Metalico Shenango Valley on My Local Services 👍 (2024)

Metalico Shenango Valley

Metalico Shenango Valley on My Local Services 👍 (6)

Metalico Shenango Valley

329 Dock Street




United States

Tel: (724) 342-1030

Business Information
Metalico is a full-service scrap metal recycler proven and trusted to deliver an unmatched combination of fair and competitive pricing plus high quality customer service in a safe, convenient, and clean environment. Serving the Shenango Valley including Hermitage, Sharon, Mercer, Brookfield, Masury, Hubbard, Sharpsville, Greenville, Farrell, and surrounding areas.

Opening Times
Mon-Fri 8am-12pm, 12:30pm-4pm, Sat-Sun Closed

Payment Methods Accepted

Email Addresses

Scrap Metal Buyer

Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals

Metalico Shenango Valley on My Local Services 👍 (7)

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Metalico Shenango Valley on My Local Services 👍 (2024)
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