lafontant '22

Jamie LaGattuta

Luis Lagera

Jennifer LaGrega

Nicholas H. Lagrega '22

Jimmy Laguerre

Joann Laguerre*

Sandra Lakotta '18*

Priscilla V. Lallave '18

Ralph Laluces*

Regina Lamarca '62, '70

Jonathan M. Lamattina '95

Thomas Lamb '20

Carol Lambert

Garrett Lambert '19, '21

Sarah Lambert

James Lamberti '18*

Michael A. Lambrecht '82

Grace Lambright '22

Lawrence A. Lambroia '79

Shishir Lamichhane '19

Megan Lamont

Jerry G. Landau '71

Carolyn A. Lander '10, '22

Paul H. Landes '69*

Leah Lane '20

Issybella J. Lang '20

Karen and Ron Langella

Edward P. Lanzetta '98

Laura M. Lanzillotta

Ewa T. LaPera '78, '80

Stephanie Lara

Ron B. Large

Francis X. Larkin '21

Haley and Peyton Larkin

Cheryl A. Larosa '02*

Ryan P. Larson '13

Ronald L. La Serra '75, '77

Deborah J. Lasky '82

Joann C. Lassus '82*

Megan Laurelli '11

Laney Lauren

Salvatore Lauro

Aileen E. Lavin '12

Sally Lavista

Thomas Law

Nicole Lawson

Chase T. Laxdal '20

Melissa and Joe Layfield

Erica Layne '17

Krizia R. Layne '13

Matt Lazar '82

Maria Lazarinis

Arianna D. Du Manoir '17

Caroline Lea '20

Rafer Leach

Lorraine and William Leaco*ck '90*

Elina Leandrou

Stella Leandrou

William Leanza

Jillian Leavey '20

Andrea Lebedinski

Jake Lebel

Carol Lechner

Matthew E. Lechner '22

Kerri N. Lechtrecker '89

Gisselle F. Ledenev '05

Kara '95 and Brian J. Ledwith

Caitlin R. Lee

Donald A. Lee '01

Lauren N. Lee '12

Nancy and Douglas Lee

Sabrina H. Lee '22

Rachel A. Lees '22

Pamela A. Lefkowicz '16

Nicole R. Lefton

Scott T. Lefurgy

Thomas Leggett '19

Jessica LeGuillow

Sheila K. Lehman '61

Brad Lehrman

Renee Lembo

Walter Lemon

Andrea Lemongello

Marlene Lemongello

Kenneth F. Lemp '85

Susan M. Lempel '66

Alexandra E. Lennon

Patricia M. Lent '91

Christina M. Leonard '20, '21

Jake Lepore '21

Tanda J. Lerner '64*

Gary Leschinski

Iris Siegelheim Lesser '77 and Bruce Lesser

Mary P. LeStrange '65

Sharlys Leszczuk '16

Janet Leung Brosky '99

Myles Levin

Hayley A. Levine '19, '21

Patricia S. Levitin '66

Randy A. Levitt '02

Roberta Levitt '83

Jonathan Lewis

Martina Lewis '21

Robert Lewis '22

Nancy Lewis

Jeremy Lewitt '11

Lynne and Michael LeWitt

Dowa Lezary

Jiayi Li '14

Philip Li

Barbara and Albert Libman

Zachary J. Libresco

Marcia Liburd-Williams '06, '13

Antoinette and Salvatore Licata

Alexandra Licata '19*

Victoria Licata '22

Benjamin A. Lichy '19

Elise Lieberthal

Joshua P. Liebman '00*

John J. Liljehult '76

Peter Lill

Jennifer Limitone '98, '02

Chelsea T. Lin '22

Samuel Lin '16

Yixiong Lin '19

Jason Lind

Jennifer Lindell

Jamilah Lindo

Glenn K. Lindquist '81*

Scott Lineman

Alice Drake Link '67, '69

Amelia Linsalata '22

Kyle Linsley '22

Zane Lipson

Jessica Lisa '20

Victoria A. Lisa '22

Rachel List

Jordan R. Littleboy '22

Cong Liu

Pei Chao Liu '21

Adam Livingston

Randi Livon

Matthew P. Livote '12

Carmelina Ljubicich

Angel Llanas

Chelsea Lloyd

Gabrielle R. LoBue '22

Isabella M. LoBue

Marika Lobue

Georgia LoCicero '65*

Robert W. Lockman '78

Malachi S. Loften '22

Angela K. Loizides '22

Robert F. Lombardo '12, '17, '21

Nicole Lombino '02

Sandra J. Lombino*

Juliet Lompa

Carrie E. Lones '12

Jessica Long '22

Kelly E. Long '09

Lisa Longan

Maureen E. Loonam '65, '70*

Joachim Lopez

Margarita M. Lopez

Ricardo A. Lopez '22

Ricardo Lopez

Cheslyn Lorde

Joseph LoRusso

Vincent Lospinuso '22

Regina and Vincent Lospinuso '88

Brian Lotito

Barbara Lovitts

Kaylah Y. Lovitts '22

Clare N. Lowell '90, '92, '00 and Lawrence Etri '89*

Tamisha Lubin '16

Nikia Lubin '10, '12, '22

Jenna Lucarello '21

Rocco Lucci

Gerry Lucey

Larissa Luciano

Joanne and John Lufrano

Kristina '65 and Norman Luka '65

Angela '69 and Chester Lukaszewski*

Nathaniel Luke '21

Susan Luke

Brenda Luna '22

Shurida Lundi '14

Annemarie Luning

Casey Luongo

Heather '96 and Philip J. Luongo '93

Shannon Luongo

William Lupardo '74, '89

Aman Luthra '19, '20

Eileen Heym Lutz '82

Donna Lutz '21 and Keith Shafritz

Shajida Luzi

Jessica Lyman '20

Laura Lynam

Jacklyn R. Lynch '11

Patricia B. Lynch '61*

Sam M. Lynn

Aaliyah Lyons

Colin Lyons

Shaaliyah Lyons

Nicole E. Lytle '00

Peize Lyu '22

Jun Ma '14

Li Ma

Holger Maaloe

Edward Mabeza

Peter MacAndrews

Brandon Macarz '10

Carol Machendrie '70

Michael MacIntosh

Jean M. Maddaloni '82*

Brian Madigan

Mary T. Madigan

Paul G. Madison '89

Crystal Madray '22

Cassandra L. Madsen '15

Amanda Maffucci '22

Christine Maffucci

Ronald A. Maginniss '87

Jennifer Magliola

Paul F. Maguire '03

Tricia M. Maguire '96, '01

Aoife Maher Ryan '20

Asha Mahesh

Sunny M. Mahmud '22

Colleen Mahoney '99, '00

Patrick H. Mahoney '86

Ginny '95 and Frank J. Mahr '94, '97*

Bente Mahrt

Jonathan Mahrt Guyou

Amy B. Maimon '02

Jeanine Maiolini '03

Jacqueline A. Majka '87*

Mark Malak '13

Katya Malaret

Jacqueline M. Malfi '21

Evan Malings

Wioletta Malinowski

Jeffrey S. Malkin '88, '89

Jeanette Maloney

Francis Maly '60

Saumya Mamgain '18

Behailu Mammo

Sameer Mamun '22

Michael Mancini

Jack S. Mandel '71*

Scott J. Mandel '96, '99

Paul Manganelli

Victoria Mangiapane '20, '21

Catherine Mangone

John C. Manning '21

Kristen Manson

Marcelo Mansur

Lawrence E. Manton '65

Jessica Pearl Marasigan '05

Brenda Marcano Benfante

Jola A. Marcario '60*

Patricia A. Marcellino '00, '01

Chris Margaritis

Maria E. Margaritis '22

Sophia E. Margaritis '22

Debra Margolies

Michael J. Marich '95

Jerilyn Marinan '01

Elaine Marinos '98

Michael Mariotti

Alex J. Mark '15

Marilyn Marker

Amela Markisic

Muhamed Markisic

Jennifer L. Mark-Kinneary '12

Laurence S. Markowitz '74

Caryn B. Markson '78

Emily Marley

Emily E. Marmolejos '22

Samuel Marques

Joseph W. Marriott '67

Joseph P. Marrone '17

Glenn A. Marrus '72

Patrick Mars

Peter Mars

Ivo Marsak

Michael D. Marsalis '95, '04

Emily M. Marsh '14*

Mary and Michael Marsh*

Morton J. Marshack '76

Jared Marshall

Dwight W. Martin '70

Lisa M. Martin '87, '90

Richard S. Martin '60

Ryann A. Martin '20

Travis Martin '17

Irene A. Martinez '89

Maylene M. Martinez

Stevens J. Martinez '19

Timothy Martinez

Ana Martinovic '21, '22

Chuck Martone

Georgina and Patrick Martorella '80*

Irwin Marvald '62*

Dawn M. Marzella '91, '02*

Alex C. Masai '20, '21

Jessica Masalsky

Anne Marie Mascia

Brianna Mascia

Julia Mascia

Victoria Mascia

Joseph J. Mascolo '91*

Bonnie and Salvatore Masi

Gianna I. Masi '22

Stefan Mason

Frank Massaro

Cara A. Massey '08, '11

Anna Massucci

Isabella Massucci '22

Victoria Massucci '21

Sean Masterson '21

Nadine Mastroleo

Amy Mastromonaco

David Masuck

Neethi Masur

Natia Matcharashvili '22

Michael Matecki

Shane Mathew

Sheryl Mathew '22

Teney Mathew

Ama Mathewos

Robin Matikosh

Barbara and Harold B. Matles '57

Alejandro Mato Martinez '21

Hideki Matsuoka

Samantha Mattsson

Lauren A. Maturo '09, '12

Bruce Matuson '73*

Omar Matute

Victoria Mauri '12

David Mauro '19

Dominick Mauro

Jillian Mauro '05

Franz-Ludwig Maurrasse '22

Mark L. Mausner '18

Merlin Maxwell

Barbara Mayer

Matthew Mayer '22

Jordyn D. Mayerhofer '16

Asia Mayo '22

Tracy Mayo

Laura Mazza '77

Robert J. Mazzola '68*

Pascal Mbilain-Sama '19

William McCain

Chris McCardell

Shannon A. McCardell '14

Melina McCarthy

Sarah McCarthy '22

Tammy McCarthy

Mark A. McCaw '00, '06

Ryan P. McDaniel '06

Dylan A. Mcdermott '22

Maureen McDill

Christine A. McDonald

LaSheena McDonald

Robert K. McDonald*

Thomas McDonald '22

Zachary D. McDonald '21

Timothy J. McDonnell '88

Diane L. McDonough '73*

Michael G. McDonough '72*

Amanda McEvoy

Tara L. McEvoy '21

Angel McFarland

Ross McFarland

Geraldine '74 and Edward J. McGann*

Joanne McGlynn

Brittany M. McGowan '20

Tim Mcgowan

Sean McGrath

John McGregor

Carol M. McGuire '65

Stephen McGuire

Thomas A. McHale '70

Kayla McHugh '22

Patrick McInnis

Doug McKeever

Erica McKenna

Michael McKenna

Lydie McKenzie '22*

Raymond J. McKeough '77*

Madison P. McKevitt '22

Dara-Ife E. McKoy-Casill '03

Jenn McLaughlin

Sara McLaughlin

Sevion D. McLean '22

Catherine Mclelland '79

Tina M. McLeod-Harris '06

Jean M. McMahon

Katie McMann '12

Tara McManus

Marie McNair '13

Danielle McNally

George McNally

Jack McNally

John McNally

Lauren McNally

Wendy McNally

Benjamin McNeill

Tyler P. McPartland '21

Ahlyjus J. McPherson '21

Latanya McPherson '87

Christina D. McSwain '07

Greer McVay

Cathleen Mealing

Cathy Mealing

Jack Meara '20

David G. Mecca '16

Gianna C. Medica

Michael A. Medina '07

Eric I. Medina '04

Brian Meehan

Catherine and Steve Meehan*

Patricia Meehan

George Mehler

Mehardeep Mehrok '21

Drashti Mehta '21

Ketki Mehta

Charles Meighan

Megan A. Meighan '12

Seth Meisler

Christine Mejilla

Catherine and George Melanthiou*

Patricia T. Melendez '73*

Oscar Melendez

Ana Melgar-Giron '22

Gary R. Melillo '78*

Tedd S. Melnyk '81, '90*

Jeanne Melville

Ellen Melvin

Danielle A. Menardy '22

Magalie Menardy

Andrew S. Mencher '15*

Rosalie and Jose Mendes

Ashley Mendez '22

Enrique Mendez-Osorio

Sarah B. Mendoza '18

Stephen Mendoza

Henrique L. Menezes

Linda Mengersen '89

Josephine Mercado

Nicholas R. Mercado '15*

Samantha M. Mercado '19

Catherine M. Merritt-Hauer

Hannah Merwin '22

Rose Messere

Judith and Theodore C. Messler '72

Jessica L. Metkiff '02, '04

Jonathan Meyer '22

Lynn J. Meyer

Nancy Meyer

Amber M. Meystrik '22

Donna and Frank H. Meystrik

Marie Michael

Nicolette M. Michalowski '18

Renzo Mieles

Donna Migdol

Tom Migliozzi

Julia Miguel Rodrigues '20

Sophia Mihalatos '21

Amanda J. Milano '13, '15

Beverly S. Miller '84*

Gene Mills

George M. Miller

Harry S. Miller '80

John D. Miller Jr. '08

Jonathan M. Miller '16

Julia C. Miller

Kay Lauren Miller

Keeghan A. Miller '22

Mark Miller '84

Shelby A. Milne '16

Nick Milonas

Patrick Mineo

Robin Minkoff

Jennifer R. Minogue '94

Allan G. Minsky

Brian A. Minto '10

Thomas J. Mirabal

Francesca A. Miranda

Jacqueline Miranda

Soudeh Mirghasemi

Jackson Mirmina '22

Frank J. Mirovsky '77

Ayush Mishra

Keith Mitchell

Shelby Mitchell '20

Madelyn Mitrano '20

Lauren S. Mizrahi '21

Sarita W. Mlawer '83

Tangina Mobin

Mathieu Mocombe

Salim A. Mohammed '02, '11*

Joanne Moir

Herbert J. Molander '72

Chris Molines

Pamela Molloy

Dora Molnar '98*

Gisselle V. Monge '22

Carolyn Mont '01

Karen M. Montalbano '80

Ben Montante

Guy Montante

Marcus Monteiro '02

Patrick Montesano

Taylor R. Montgomery

David A. Monti, Sr. '77*

Alex A. Moore '11

Gabriela A. Moore '22

Terrence M. Moore '07

Dana Moore-Fellini '11

Rozitta Moradi '22

Joanne Morale

Piedad Morales-Diaz

Barbara A. '22 and Thomas Moran

Bernice A. Moran '12

Cecilia Moran-Santos

Helen Morante '84

Benjamin J. Morawek '22

Kayla Morgan

William J. Morgan, Jr. '57, '63

Christina Morgana '21

Winifred L. Moroney '73*

Emily Morphitis '14

Christine Morrison

Benjamin Morrow

Michael Morse

Shannon Morse

Darren M. Morton '89

Christine Moscaritolo and David M. O'Brien

Elizabeth M. Moseman

Anastasia Moskal

Sandra D. Moss '75

Alexandra Moss

Hope Motreuil

Elda Mrkulic

Elmina Mrkulic

Tyler J. Mroczek

Wayne M. Muchmore '62*

Taylor Mugno '22

Shubhra Mukherjee

Andrew Mulawka

Patricia A. Mulderig '86*

Aleksander Mullalli

Alma Mullalli '22

Fatmira Mullalli

Dawn Mullane

Keith Muller

Brendan Mulligan '15

Deborah M. Mulligan '93, '14

Lisa Mulosmani '01

Andrew C. Mundy '19, '21

Christine Mundy

Kathleen M. Mundy '94

Sue Gilcher Mundy '78*

Ashley Mungiguerra

Maura Munson-Pritchard '15, '20

Mohammed Murad

Kevin M. Murga '13

Daniel A. Murillo '01

Brendan G. Murphy '00

Joe Murphy

John F. Murphy '70*

Kate Murphy

Mary Carmel Murphy '74, '88*

Patricia M. Murphy

Patrick W. Murphy '12, '14

Sean Murphy

Theresa Murphy

Victoria F. Murphy '20

Celia R. Murray '18

Chris Murray

Gabriella Murray '22

Justin Murray '20

MacKenzie Murray

Richard Murray

Aida Musallam '21

Albert Musella '80

Zachary G. Musella '11

Carol '77 and Charles Mutterperl

Lailah M. Nabors '22

Gladys Hertzendorf Nadel '66*

Star Naessens '22

Julia Nager '22

Laura and Michael S. Nager

Sunil V. Nair '05

Michael R. Najjar '13

Christina Nanavrakis '06

Lisa Napolitan '15

Iqra Naqvi '22

Joann A. Nash

Deborah F. Nash-Bertoli '83, '95

Frederick D. Nason '93

Lauren E. Natale

Mia V. Natalizio '22

Dina Nathan '22

Alexander R. Nathenson

Maureen Naureckas '21

Diamond J. Navarro

Philicia Neal

Emily L. Nebenhaus '15, '18

Michael P. Neely '10, '13, '22*

C. Scott Neff '98

Sandra Negron

Zachary Neiderberger

Max Nelkens '22*

Michael E. Nelkens '96

Charles Nelson '76*

Jeffrey Nelson

Tristan Nemjo

Paul D. Nenninger '64

Julia C. Neto '16

Kalle S. Neuman '21

Thomas Nevoa Pereira

Chandra Nicholson

Wanda Nicholson

Warren Nicholson

Christopher Nienburg

Julie B. Nietsch '97

Vera Niksic

Henri Nishiwaki

Kristen Noble

Nicholas P. Nolan '13

Susan L. Nolan '81, '89*

Maura Noordhoorn

Alexandra Novak

Marjorie Thomas Nozzi '84

Amandine L. Ntakarutimana

Joseph M. Nudelman '72

Steve Nugent

Tommy Nunnes

Tiffany Nwako

Lisa N. Nye '02

Chibogu Nneka Nzekwu '13, '16

Linda Rose Obedzinski '88 and David Obedzinski '85, '92*

Nicholas Oberrauch

Robert Oberrauch

Biljana Obradovic

Caitlin O'Brien '22

Daniel O'Brien

David E. O'Brien '22

Edward O'Brien

Emily E. O'Brien '14

Emily K. O'Brien '22

Frankie O'Brien '22

Keith O'Brien

Morgan O'Brien

Nolan O'Brien

Patrick J. O'Brien

Sue O'Brien

Ashley Ochefu

Alexandra O'Connor

David P. O'Connor '22

Debra O'Connor

Elaine M. O'Connor '04

Elizabeth O'Connor

Katie O'Connor

Ricky O'Connor

Tomoyuki Odani

James O'Donnell '67*

Zachary Oestreicher

Okechukwu Ogbutor

Maureen Ogden

Lydia S. Oh '20

Eileen O'Hea

Shuhei Ohtani

Veronique N. Okafor '00

Kevin P. O'Keefe '20

Oluwadahunsi A. Okunlola '17

Tonya A. Oladiran '16

Hugo Renzzo Olcese '20

Alan D. Olinsky '64, '67*

Matthew Oliver '21

Christa Olson

Olamide O. Oluwafemi

Pete Oppenheimer

Jill Orbuch

Sarah Orbuch

Meghan O'Regan

Lawrence M. O'Reilly '74*

Sandra Orellana

Ashley Orellana-Melendez '22

Rena Orenstein

Deborah Ann Organ '81*

Harvey T. Oringher '70

Daylen E. Orlick '17, '19

Gerson Orosco '22

Crystal T. Ortiz '19, '21

Callie A. Osborne-Totino '06

Alexa Osner '21

Shaun O'Sullivan

Cassius Owens '22

M. Aaron Owen

Chivon Pacheco

Kenneth R. Pacheco '79*

Sabra Pacheco

Sariya Pacheco-Smith

Greg Packer

Rita Padden '77*

Daniel Page '20

Ani Palaia

Devon Palilla

Brittany Palladino-DesLauriers

Brandon C. Palmer '18, '21

Carolyn Palmer

Dylan Palmer

Emilee L. Palmer '22

Jack Palmer

Dimitrios Pamboukes '78*

Li Pan '19

Janie Panagi

John J. Panarese, Jr. '65, '75

Alyssa B. Pancho '22

Benjie Pancho

Angela Papadatos

Dionisios Papadatos '00, '02

Susan '88 and George Papaioannou*

Manuel C. Papazoglou '75, '81*

Daniel Pappalardo '68, '76

Jennifer Pardoe

Trevor J. Parenteau

Andy S. Park

Sungbin Park

Anthony Parlatore

Ashwinder K. Parmar '22

Lynda Parmely

Alyssa Parrella '21

Gina and Cosmo Parrella*

Tiana M. Parrella '18*

Nikita Parulkar '22

Barbara D. Passero '84*

David M. Patalano

Rina Patalano

Kunal Patel '20

Lisa Talati Patel

Netrini Patel

Priya R. Patel '17, '20

Sangini Patel

Seeshil Patel

Shivam Patel '21

Lianne Patenaude

Anna E. Paterson '20

Sean M. Paton '21, '22

Viraj Pattel

Shawanda M. Patterson '93, '95

Mary Alice Swartwood Patton '62*

Sharolyn Paturzo

Ajay Paul

Daniel A. Paul '19

Maria Paulsen '72

Audrey Pavey '81

Melissa Pavloff

Michelle B. Pavloff '22

Susan Payne

Bernard Paz

Jennifer Anna Pazdon

Kristen '01, '03 and Kevin Pechin '01, '03

Edith E. Peckl '98

Melodie and Daniel Pecoraro

Vincent A. Pecoraro '22

Patricia A. Pedergnana

Denise F. Pehrsson-Strothman '80

Laura Pellechi

Jake Pellegrino '17

Kathryn Pellegrino

Thomas Pellegrino

Andrea Pelletier

Michele Pena

Zachary A. Pena '22

Andrew P. Pennacchia '02

Carla M. Pennolino

Domenico Pensa '22

Lucas Pepin

Rafael N. Peralta '15

Leandro Perea Posada

Dante R. Perez '20

Juan Perez

Madelynn A. Perkins

Halle '92 and Gregory S. Perles '93

Ann Perrino

Marianne Perrino '22

Alison Perruz

Danielle A. Perry '17, '19

Denise Perry

Jarrod Perry

Sofia B. Pertuz

Arnold J. Perz '91*

Michael C. Pesca '22

Michael A. Pesce '09

Elaine Peters

Jessie Petersen

Kenneth A. Peterson '75*

Laura M. Peterson '02

Lori Peterson

Wil Philippe Petit '14

Mark N. Petosa '16, '22*

Gregory N. Petralia '22

Jennie and John J. Petralia

Marie C. Petrizzo '21

Mary Petrizzo

Brian Petrocelli

Geraldine and Robert Petrucelli

Lisa M. Petrocelli '94

Christopher Petruzela

James Petti

Catherine Pfeiffer '22

Luke Pfeiffer

Pamela and Ray Pfeiffer

Christine Pfendler

Mason B. Pfendler '22

Halie M. Pfister '18, '20

Thanh N. Pham '20

Lee Meng Phang

Thomas Phelps

Jill Phillips

Steve Phillips

Susan Phillips '94 and Michael Grochocki '05*

Joseph Pianka '91

Jamie Piano

Robert D. Piazzaroli '07

Annalisa Piccolo '19, '21

Daniel Picker '22

Jonathan Picker

Tori Piechocniski '89

Donald L. Pieczynski

Matthew Pieper '05

Linda C. Pierce '72*

Janice Pieros

Karl Pierre

Micheline Pierre

Sarah Pierre

Beverly Pilcher

Benjamin Piltch '81*

Jessika Pineda '18

Glen Pinkava

James Pino

Jacob Pintek '22

Michelle and Michael F. Pintek

Elizabeth Pipala

Leticia M. Piper '07

Danny F. Pires '21, '22

Franchesca Piro

Marcello Pisapia

Susan L. Pistillo '86

Grace Pistone

Peter Pistone

Dominick D. Pizzano '19

Susan and Dominick Pizzano '84

Susanna M. Planck-Kuney '19

Vasiliki Platis

Michael Plugues

Michael Poch

Barbara and Francis D. Poeta '83

Francis G. Poeta

Jeanine M. Poggi '06

Paul S. Poidomani '08

Richard Pokress '69

Brianna Polbos '18

Roxane Polak '79, '82 and Mitchell M. Gans '71, '74

Daniel J. Polifroni

Laura Polinsky

Tracey E. Polizzi '01, '02, '07

Carmen V. Pollack '65

Dylan Pollack '21, '22

Joseph Pollack '61, '76*

Kyler K. Pollick

Rosemarie and Bob Polo

Paula Pongsuwan

Katelyn Popecki

Sari Poremba

Barbara Porter

Lucy Porter '22

Antwon Portley

Rochelle A. Potak '72 and Michael Ellegaard '76

Jana Potic

Patrick Potter '18

Brian D. Potts '98

Ian A. Poulos '14

Stephanie A. Poulos '12

Heather '03 and Paul P. Poutouves '03

Miguel A. Pozo '94

Sneha Prabhu

Judy K. Prainito

James Prendergast

Elise M. Prete '22

Angelica Price

Ann Price

Arthur Price '82*

Douglas Price

Dante C. Priebe

Eugene Primacio

Janine Primacio '21

Angela '94 and Michael A. Prisciandaro '93, '99

Charlene A. Prismy '10

Kerem Proulx '21

Emily E. Provost '20

Diane Provvido

Raffaele Provvisiero '02

Sara Gail Prudenti

Daniel G. Prunty

Emily Prunty '22

Margaret Pucino

Regina Puig Feixas

Rachel B. Pulewitz '22

Elizabeth Pullman

Gina and Matthew W. Pulwitz

Kaitlin R. Purcia '17

Jingquan Qu '15

Deanna Quiery

Juliana Quiery

Patricia Quigley

Adeline Quinn '60

Martha and George Quinn

Michael P. Quinn '13

Nicholas J. Quinn '19

Vinny Quinn

William Quinn

Gregory Quintanilla '21, '22

Jeanne Quirk

Timothy Quirk

Josie L. Racette

Jeffrey N. Radcliffe '05

Kristin Radecker

Susan Radin '22

Magdy M. Radwan

Waled M. Radwan '22

Tanuja Raghoo

Vinesh R. Raghoo '17

Jumana Rahman '22

Lee B. Raifman '02

Steven Raisfeld '10

Varun Raju

Karishma Ramcharan '21

Anthony H. Ramdhani '17

Victoria R. Rametta '14

Warlyn Ramirez

Rhina M. Ramos '95

Harrinauth Ramsaroop

Zakariya Ramsaroop '22

Savreen K. Rangi '22

Dylan Rankin

Suzanne M. Rapa

Quinn Raseman

Ira G. Rashbaum '85

Ann Lise Kragh Rasmussen

Tarquin Rattoni

Austin T. Rattotti '18

Christina M. Rattotti '12

Donna and Tarquin Rattotti

Tarquin A. Rattotti '16

Kelly M. Ravo

Mariah Ray

Ruchi Ray

Marguerite Reali

Angela Z. Reddin '68*

Becky Reed

Cassidy Reed '22

Francia Reed

Gail Reed

Melissa Reed

Elissa and Brian Regenbogen

Jordan Regenbogen '22

Daniel Regini

Jeanine Regini

Christine Reid

Dean T. Reid

Jayme B. Reiffman '19

Michael Reilly

Diane F. Reinhardt '70, '76

George A. Reinhart '70

Linda Reinstein

Nicole Reinstein '22

Amanda Reise '22

Laura M. Reise '95

Matthew R. Reistetter '15

Russ Relkin

Mary A. Rempe '81*

Julia Flanigan Repeta '57 and Bernard Repeta '55+*

Michael J. Resnick

Emily Resnik '22*

Karen and Rick Resnik

Rosebud Reubel '66

Lisa Reuter '90

Samantha Reuter

Margaret R. Reynheer*

Josh Reynolds

Margery Nelson Reynolds '53

Sandra J. Reynolds '96, '08

Marie Andree Rho-Louis

Joyce A. Ribar '87*

Robert E. Ribbe '71

Josie Ricaurte

Joleen T. Ricci

Gregory Richard

Corinna M. Richards '98

Isabella B. Richards '21

Megan D. Richards '22

Alexa Richardson

Donald R. Richardson '65*

Phyllis Richardson

Anita P. Richichi '98*

Paxton Riddle '72

Laurel Riegel '78

Benjamin Rifkin*

Nikita Rihal '17

Carol A. Rimler '09

Olga Rincon

Laura Ring

Michael Ripa

Jean Michelle Ripley-Grier '21

Michael V. Riscica '17, '18*

Mary Ann Rispoli '91*

Jenny Rivera

Jose G. Rivera '08

Maria Rivera '89

Matthew T. Rivera '22

Oleg I. Rivkin '17

Elizabeth Rizzo '19

John Rizzo

Joseph Roark

Tracey G. Roballey

Katherine A. Robbins '15

Krystal Robens '09

Monique Roberge

Barbara Robert

Amanda Roberts

Anthony J. Roberts '22

Michele Roberts '90, '21*

Rachel Roberts

Roberta G. Roberts*

Patrick E. Robertson '19

Adrienne Roberts-Wood

Brenda D. Robie '10*

Alecia S. Robins '21

Douglas C. Robins '98

Desiree D. Robinson '06

Nadine Robinson

Shakera J. Robinson '14

Tyler Robinson '20*

Bryan Robles

Jessica Robles '10

Thomas D. Robson

Gayle Rocha

Julian Rocha

Noah B. Rochman

Todd Rockensies

Sarah Rockford

Sarah E. Rode '22

Barbara A. Roden '86

Christine Roderick

Meaghan Roderick '22

Ryan Roderick '09, '11*

Alice M. Rodrigues '13

Ana Sofia Rodriguez '21, '22

Dave Rodriquez

Dianna Rodriguez

Joselyn S. Rodriguez

Katelyn Rodriquez '22

Maureen K. Rodriguez '94*

Carol Rogaski '75

Matthew V. Rogers '07

Nancy Rogers

Wanda Rogowski

Timothy Rohan '03

Chanapong Rojanaworarit

Salvador Rojas-Murillo

Leslie K. Roldan '19

Brittany M. Romain '14, '17

Deborah Romaka

Lauren Romaka

Diana Roman

Gabiel Roman

Marcelo Romano '89

Virgil Romer

Emilio H. Ron '16

Anthony Ronghi

Michael Ronghi

Nastassia Rooche '19

Joy E. Rootkowski

Brian Roper

Alonso Rosado '22

Marc J. Rosen '13*

Pamela S. Rosen '91

Barbara '80 and Milton Rosenberg*

Catalina Rosenthal '22

Rachel Rosenthal

Jeffrey Ross

Randi Feldman Ross '73, '80 and Steven Ross '73*

Tiffany Ross

Monique Rosser

Carmela Rossi '10, '22

Barbara J. Ross-King '58

Francesca Rosso

Marilyn Rothbard '65

Debra Rothenbiller Aviles

Erica and Jerold Rothkoff

Liza G. Rothkoff '20

Richard H. Rottkamp '82*

Catherine Rountry '57*

Doris E. Rouse '50, '52, '57*

Reginald Routier

Arunima Roy '21

Kahmal J. Roy '04

Rochelle Rozier

Robert L. Rua '63*

Harriet Rubenstein '79*

Nancy E. Rubin '83*

Eva Rubin Steen '77

Joshua Rubinstein

Avery A. Rudd '22

Colton Rudd

Daniel Rudd

Claudia Rudnet '95

Christian D. Rudolph '17*

Jody Rue

Susan Rueb

Tom Ruehle

Bonnielee Ruge '65, '68*

Cheryl and Louis Ruggirello

Louis J. Ruggirello '11

Cynthia A. Ruiz '21

Mario M. Ruiz

Joseph J. Rumore '98

Denise Ruscio

Emily P. Rush '22

Gary Rush

Jocelyn Rush

Annette Russo

Anthony Russo

Antonio Russo

Edward Russo '87

Gabrielle A. Russo

Joseph Russo

Nicholas Russo

Rosemarie Russo

Christine S. Ryan

Daniel Ryan

Michael Ryan

Taras Rybalchenko

Nils Rykken

Manuel Saavedra

Adrian B. Saba '10

Lou Sabatini '97

Elizabeth A. Sabin

Shane C. Sackichand '22

Karen M. Sacta '22

Diego A. Saenz

Kathy Sager

Lauren Sager '22

Wendi and Jeff Sager

Manisha Saini '22

Allison Sajkoski '21

Gina A. Sajoski

Olanrewaju Salami '22

Lesidet Salce '19

Tomas Salem

Jillian C. Salis '22

Michael S. Salis

Elias Salmeron

Maria Salob

Joann Iwachiw Salsbury '75 and James Salsbury '76

Archana Salvi

Gabriel Salzman '19

Briana Y. Samson '20

Jaimee '03 and Lon Samuelson '97

JeanneD'Arc Sanbar '17*

Andrew Sanchez

Emilio Sanchez

Monica Sanchez

Ilana Sandberg

Heather G. Sanders

Joshua Sankowski '09*

Cullen SantaMaria

Manuel Santamaria

Dayra Santana

Jake S. Santangelo '22

Heidy Fishkind '89

Elvira Santeramo-Davis '82, '86 and Thomas A. Davis '80+*

Patric Santiago

James Santora '68, '73*

Dina Santorelli Rhein '90, '09

Joan Santos

Michael Santos

Joaquin G. Santos-Moran '22

Brenda Santos-Olive

Rose V. Sapelli '92

Melissa Sapia

Gita Sapkota

Idalia J. Saravia '22

Andrew R. Sarli '07, '10

Robert S. Sarli '73*

Gail Sarner '96*

Kenneth D. Sato '07

John J. Sauerland '80, '03

Scott Saulino

Preeti K. Savant

Daniel W. Savarino '15

Katherine G. Savastani

Ronald Savona

Nancy B. Saxon '76, '81

Rimsha Sayyed

Christian J. Scala

Nicholas M. Scalera '06

Gina Scarola '96

Lisa Polese Scatamacchia '71 and Vincent Scatamacchia '71, '81*

Steve Schachtman

Alan Schackman '66

Daniel P. Schaefer '17

Kerry I. Schaefer '04, '06

Kristen J. Schaefer '16

Justin F. Schain '12

Faith D. Schanck '22

Sheila and Chris Schanck

Eugenie and John Scharf '68*

Megan J. Scharf '95

Joel M. Scheer '75

Anthony Schettino

Irene M. Schiffer '75, '76

William R. Schlameuss '70

Robert J. Schless '73

Errol Schlessinger

Alan Schlissel '92, '96, '99

Neil C. Schloth '14

Liora Schmelkin

Martha E. Schmidt '65*

Veronika L. Schmidt '22

Paula Cohen Schneebalg '70, '74*

John T. Schneidawin '17

Nick Schnell

Roger Schore '70*

Elena L. Schorr '18, '20

Ellie Schotz '56

Todd L. Schrager '90

Aidan Schreiner '22

Gabrielle Schroeder '22

Tammy and Robert L. Schroeder '96

Jean A. Schubert '76*

Andrew P. Schuetz '11

Scott Schuhriemen

Donniel Schulman

Scott B. Schulman '05

Laura R. Schulte '89*

Anita E. Schultz '22

Terence Schulz '98, '02

Stacie Schuman

Dona Schwab '83*

Corey M. Schwartz '80*

Dorothy Schwartz '71

Elizabeth Schwartz

Kylie Schwartz

Lily Schwartz '22

Roberta B. Schwartz '61, '67

Sherry N. Schwartz '75

Kendra S. Sciortino '14

Joseph S. Scioscia '65

Reid M. Sclafani

Michael Scoates

Sheryl K. Scott

Myla R. Seabrook '11

Edward Sedlar

Jeffrey Seesselberg '10

Minire Seferaj '22

Frederick L. Segal '73

Renee Segal

Vanessa Segovia

Uriel Segura

Loretta G. Sehlmeyer '90*

Martin L. Seidner '68*

Anne M. Seifert '63

Robert L. Seirup

Linda Selini

Marisa Reichman '97, '06

Paola Semmere

Cheryl A. Sena '88, '90 and Peter E. Cario '87

Michael S. Senatore '22

Karen Senn

Whitney Senn '22

Alexander J. Sepulveda '97

Irina Sepulveda

Harriet A. Serota '64*

Michael I. Serotoff '04

Nicole Serralta

Linwood D. Sessoms '05

Joy A. Severino

Emily K. Sewell '09

James E. Sewell

Farheen Shaikh

David Shaker '21

Michael Shaner

Stella Shank

Jaime M. Shannon '06

Jeffrey G. Shapiro '92

Roberta Shapiro

Sheryl Eden Shapiro '91

James J. Sharkey '61*

Mary Shatara '06, '22

Muhammad R. Shaukat

Barb Shea

Jason Shea

Lisa N. Shecter

Jim B. Sheehan

Marc Sheehan '19

Michael F. Sheehan

Stephanie Sheehan

Lucy M. Shepherd '22

Rachel '02 and Jesse Sherer '03, '08

Linda Sherlock-Reich '04*

Kathleen M. Sherman '69

Max Sherman '22

Rachel S. Sherman '15

Cozette R. Shields '22

Frank Shields '22

Rachel Shields

Michael Shifrin '05, '12

Laura Shindel

Andrea Shinett

Duane Shippey '03*

David Shirley '20

Frances E. Shirley '18

Ruslana Shkandriy

Tetyana Shkandriy '22

Dexter B. Shmavonian

Jonathan D. Shoemaker

Danielle Shokrian

Nattaly N. Shokrian '09

Rona L. Shor '78

Cabot R. Shore

Patrick W. Shoureas '16

Virginia E. Shoureas '89

Deborah Shull

Donna Shulman

Lyndsey R. Shulman '18

Mark A. Shulman '77*

David R. Shumway '74

Rhona Shwaid

Tulsi L. Shyamsundar-Jipp '21

Matthew M. Siano '17, '22*

Joseph V. Sica '15

Domenico Siciliano

Gianna M. Siciliano '22

Gina Siciliano

Brittany Sider

Stephen Sidoti

Jason Siegel '21

Sylvia Silberger

Carlos Silva

Gabrielle Silva '20, '22

Jack Silva

Beatriz A. Silveira

Cibele Silveira

Joseph Silveri

Melanie Silveri

Michael Silveri

Marc E. Silverman '16

Stephen Silverman '80

Alexa J. Siminou '22

Stephen Siminou

Beth amd Davod Simmons

Haley V. Simmons '22

Jeffrey L. Simmons '94*

Kyle Simon

Richard Simon

Ashley Simoneau

Allison Simons '19, '21

Perry K. Simons '75

Camiryn D. Simpson '21

Christie L. Sinacori '18

Paul Sinanis

Kirk C. Sinclair '95, '05

Alan J. Singer

David Singer '66

Eka Singh '20, '22

Jashanpreet Singh

Priyanka Singh '14, '15

Raishme N. Singh '20

Yashpal Singh '20

Morris Sinkowitz '51

Patricia E. Sinkus '90*

Irene Sipala

Jodie Sipala

John Sipala

Astrid Swenson Sipos '67, '71, '97, '10*

Mary Kate Sirianni '14, '21

Wendy R. Sisto

Connie Z. Situ '22

Zhan Situ

Nicole Sivert

Sabrina Sivert '20

Samantha Sivert '22

Dennis Skiadas '90*

Bree K. Skinner '07

John C. Skjoldahl

Patricia M. Skjoldahl

Noam Skolnick '21

Mark Slater

Lauren A. Slattery '06

Thomas W. Smart '16

Julie Smink

Arthur M. Smith '59*

Beverly A. Smith '66*

Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Christine Smith '66

Darcie Smith '20, '22

Jason M. Smith

Jean Anne Smith

Jeanne Smith

Jessica Smith '22

Joan '73 and John Smith*

Karen M. Smith

Katherine J. Smith '13

Kathleen Smith '19

Marcus T. Smith '19

Michael D. Smith '80, '84

Nicole Smith

Samuel P. Smith

Sean P. Smith '21

Walter J. Smith

Lesley A. Snyder '06

Sharon Snydre

Douglas Soffey

Costantinos Sofronis '09

Melissa Soliz '20

Masha A. Solkowitz '22

Keri Sollicito

Michael S. Sollicito '22

Emile D. Somekh '16

Daphine Somerville '67*

Kyle Sommerlad '20

Wei Song

Yuntong Song

Andy Sooknandan '20, '22

Mark Sorel

Sarah Sorgie '90

Michael J. Sorna '11

Gretchen F. Souza

McLouis Souza

Dolores V. Spagnoli '84*

Marlene Spain

Kayleigh A. Specht '22

Francesca '89 and Frank Speciale '89

Marissa D. Speciale '17

Carolyn Feldman Spector '69 and August K. Spector '71

Pete Speel

Wessel Speel

Thomas Speicher

Katrina Speller '95

Doris Spera

Rita Spera

Brendan Sperling '22

Tessa C. Sphar '06

Paul E. Spidell '61

Brett Spiegel '96

Jason A. Spiegel '11

Harriet C. Spiegelman '69*

Fern C. Spies '64*

Evelyn M. Spina '70*

Laura Spinks '16

Gibriel Spiteri '19

Robert Spitz '69*

Bonnie Sprung '81

Laurie S. Spurrell '84

Diane Sricca

Larry St. Cyr

Brian L. St Hubert '14, '18

Roger St Louis '19

Curtis R. St Surin '07, '10

Alyssa Stadeker

Kayla Stadeker

Richard J. Stamm '21, '22

Christina Stampolis '10

Nicolas A. Stanziani '91*

Ruby R. Staplehurst '14, '17

Joseph N. Staub '19

John G. Staudt '91, '06

Lily B. Stavisky '22

Lori Stavisky

Norma Steele '14

Stephen J. Steglik '13

Michael Steiger

Annie Stein

Marlene '67 and Bernard Stein '69

Stephanie '92 and David M. Steiner '93

Michael T. Steir '65

Krista R. Stella*

Gabriel J. Stellato '20

Brielle Stem

Katrina E. Sten '06

Jennifer R. Stepancic

Kenneth L. Stephens '89

Andrea Stern

Dori Ellen Stern

Erika Stern

Felicia T. Sternbach '66

Hannah Sternberg

Manon Sternberg

Mark Stesin

Levi Y. Stewart '19

Jane Stiger

Philip Stiger '22

Leah Stillman '97

Travis J. Stockman '18

Robin Stokes

Sierra Stone

Tyler M. Stone '85

Jordan Avery Stoopler '20

Odessa A. Stork '21

Charley Stoudt

Erika Strader

Lillian Straight-Rattet '18

Laura F. Strauss '70, '71, '78

Dominique Streater '20

William C. Street

Paroo '91 and David '90 Streich

Jeffrey Strich

Eric H. Stricoff '79

Maria Barnett Strocchia '91

Emma Stroka '22

Tyra Strong '21

Florence and Arlen M. Strongin '92*

Storm M. Strongin '21, '22

Alexander H. Strum '06

Emily M. Stultz

Linda Ellison Sugarman '62, '67*

Deborah Sugerman

Alyssa Suits '21

Aljo Sujak '22

Saman Suleman '21

Brittni A. Sullivan '14

Colleen Sullivan

Garrett Sullivan

Maria R. Sullivan '22

Michael P. Sullivan '14

Patrick Sullivan

Robert C. Sullivan

Barbara and Martin Summa*

Robert Summa '02

Amy Susman-Stillman

Rebecca Suydam

Paige Swantek

Ruth E. Sweeney*

Adriana Q. Sweigart '21

Helen Bauman Sweitzer '68*

Burton Swerdling '61, '64*

Adam Swift

Zyheima K. Swint

Blake Switzer

Brooke Switzer

Kellie Switzer

Julia R. Sylvain '22

Rolanda Sylvain

Mackenzie Szlosek

Patricia Szlosek

Jeremy G. Tabansi '21

Nicholas K. Tabarus '20

Kathleen B. Tacconi '81

Shweta Takalkar '21

Patrick Talbut

Sam M. Tanenbaum

Susan Tang '14

Ethan Tanzer '22

Dina and Glenn Tanzer

Lauren Tarantino

Elizabeth I. Tarasewich '59*

Salma Tarik '12

Ross H. Tartell '74

Mason Tatafu

Louis S. Tavoulareas

Alana C. Taylor '22

Deanna N. Taylor '22

Grant L. Taylor '21

Kayah Taylor

Stephen Taylor

Tyler Taylor '20

Yvette Taylor

Kevin Tecusan

Gayl and Michael Teller*

Loriann Temkin

Michael D. Templeton

Christopher Tempone

Shannah A. Tenio '15

Kailey Tenn '22

Suzanne Tenn

Barry Tenser '54

Katherine A. Teplansky '91

Randy Tepper

Yuki Terazawa

Kami R. Teruya

Danielle M. Tesoriero '19, '22

Krima C. Thakker '19

Emily C. Thamm '21

Billy Theiss

Charles Theiss

Christina Theiss

Katherine Theiss

Margaret Theiss

William Theiss '88

Shawn Thelen

Margaret M. Thieke '96, '98

Alexandra M. Thomas '10

Alexandra Thomas '22

Douglas L. Thomas '06

Jack H. Thomas

Jordlee L. Thomas '07

Joseph G. Thomas

Pam Thomas

Robin Thomas-Tatum '96

Deneisha K. Thompson '05

Joann V. Thompson

Mia D. Thompson '19

Mary Thoms

Mary Thorpe

Xiaoyu Tian '14

Yvette Tibbs

Katie Tierney '22

Michael Tierney

Shoshana T. Tieyah

Lynn-z D. Tillis

Patricia A. Timp '91

John Timpanaro

Deborah Tinnirello

Vanessa R. Tiradentes '09

Dalibor Tirina

Gabbi Titone

Paul M. Tomick

Patrick G. Tominey '91

Linda Tom-Quinn

Rachel E. Tom-Quinn '14

Breanna C. Toney '21

Ron Tonuzi

Deion J. Toppin

Marielle Tordone '05

Nafessah and Fee Torpey

Dylan Torpey

Maya J. Torpey

John Torrani '03

Marianne Torres

John J. Tortora '72

Lindsey Tortora

Isabella Totino

Christina M. Toto '22

Jenna Tragesser

George B. Trane '16

Julia Trantel

Tina Trantel

Paula M. Trauner '89*

Shelley Treacy '90

Jeffrey P. Trebour '22

Patricia Trebour

Donna Trerrotola

Robyn Trezise Koch '95

Angela Triandafillou

Yianni Triandafillou '22

Diane Pascucci Triebe '82, '05 and Glenn Triebe

Nicole M. Triebe '18

Peter G. Trimboli '84

Christopher Tringali

Thomas J. Triola '72

Darryl M. Tripplin

Venessa A. Trofa '16

James P. Troici '19

Steve Troisi

Lea M. Trojanowski '04, '06

Deanna D. Tropeano '06, '11

Nicole M. Trotman '22

Edward S. Trotta '19

Rebecca L. Trovato

Janet Tschirhart

Kevin Tschirhart

Ryan Tschirhart

William Tschhirhart

Madison F. Tucker

Christine Tudor

Daniel Tufino

Michael Tullo

Sebastian C. Tume '02

Francie Tumsuden '78

Nancy Tunnessen

Snjezana Turina

Vincent K. Turina

Gary M. Turk '78*

Elizabeth C. Turley '21

Danielle Turner

Shirley Turner

Taimon Turner '14

Victoria Turner

Matthew Tursi '19

Noreen Tursi

Steven J. Tursi '22

Robert Twible

Beth Tynes '87

Haley P. Tynes '13

Thomas J. Tyrrell '22

Linda '88 and Lance Ulanoff '86

Michael C. Ulianelli '10, '12*

D. Clancy and Joseph Ulianelli*

Rosanne Ullman '75

James E. Ullmann '77

Lisette Umana Leiss

Ilya Umansky

Ronald F. Umatambo '18

Alecia Underhill

Maxwell Underhill '22

Vincent Ungaro

Adam P. Unger

Deborah Beth Unger '85

Linda M. Unterstein '75

Melissa '07 and Kevin A. Unterstein '08, '17

Christine and Robert Urban*

Alyssa T. Urban '18, '19*

Casey Urban '21

Nicole Urban '20, '22

Mary '97 and Alan Uszynski '02

Ann M. Utke '04*

Thomas J. Uva '79*

Larry J. Vadala '78*

Josette Vail '22

Luke D. Vaith '14

Dhananjay J. Vaja

Catherine A. Valarezo

Deana Valarezo '10

Vanerlie Valcourt '22

Maria Valdez

Adam Valdman

Brian C. Valente '13

Melissa D. Valente '22

Secudina A. Valente

Michael Vito Valentino '20

Amanda A. Valentovic '17

Patricia and Dennis Valentovic

Frances Carol Valerio '67*

Kieran M. Valla '06

Bhargavi Valluru

Guillermo Valor

Ryder Van Dyke

Anne Van Herzeele

Robert Van Houten

Lori Van Houten

Shelby Van Hyfte

Bridget Van Well '22

Kristine Van Well

Marcus W. Vanderberg '08

William H. Vandewater, Jr. '56*

Shawna M. VanNess '01, '11

Jenna Varno

Kevin Varno

Grace Varnum

Esai Velez-Perez

Zoe Vendetti '20

Kristen Venezia

Missy Venturini

Doris E. Verity '67*

Tiffany Verni

Christine Verrelle

Joseph J. Vesely '51

Judy A. Vianest '97

Donald J. Viewig '73*

Luigi Vigliotti '01

Greg Villafane

Benjamin Vimont '18*

Matthew Viscosi

Steven M. Vissichelli '74*

Monica Vitagliano '22

Ralph Vitagliano

Americus C. Vitale '63

Ann Viteri-Jackson '88

Steven B. Vitoff

Chemene '98 and Rick Vizzi '97

Marilyn '56 and Robert Vogel '54*

Rachel Vogel

Russell A. Vogel '16

Thomas J. Vogel '16*

Maria F. Vogt '94

Max Vogt

Ginger Vollmar '79*

Betty J. Volpe '70*

Erin A. Wade '12

Marilyn Zaborowski Wagner '73 and John Wagner '73

Saphia Waheed

David B. Waite '66*

Margaret Walczuk '08

Marc J. Waldman '93

Biff Walizer

Moorea R. Walker '22

Patricia Walker

Jenna Walkiewicz '13

Lorraine Wall

Marisa C. Wall '22

Bernice F. Wallace '15

Courtney L. Wallace-Deena

Mandisa H. Walle '22

Nagid Walle

Rupert Walle

Arlina Walle-Anasagasti

Andre Waller '99

Kelly Walles '01

Vera Wallmann '53*

Kylie Walrod '22*

Caitlin M. Walsh '11

John Walsh

Gregory Walter '72

Heidi F. Walter '16

Justin Walter '13

Jordan S. Walters '21

Susan Wan

Dave Wandling

Chengling Wang

Ellie Wang '14

Emily R. Wang '22

Jing Wang '17

Kaiqing Wang '15, '16, '21

Ou Wang-Hartline '14

Walter A. Wappaus '57

Cephas Ward

Erin Ward '22

Marie Ward

Samantha Ward '21, '22

Loretta Warden '56

Madison L. Warfel '20

Amy '96 and Lee Warner '94

Angela R. Warner

Brianna Warner '20

Douglas Warner

Barbara Warren '77, '83, '87, '89

Charles H. Warren

Stephanie and David Warshall

Todd Warshall

Cheryl Watson

Chris Watson

Frank E. Watson*

Anne Bailey Watters '97, '00

Anna C. Watts '16

Kayla Pifer Watts '11, '19 and Julian A. Watts '08, '12

Valerie Watts

Eric G. Waxman, Jr. '57

Margaret L. Wayne '18

Antoinette Webster

Sophia Webster '22

Rebecca M. Weeden '22

Austin Wefer

Christina Wegener '21, '22

Jason A. Weick

Jacquelyn Weigand

Laura Weigand

Jill Weinberg '85

Lisa Weiner

Mark L. Weiner

Michael Weiner

Zena '74 and Michael Weiner '74

Karen '96, '99 and Seth Weingarten '96

Ashley N. Weingartz

Kelly Weiskitt

Christopher W. Weiss '18

Alice and Gerald B. Weiss '49+

Judy Weiss

Noah Weiss

The Weissberg Family

Matthew R. Weissheier '17, '19

Robert R. Weissheier '20, '22

Alexa Weissman '22

Victoria Weissman

Richard Weksberg '77*

Patricia Welch '68

Anne E. Wellbrock '12

Lawrence Welner '72*

Claudine S. Welti '92*

Frederick H. Wen '03*

Taylor Wenzl '19

Anita G. Werner '74

Mindy Wessinger

Pamela Wessinger

Andrew M. West '11

Grace West

Michael West

Scott West

Taylor West

James A. Westpfahl '70, '83

Victoria M. Wetmore '21

Andrew D. Wetstein '13

Addison Weyrauch

Savannah M. Weyrauch

Carolyn M. Whalen '67*

Samuel Wharton '14

Kristen R. Wheeler

Carmen White

Jasmine C. White

Jennifer White

John C. White

Mary Ann White '05*

Peter White

Triniti White '22

Tyler White '20

Sydney M. White-Joshua '06

Jane and William J. Whitenack

Margarita '02 and Robert Wickard

Patricia A. Wiecezak

William Wiegelman '22

Katrina A. Wiegmann

S Wiersma

Diana Torraca Wikstrom '77 and George R. Wikstrom '65, '73

Pam Wildes

Whitney Wildes

Sandra Wilkins

Samantha Wilkinson '21

Eric T. Willard '22

James J. Willard

Lynn D. Wille '02

Aiden A. Willey

Amy and Scott Williams

Brendan Williams

Duane L. Williams '02

Gavin D. Williams

Julie Williams

Keiyonia Williams '17

Leslie A. Williams '02

Mara Williams

Margaret A. Williams '22

Mark Williams

Marlon P. Williams

Matthew E. Williams '18

Rebecca Williams '22

Riley Williams

Robert Williams

Ronisha Williams

Roy Williams '95

Tammy Williams '92

Brande Wilson '20

Julie and James D. Wilson

Mari M. Wilson '14*

Nicholas J. Wilson '22

Shawn Wilson

Tiffany Wilson

Aisha M. Wilson-Carter

Tammy Wind

Tyler Wind '22

Rochelle Winderman '69*

George-Hyuung M. Winer '17

Cynthia and Paul E. Winkler

Samantha J. Winkler '22

Linda S. Winters '61

Emily '61, '67 and Bernard Wiseblatt*

Jaclyn Wisniewski

Joanna Witynska

Matthew A. Woghin '22

Andrew Wojtach

Arden Wojtach

Thomas Wojtal '22

Richard P. Wolcott

Hannah Wolfe

Julien J. Wolfe '22

Suzanne Riccio Wolfe '98 and Matthew Wolfe*

Geraldine M. Wolk '77

Thomas Wolkowyski

Aimee B. Wolosin

Raleigh Wolpert

Zachary S. Wolpoff '17

Frank J. Wolzein '70

Yuensan O. Woo

Alyea M. Wood '22

Chrisshana C. Wood '21

Lauren E. Wood '22

Ted Woodco*ck

Phyllis Woods

Spencer Woods

Tania Woodward

Claire L. Woolley '53

George W. Wright '82

James K. Wright '90*

Xavier M. Wright '92

Winifred '15 and William Wymes

Irene E. Wymes '13, '15

Jill Percival Wynns '68

Alec Xiang '18

Qiwu Xie

Kelsey Yam

Christopher Yanes

Jessica H. Yang

Betty Yang '11

Cheryl Yanosy

Lance N. Yapor '14

Elizabeth C. Yarbrough '72, '73*

David Yaron '13

Sheri S. Yarosh

Richard C. Yasso '97

Erva Yavas

Jason N. Yelner '22

Michelle Yelner

Georgia Yioupis

James P. Yioupis '22

Gregory A. Youdan, Jr. '07

Skyler Young

Elyse Yule

Anthony R. Zaccone '16

Evangelia Zafiropoulos '20, '21, '22

Phyllis Zagano

Anthony Zalak

Joseph Zalak

Patricia Zalak

Lisa Zander

Ariana S. Zanelli

Neil M. Zang '59*

Kathleen T. Zanoni '97

Julie Zaremba

Sydney Zaremba '22

Michelle E. Zarifis '18

Michele Zarrella

Carol A. Zarzycki

Nathalie Zavala '20

Leila Zayas '85

Evan Zecher '21, '22

Linda Zeeble '72

Natalie Zeiger

Laurie Zelinger '93

Perry Zelinger '17

Robert J. Zellner '12*

Marie '69 and Mike Zembruski '71

Andrea M. Zeng

Monica A. Zenyuh '00, '17

Kelly Zerillo McGowan '14 and Sean Zerillo '14

Chandler Zhang '14, '16, '21*

Henry Zhang

Jessica Zhang '22

Qiyue Zhang

Weiyi Zhang '14*

Yiping Zhang

Yuyan Zhang

Lu Zhao '13

Steven Zhao

Kevin Zheng '22

Michael T. Zick '07*

Bari A. Ziegel '80*

Ivan D. Ziegler '68

Patricia Ziegler '64

June R. Zieve '72

Julie Zilberberg

Pat Zimmer

Christa and Harald Zimmerer

David Zimmerer '20

Linda Zimmerer '22

Lawrence C. Zinox '71

Lisa A. Zoldi '98

Emily Zotto '22

Nicholas C. Zotto '19, '22

Nicholas P. Zotto

Ellie Zoumberakis

Caitlin Zowak

Arnold H. Zudick '71*

Jillian A. Zupito '22

Iska S. Alter

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Susan Ball

Linda Wing Caruso '78 and Frank Caruso

Compass Group USA Inc.

Custom D'Signs

Jeff S. Dailey

Katherine Dunham

Andrew J. Gladding '04, '18

Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO)

Eleanor and Pascal Imperato

Joan Jacobs

Larry Keigwin '94 and Christian Keesee

Enda and Monroe Kornfeld

Sondra and David S. Mack '67


Steven M. Napolitano

National Grid Generation LLC

Debra Ramsey

Vicki Santello in Memory of Estelle Aden

Martin Smolowitz

Whutever Inc.

Non-Individual Donors

Abrams Fensterman Fensterman Eisman Formato Ferrara Wolf & Carone LLP
The Carl Marks Foundation, Inc.

Carol and Alan J. Bernon Family Charitable Foundation

Charitable Lead Annuity Trust under the Will of Louis Feil

Charlie's Long Island Fund in the LI Community Foundation

The David & Sondra Mack Foundation, Inc.

East Hills Chevrolet of Freeport

Estate of Helene Fortunoff

The Family of William Entenmann-LI Community Foundation

The Fay J. Lindner Foundation

Healy Family Trust

The Henry Family Charitable Fund

Hemlocks Fund in the New York Community Trust

Laurence T. Ginsberg Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable

Long Island Beech Trust A-Long Island Community Foundation

Long Island Community Foundation

Long Island Jewish Medical Center LIJ Medical Staff Society

Martin & Toni Sosnoff Foundation

Northwell Health

Rita and Frank Castagna Family Foundation

Roberge Family Foundation

Steven A. Klar Foundation

Weitz Family Charitable Foundation

A & M Fried Family Foundation

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Boas Family Fund

Boeing Company

Broadridge Foundation

Capital One Foundation

The Claster Family Fund

Dr. Mervin Livingston Schloss Fund

Estate of Frank Calderone

Estate of Gloria Cielavin

Estate of Joseph Dionne

The Gartland Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable

The Philip and Janet Shapiro Family Foundation Inc.

RXR Social Impact LLC

The Zarb Family Fund, Inc.

ANROL Donor Advised Fund (Edwin A. Goodman)

Bertram L. Podell Charitable Giving Fund

Country-Wide Insurance Company

Digital Remedy LLC

Edwin E. Hatch Foundation

Flushing Bank

Foundation for Innovations in Medical Education

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Janice Long Beekman & Jeffrey Scott Beekman Philanthropic Fund

Jaspan Schlesinger LLP

Jodi & Robert D. Rosenthal Family Foundation

Joseph & Libby Shapiro Family Foundation of Florida Inc.

The Julio and Heidi Portalatin Charitable Fund

Marilyn and James Simons Charitable Fund

Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

The Morrison & Foerster Foundation

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Nassau County AHRC Foundation, Inc.

Nassau Hub Master Developer LLC

Rechler Philanthropy, Inc.

Robert B. Catell Charitable Fund

Robert W. Buckner Revocable Trust

Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation

Structure Tone, LLC

Tortora Sillcox Family Foundation

The Weiler Family Foundation

Yale Art Trust

7x24 Exchange Metro NY Chapter

Askowitz Woldenberg Foundation

Breslin Realty Associates Foundation Inc.

Burner Law Group, P.C.

Cameron Engineering & Associates, LLP

Christian Keesee Charitable Trust

The Commencement Group Inc.

Compass Group USA Inc.

Dell Giving

Diocese of Long Island

Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

Doar, Inc.


Farrell Fritz, P.C.

Feil Family Foundation

Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP

Gair Gair Conason Rubinowitz Bloom Hershenhorn Steigman & Mack

Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C.

Goodphone Communications, Inc.

Henry Schein, Inc.

Herman Goldman Foundation

HLW International, LLP

The James D'Addario Family Foundation Inc.

Johnson & Johnson

Joseph Ferriso Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kenneth and Cora Mae Rood Charitable Fund

Kramer Dillof Livingston & Moore

Kushner Companies Charitable Foundation

Leeds Brown Law, P.C.

Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP

Liberty Maritime Corporation

Long Island Real Estate Group, Inc.

Marcum LLP

Marshall Family Foundation Inc.

Meadowbrook Women's Initiative

Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP

Muran Family Giving Fund

The New York Bar Foundation

Paul R. & Nancy R. Saueracker Family Fund

Powers Family Giving Fund

Roberts & Roberts

Rosamond W. Carr Family Fund

Sagat & Burton LLP

The Samuel Ramos and Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

The Sidney & Pearl Kalikow Foundation

Signature Bank

Storage Assessments, LLC

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin, LLP

Torgan, Cooper & Aaron

United States Pharmacopeia

WAC Lighting Co.

Walden Environmental Engineering PLLC

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.

Aaliyah Memorial Fund Inc.

Advanced Neurosurgery Associates PC

The Anita R. Tannuzzo Living Trust

Anthem, Inc.

Axis Construction Corp.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation

Barclays Capital

The Baumbach Give Back Fund

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Collage Giving Fund at the Chicago Community Foundation

Community Counselling Service Co. LLC

Cronin & Cronin Law Firm, PLLC

Diamond Hill Investments Charitable Foundation Fund

Edgewood Management LLC

Enterprise Holdings

Estate of Joseph M. Heaney, Jr.

First Long Island Investors, LLC

Flora Family Fund

GSE Dynamics Inc.

The GSE Shybunko Memorial Fund Inc.

Haven Pools, Inc.

Island Photography

J.C. Steel Corporation

Jackson Lewis Foundation

Jacqueline LiCalzi Giving Fund

Jeffery Family Foundation

Jeffrey & Kathleen Glass Family Foundation

Jeffrey & Michelle Hecht Charitable Foundation

The Joe Namath Charitable Foundation

John and Elaine Kanas Family Foundation

John Belloni Donor Advised Fund

The John J. Conefry, Jr. Foundation

L&L Painting Co. Inc./VMR Civil

Lambrou Law PLLC

The LandTek Group, Inc.

Laurence & Ann Denihan Family Charitable Fund

Long Island Contractors Association

The Lynnk

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company

Milburn Flooring Mills

Morsel Charity Fund

New York Community Bank Foundation

New York Yankees

North American Partners in Anesthesia LLP


The Oestreicher Family Charitable Gift Fund

PSEG Long Island LLC

R&M Engineering

R. Shapiro Family Foundation

The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation

Robert Kuchner & Phyllis Bernstein Donor Advised Fund

Sam Berman Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Schaeffer & Sam, CPA, P.C.

The Setton Foundation

Sun Hill Family Foundation

T Bishop Property Management LLC

Team Wallace Family Fund

Thompson Hine LLP

Timber Lake Corp

Triton Bay Wealth

Warburg Pincus LLC

A.C. Desk Co., Inc.

AAUP Hofstra University

Academy Sports of Long Island Inc.


Alan R. Leiderman Charitable Trust

American Recycling Management, LLC

ARG Consultants & Advisors, Inc.

Aronica Plant Health Care

Aronsohn Weiner & Salerno & Kaufman, PC

Arye, Lustig & Sassower, P.C.


B & H Photo & Electronic

Baker Hostetler

Baker Tilly US, LLP

Bank of America

Barbara Brooke Manning Charitable Fund

The Bill and Susan Siegel Charitable Fund

Blumenfeld Development Group Ltd.

Boards by Huckleberry, LLC

Bob McCloskey Insurance

Boockvar Charitable Giving Fund

Bracco Charitable Fund

Brad and Roberta Karp Family Fund

Briscoe Protective LLC

BSN Sports

CABS Home Attendants Service, Inc.

Carlin Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable

CenterLight Healthcare, Inc.

Charles H. & Beverly E. Shaw Foundation

Charles J. O'Shea Funeral Homes, Inc.

The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Ciofrone Enterprises Inc.

ClearView Building Services, Inc.

Club Ace Long Island

Com Bell Systems, Inc.

Crest Hollow Country Club

Curtiss-Wright Corp.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte Services LP

Deputy Chief Raymond Downey Scholarship Charity Fund

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Duke University

DVVA Carle Place Restaurant, Inc.

Dynamic Sports Marketing LLC


Eagle Capital Management LLC

Edward S. Rudofsky, P.C.

Elderco, Inc.

Elevator Refurbishing Corp.

Emerald Management Services LLC

Estate of Nancy Fox Desena

Forest Lake Equities

Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Fryer-Biggs Family Fund

Future Tech Consultants of NY

Gilman Management Corp

Global Atlantic Charitable Gift Fund

Goldman & Associates

The Goldman/Singer Family Fund

Google Inc.

Graf & Lewent Architects, LLP

Greater New York LECET Fund

Gutman, Mintz, Baker & Sonnenfeldt, LLP

Handy Tech Group Inc.

Hanna Carpets Inc.

Harris Beach PLLC

HDR Inc.

Helen and Ernie Ludwig Giving Fund

Hempstead Classroom Teachers Association

Hempstead School Administrators Association

Herber Plumbing & Heating Corp.

Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing & Physician Assistant Studies

Homewood Real Estate Partners LLC

Igloo Lacrosse Inc.

International Union of Operating Engineers

Island Federal Credit Union

Island Strategies Inc.

Israel Discount Bank of New York


James Michael Wolin Revocable Trust

Jane and Martin Schwartz Foundation

Jeca Associates, Inc.

Jennifer Gundlach Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable

JMB Partners LTD

Joey Jackson Law, PLLC

John A. Rodger Jr. Foundation, Inc.

John Paul Electric, Inc.

Jzanus Home Care Inc.

Katz Chwat PC

Katz, Smith & Chwat, P.C.

Keith Cerrato Charitable Fund Inc.

Kim Brennan Joyce PC

Kleid Family Charitable Fund

Knockout Pest Control, Inc.


The Kreider Family Charitable Fund

Laborers International Union Local 1298

LaMay's Tree Service Inc.

The Law Firm of Bruce Eiber, PC

Law Office of Carmine E. Esposito PC

Lenore & Louis Potters Foundation

Lickstein Plastic Surgery

Lighthouse Financial Network

Linda M. Taub 2018 Revocable Trust

LIRO Engineers, Inc.

Local 1102 RWDSU

Local 338 Charities, Inc.

Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW

Local 342 Long Island Public Service Employees

Local Union 290 of UBC & JA

Loews Corporation

Long Island FQHC, Inc.

Lorraine Gregory Communications

Louis F. Demars, CPA PC

LTD Management

Lynn Poster-Zimmerman, P.C.

Madison Chris LLC

Magnitude Capital, LLC

Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc.

Martin B Greenberg Foundation Inc.

MasterCard Impact Fund

Matco Service Corp.

Mercury Paint Corp.

Messina Perillo & Hill, LLP

Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, PC

Meyerowitz Communications Inc.

MIA Media Group, LLC

Michael Patrick & Carol Sedwick of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Milburn Sales Co., Inc.

MNX Global Logistics

MSG Entertainment Group, LLC

MSK Breast Medicine Service

Nancy and Richard Freedman Fund

Nassau Healthcare Foundation, Inc.

Natex Textile

National Grid

National Institute for Trial Advocacy

New Orleans Saints

New York Chapter NYSSPE

New York Ispine Specialist Medical PC

New York Paving, Inc.

Newsday, LLC

Nodiff Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Nomitz Fund of the American Endowment Foundation

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See 2021 Honor Roll of Donors

A letter from Hofstra President Susan Poser


2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (8)

This has been an eventful year, and there is much to celebrate. I am very grateful to our donors, whose generosity supports our students and fosters research, scholarship, and community engagement. We simply could not accomplish all that we do without your support.

We put great effort this year into creating a new strategic plan for Hofstra, including the formation of four committees – composed of faculty, staff, administrators, and students – tasked with developing recommendations in four main areas that had been identified through an earlier campuswide process as key to Hofstra’s future. These areas were Interdisciplinary and New Academic Programs; Student Success; Community Engagement; and Organizational Agility. The committees’ recommendations are now being used to draw up the strategic plan, which will be complete by the start of the 2024-2025 academic year.

Last fall, we opened the new Science & Innovation Center, a 75,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that houses the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies and two departments of the DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science. The building has modern, high-tech classrooms, cutting-edge lab facilities, simulated clinical facilities for nursing students, and a large makerspace for use by the whole campus.

New degree programs were launched this past year. The Herbert School created a cross-departmental Bachelor of Science in Sports Media, and the School of Health Sciences (newly renamed from the School of Health Professions and Human Services) is opening its Doctor of Physical Therapy program this summer.

The Frank G. Zarb School of Business’ online MBA program remained in the top 30 nationwide, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2024 Best Online Programs, and was ranked #18 in the country by Poets & Quants and #37 by The Princeton Review. The nursing master’s programs at the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies moved up 35 spots to #38 in the nation, its highest ranking to date, according to U.S. News & World Report, representing a 77-spot climb over the past five years. Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ music business program was recognized by Billboard magazine for the fifth time since 2016, and Variety included the Herbert School in its roundup of the best film schools in the country for the fifth consecutive year.

So many students have accomplishments to boast about this year, so I will highlight just a few. From The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, six students received awards from the Broadcast Education Association, seven students took home Gracie Awards from the Alliance for Women in Media, and two students were selected to cover the Super Bowl for WRHU, marking the first time Hofstra has been represented at the big game. Tyler Thomas, a member of the Hofstra Pride men’s basketball team, won the Haggerty Award, given to the top NCAA Division I basketball player in the New York metropolitan area.

In November, we relaunched the Hofstra Magazine. This biannual publication showcases the lives and careers of Hofstra alumni, provides updates on many areas of the University, and offers class notes to stay up to date with classmates. You can expect this publication in your mailbox each November and April, and the issues will be available online.

In April, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hempstead for Hofstra/Hofstra for Hempstead. This organization was founded by a group of volunteers dedicated to raising scholarship funds so local high school students could attend Hofstra University. Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised, and many local students have been able to further their education due to these efforts.

This spring, Hofstra University was one of only 145 universities and colleges around the world to be honored by Exercise is Medicine for its efforts to create a campus culture of wellness. Exercise is Medicine is global health initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Community service and civic engagement remain an integral part of the Hofstra student experience. Students completed thousands of hours of community service through food, clothing, and toy drives; area cleanups; tutoring at local schools; and yard work for our neighbors in Hempstead and Uniondale. One Hofstra student, Matthew Adarichev ’26, was awarded a President’s Volunteer Service Award by the Long Island Volunteer Center for his outstanding level of community service. A public policy and public service major, Matthew exceeded 250 hours of volunteer work with several local organizations.

In other exciting community news, Hofstra was selected by the Nassau County Board of Elections as an early voting location for this election season. This designation provides easy access to voting for members of the Hofstra community as well as residents from the surrounding area. This is the first time that a university in Nassau County was chosen to be an early voting site.

Pride Athletics had another good year, both on the field and in the classroom. The men’s soccer team advanced to the third round of the NCAA Championship after capturing its third consecutive CAA title. Three student-athletes were named All-Americans, and two student-athletes signed with professional teams. In the classroom, Hofstra student-athletes received a combined 3.48 grade point average in the fall semester, the 23rd consecutive semester that the average topped 3.00. Additionally, Hofstra’s cheer and dance teams took home first place honors at the 2024 Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association College Nationals, held in Orlando, FL.

Several new leaders joined Hofstra University this year. We welcomed Lorrie McAllister as dean of libraries; Chermele Christy as dean of students; and, beginning July 1, 1024, Jenny Roberts as dean of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law. Dr. Cornell Craig was promoted to become Hofstra’s inaugural vice president for equity and inclusion.

Finally, as you know, world affairs made this a challenging year in higher education. I am proud to say that the maturity and character of our student body, as well as the hard work and combined efforts of faculty, staff, and administrators, resulted in our maintaining a peaceful campus. We demonstrated that there can be free speech, civility, and peace even where passions run high and beliefs and feelings are at odds. We have been steadfast in putting safety first, and in enforcing our longstanding policy of intolerance for antisemitism, Islamophobia, and any other form of discrimination or harassment.

I hope this makes you as proud of our beloved University as I am. Thank you for your support and commitment to Hofstra.

Susan Poser, President

A Letter from Hofstra Vice President Alan J. Kelly

Welcome to the Hofstra Honor Roll of Donors for the 2022 fiscal year. We are immensely grateful for the extraordinary commitment and generosity demonstrated by our alumni, parents, and friends. Your support has played a vital role in the University's achievements over the past year.
Hofstra has made significant strides in various areas. Our schools have garnered national recognition and have climbed higher in school rankings. We have continued to develop engaging and innovative academic programs, and our athletic teams have achieved remarkable success, both on and off the field.
Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the opening of our new Science and Innovation Center in fall 2023. The DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science and the newly expanded Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies will share the space in this state-of-the-art building.

The annual Honor Roll of Donors allows us to formally recognize and express our appreciation for your commitment to the University. The Honor Roll acknowledges all gifts received during the 2022 fiscal year (September 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022).

Your generosity allows us to provide our students with exceptional educational experiences and cutting-edge learning facilities and resources. It also creates unique opportunities for academic growth and enrichment.

Now, more than ever, philanthropy has become an essential source of support. Your continued investment in Hofstra truly leaves a lasting impact on our campus and the lives of our students.
On behalf of the entire Hofstra community, I extend my heartfelt thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Alan J. Kelly
Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs


Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, Hofstra’s Scholarship Program provides vital support to deserving students striving to achieve their academic, personal, and professional aspirations. Scholarships lessen financial burdens and allow students to concentrate on their studies, enhance their civic impact, and celebrate their achievements. For these students, scholarship recognition and support are gifts that last a lifetime.

Donors can create an annual scholarship that provides immediate support for students each year it is given, or they can establish an endowed scholarship as a legacy to help students now and for generations to come.

Scholarship donors receive the following benefits:

• The satisfaction of helping students achieve their educational goals.
• Formal recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors.
• Annual notification of the student who receives your scholarship.
• Invitations to events and the opportunity to connect with your scholarship recipient(s) and other talented Hofstra students.
• Tax benefits to the fullest extent of the law.

For information about establishing scholarships at Hofstra, please contact Hope Motreuil, director for annual giving and donor stewardship, at 516-463-6336 or hope.motreuil@hofstra.edu.

If you already support the Hofstra University Scholarship Program, thank you!

New Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards Established in Fiscal Year 2022:


Cronin & Cronin Law Firm PLLC Annual Scholarship
Dean's Award Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion
Dean’s Legal Tech Fellowship Program
Dr. David H. Woldenberg Memorial Scholarship
Edwin Grivins Annual Scholarship
Lambrou Law Firm Annual Scholarship
Long Island Immigration Advocacy Law Fellowship Program
Michael G. Guttenberg, MD Scholarship and Award
Northrop Grumman Annual Scholarship
Raymond J. McKee Law School Scholarship

Alfred and Edith Birns Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Allegra Kurtz Endowed Scholarship
Brett H. Lake Endowed Scholarship
Bruce Avery Endowed Scholarship
Daniel L. Murphy Endowed Scholarship for Music Performance
Dr. David H. Woldenberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship
George Berardinelli Endowed Scholarship in Trumpet
Helene Fortunoff Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jill M. Rabin, MD Endowed Scholarship in Biology
Klar Leadership Development & Innovation Management Program Endowed Fund
Mia R. Cohen Endowed Scholarship in Business
Michael Gordon Endowed Award in Fine Arts
Robert McFadden Endowed Scholarship
Savarese Family Goldman Sachs Endowed Scholarship
Smith, Lewis, Rosenberg Women's Lacrosse Endowed Scholarship

A Letter from Hofstra Alumni Organization President Hillary Serota Needle

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Honor Roll of Donors.

I am very proud to serve as president of the Hofstra University Alumni Organization, which represents more than 140,000 Hofstra graduates from around the world. As president, I work closely with the University administration and the Alumni Organization leadership to strengthen alumni connections with each other as well as with current students. The Hofstra network is strong and continues to support our evolving brand recognition in academia and in the athletic arena.

I am grateful to all the alumni volunteers who share their professional expertise with students on campus as well as with recent graduates at regional chapter events. These alumni provide guidance, mentoring, internship opportunities, and even practice interview skills that ultimately position Hofstra graduates to go out into the world with confidence in their education and, most importantly, in themselves. It is our hope that these graduates will stay engaged with the University and become our next generation of alumni leaders and supporters.

The Honor Roll of Donors is an opportunity to thank our donors, and especially our alumni, who support the University and allow for the growth and continued success of Hofstra University. Your generosity makes a tremendous impact on our students, our facilities, and our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest students and faculty.

Hofstra is a special place, and your ongoing support means a great deal. Thank you for continuing to make Hofstra a priority.

With pride and gratitude,
Hillary Serota Needle ’89


  • Hofstra Athletics raised more than $1.9 million, with 2,826 unique donors, both all-time highs for the department.
  • Hofstra's student-athletes posted a 3.42 collective grade point average for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • The Hofstra University Department of Athletics held its 2022 Hall of Fame Induction and Golf Outing, presented by Signature Bank, at The Seawane Club in Hewlett Harbor, New York. In addition to a beautiful day for golf, Hofstra Athletics celebrated the outstanding careers and accomplishments of Liz Curley (Messmer) (volleyball), John Danowski (men's lacrosse coach), Bridget Eder Harris (women's lacrosse), Charles Jenkins (men's basketball), Cindy Lewis (administrator), and Laura Walker-Karson (women's tennis) by inducting them into the Hofstra Athletics Hall of Fame.
  • The Hofstra University Department of Athletics has partnered with INFLCR to launch the Pride of Long Island Exchange, a comprehensive platform that will allow student-athletes and businesses to connect directly. The Pride of Long Island Exchange puts Hofstra student-athletes at the forefront of the ever-evolving and emerging Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) landscape.
  • The Hofstra University Department of Athletics celebrated the 2021-2022 year in Pride Athletics at the Fifth Annual HOFSPYS Awards. Held at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse, the event recognizes many of the outstanding accomplishments by Hofstra student-athletes, coaches, and teams during the past year.
  • The Hofstra Athletics Pride Club presented a pair of awards to three dedicated supporters of Hofstra Athletics. Dr. Beth Rosenberg was the recipient of the Jack Lenz Award, while Anthony and Catharine Perettine received the Joseph M. Margiotta Distinguished Service Award.
  • The Hofstra baseball team won the Colonial Athletic Association Championship for the first time in program history to advance to the NCAA Tournament for the first time as well.
  • Women’s soccer repeated as Colonial Athletic Association champions and advanced to the NCAA Tournament.
  • The men’s soccer team won its second consecutive Colonial Athletic Association championship to advance to the NCAA Tournament.
  • Lucy Porter ’22 (women’s soccer) signed a professional contract with Lewes FC in the Isthmian League Premier Division in England.
  • Sophom*ore men’s soccer midfielder Eliot Goldthorp earned All-America accolades.
  • Hendrik Hebbeker and Stefan Mason were selected as men’s soccer Academic All-Americans.
  • Anja Suttner was named to the Academic All-America Team for women’s soccer.
  • Twenty Hofstra student-athletes earned College Sports Communicators Academic All-District accolades.
  • Aaron Estrada was the Colonial Athletic Association Men’s Basketball Player of the Year and an Honorable Mention Associated Press All-American.
  • The men’s basketball team won 21 games under first-year Head Coach Speedy Claxton.
  • Abraham Longosiwa was named the Colonial Athletic Association Men’s Cross Country Rookie of the Year and an All-CAA selection after placing third at the conference championship.
  • Men’s lacrosse alumnus Nicky Polanco ’02 was inducted into the Pro Lacrosse Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class.
  • Four Hofstra student-athletes – Kevin Bruggeman (baseball), Tim Hegarty (men's lacrosse), Devyn Losco (softball), and Charlie Ragault (men's lacrosse) – were selected as All-American Strength and Conditioning Athletes of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • Men’s lacrosse defender Bryan McIntosh was an Inside Lacrosse Honorable Mention All-American and was selected in the third round of the Premier Lacrosse League Draft.
  • Mac Gates and Bryan McIntosh represented the Hofstra men's lacrosse team on the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Scholar All-America Team. In addition, the Pride was one of 40 NCAA Division I men's lacrosse programs to receive the USILA Team Academic Award.
  • Tim Hegarty (men's lacrosse) and Lucy Porter (women's soccer) were recipients of the prestigious Colonial Athletic Association Leadership and Sports Excellence Award for their respective sports.
  • Pierce Infuso and Wessel Speel (men’s soccer) and Anja Suttner (women’s soccer) were named United Soccer Coaches Scholar All-Americans.
  • Ryan Carmichael was the Colonial Athletic Association Men’s Soccer Player of the Year.
  • Four members of the Hofstra wrestling team – Zachary Knighton-Ward, Joe McGinty, Trey Rogers, and Matthew Templeton – received Scholar All-America honors from the National Wrestling Coaches Association, and the team finished the 2021-2022 season with the second-highest team grade point average in the country among Division I wrestling programs.
  • Zachary Knighton-Ward earned an at-large bid to the 2022 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships.
  • Jaylen Hines was named to the All-Colonial Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Third Team, while Rosi Nicholson collected CAA All-Defensive accolades.
  • Women's indoor track distance runner Jordyn McDonnell set a new program record in the 5000m with a time of 17:31.55, 26 seconds faster than the previous record.
  • Three members of the Hofstra field hockey team – Cami Larsson, Lieke Gorsse, and Jamie Mc Millan – received All-CAA honors.
  • Field hockey graduate student Cami Larsson was named to the 2022 National Field Hockey Coaches Association Division I Senior Team.
  • Hofstra University women's lacrosse player Cara Scanio was chosen as the recipient of the 2022 John H. Randolph Inspiration Award by the Colonial Athletic Association. The award recognizes individuals who, through strength of character and human spirit, serve as an inspiration to all to maximize their potential and ability for success. It is named after former William & Mary athletic director John Randolph, who lost a courageous battle with cancer in 1995.
  • The women's lacrosse team was named an Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association Academic Honor Squad, and 15 members of the program garnered a spot on the IWLCA Division I Academic Honor Roll.
  • The men's soccer and women's lacrosse programs received the CAA Team Academic Excellence Awards, recognizing the institution with the highest collective grade point average in all 22 sports sponsored by the CAA.
  • Cara Scanio received the Yeardley Reynolds Love Unsung Hero Award for NCAA Division I women's lacrosse. The award recognizes the accomplishments of six student-athletes who help their teams achieve success in ways that may not be measured in goals, saves, or ground balls. This honor places value on kindness and generosity, characteristics that are often undervalued in the competitively charged environment of college lacrosse.
  • Shannon Boyle was named to the Inside Lacrosse Media All-America Honorable Mention Team.
  • Fourteen softball student-athletes earned Easton/National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-America Scholar-Athlete honors for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Softball student-athletes Chelsea Manto, Meghan Giordano, and Amanda Maffucci collected National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-Northeast Region honors.
  • Beatriz Alves was named the Colonial Athletic Association Setter of the Year, and Chiara Cucco earned the CAA Libero of the Year Award in volleyball. It marked Cucco’s second consecutive Libero of the Year accolade.
  • Hofstra saw 43 student-athletes earn All-CAA accolades.
  • Student-athletes Sorelle Ineza (women's basketball) and Gavin Jones (men's track) participated in the 2022 NCAA Career in Sports Forum, which took place at NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The forum brought together selected NCAA student-athletes to learn about and explore potential careers in sports, particularly college athletics.
  • The Hofstra University baseball team earned a 2021-2022 American Baseball Coaches Association Team Academic Award.
2022 Honor Roll of Donors | Alumni (2024)
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