The Best Crew Colors in GTA 5 Online (2024)

Car customization is a big part of GTA 5 Online, and you’re likely going to spend a lot of time in tuning shops trying to perfect your car. Rockstar Games wanted to make the process of choosing the best color easier, which is why they’ve added customizable crew colors to GTA 5 Online that people in crews can pick.

Crew colors are a nifty feature that every crew leader can change to whichever hex color code they choose. This opens up crew members to a realm of unique colors that they can then put on their cars via a Los Santos Customs tuning shop. Today’s guide will show you some of the best crew colors in GTA 5 Online.

Creating a Crew in GTA 5 Online

If you want to have access to the crew color picker, you’ll need to first have your own crew. In order to create a crew, you’ll need to log into your social club account. Then make your way to the ‘Crews‘ tab. There you’ll be able to create up to 5 crews that can each have their own crew color.

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If you’ve found a crew that you think has an amazing crew color, then you join their crew via the ‘Join a Crew‘ button in the ‘Crews’ tab.

At the end of the day, you don’t even have to create your own crew. You can simply find a crew on Social Club’s network of crews and join one that has a crew color that you like.

How to Change Crew Color in GTA 5 Online

You’ll immediately be able to pick your crew color in the crew creation menu. This would be the optimal time to change your crew color to the hex values that we’re going to list later on in the guide.

However, if you already have a crew and are coming back to GTA Online, here’s how you can change the crew color of an existing crew:

  1. Login to your Social Club account
  2. Go into ‘Crews‘ at the top of the website
  3. Find and hover over your crew in ‘My Crews
  4. Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and select ‘Edit Crew
  5. Make your way into the crew color box and pick a different crew color
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There are many ways to modify your crew color once you actually access the color wheel. You can use hex color codes that you’ve found on the internet to automatically pick a color without having to tinker with the color wheel itself.

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Now, with all of that being said, let’s finally move on to what we think are currently the best crew colors in GTA 5 Online.

Proper Gold

For some odd reason, GTA Online doesn’t really have the gold color that we know and love. Although there is a variation of gold in the tuning shops, it just doesn’t work well with the lighting of the game.

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The hex color code that you need to put into the crew color wheel is: #997835. Furthermore, we’d recommend pairing that with an Ice White pearlescent coat for an even shinier and more traditional gold look. Now you can go ahead and cruise around Los Santons in proper style.


There’s no real color preset for a Peach color in GTA Online, but people have come up with a hex code that will allow you to make your crew color that of a nice peach. The hex color code for this color preset is: #FF3C0AAA.

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What enhances this color is a nice pearlescent coat of paint, something along the lines of race yellow, bright orange, and sunrise orange will suit this main color preset perfectly. A color like this is best left for elegant sports or supercars.

Neon Blue

Neon Blue is quite a popular color worldwide, especially because of how vibrant it is. It looks good on almost any car. Not to mention how well it pairs with many pearlescent coats.

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The hex color code for neon blue is #07FFFF. The best pearlescent coat for neon blue would be something brighter like Ice White or Cream. Both of these pearlescent colors give Neon Blue an awesome shine.

Salmon Orange

This might seem like an unconventional color, but give us a chance to elaborate. The crew color itself isn’t Salmon Orange, it’s more of a brighter red color. However, it will eventually look Salmon Orange after we’ve applied the required pearlescent and base color.

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The hex color code is as follows: #F07878. In order to get it to look Salmon Orange, you first have to apply the primary color of metal Gold and then switch to the aforementioned crew color. After that’s done, go ahead and apply a vibrant yellow or orange pearlescent color to complete the combination.

Cotton Candy

Here we have yet another unusual crew color that you might’ve not heard of. The Cotton Candy color preset consists of multiple color variations. You’ll have to first apply a primary color of chrome and then cover that with your neon hot pink crew color. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and add a coat of hot pink pearlescent to it as well.

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Completing all of these steps will help you achieve a cotton candy type of color. Here’s the neon hot pink crew color code that you’ll need to achieve this look: #FF00CC.

Fire Orange

Any type of red or orange color will always be welcome when it comes to fast cars in GTA Online. Such colors become even better when you increase their vibrance, and Fire Orange is the epitome of vibrance. It’s good enough on its own, but you can experiment with some pearlescent colors.

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The pearlescent we think works best with crew color is something like yellow or regular orange. It will introduce a bit of balance between orange and red. This is the hex color code: #FF3000

Light Mint

Green is a color that many people have a hard time successfully combining with others. Still, there are a couple of variants of green that should be worth taking a look at. Light Mint is a great example of the marvelous presets that you can come up with using green.

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The hex color code for it is #6FDEB700. You don’t have to apply a pearlescent for this crew color, but there’s no harm in experimenting and seeing what would look best with light mint.

Those are, in our opinion, the best crew colors in GTA 5 Online that you can currently acquire. The car’s color makes it stand out but make sure it’s fast. The cars are a key part of life in Los Santos after all:

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The Best Crew Colors in GTA 5 Online (2024)
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