Date Word Received: May 24, 2023

Watch video - published June 2, 2023

My children, it is time to align, align with Me. It is time to get your homes in order. Yes, that means to (get) your lives in order, to live wholly before Me. That does not mean to be perfect. That just means to put Me first, to do all things with Me and not on your own.

My children, this is the time to grow in that maturity that I have spoken about in other Words- a maturity of new levels of authority, new levels that I have given (to you) and been waiting for you to receive. Yes, I have new levels. You have not seen Me do all the things that I want and how I want to manifest My power in your lives. You have not seen even a minuscule amount, just a tiny, tiny bit compared to what I can actually do.

I have been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you to take hold of My promises, take hold of My Word, and take hold of My Blood Covenant. (I have been waiting for you) to take hold of these revelations and not let them go. Remember, I spoke in My Written Word, in Mark chapter 4, about the parable of the sower. The sower sows the word. And I have given examples of how some people receive a word, but they let go of that word. But the one who receives (the word and doesn't let it go) receives 30 (fold), some 60 (fold), and some (even) 100 fold. I have given you these parables in My Word, not for them to be just good stories or great scriptures; this is a way of life. This shows you what not to do and what to do to be successful in everything you put your hand to, to live in greater measure with Me and My Authority.

My children, times are changing. Times are changing. There is no more time. I told you this before- there is no more time to be lukewarm with one foot in and one foot out of the world. There's no more time for that.

This is the time (of) pressing in, pressing in, pressing in, and breaking through to these new levels- new levels of revelation, new levels of glory, new levels of authority, new levels of anointing, new levels. I will keep saying that- new levels.

And expect to have your enemy try to come in and stop the new levels. There's nothing new to his tactics or what he does.

But I have given you every tool. I have given you the revelation knowledge. I have given you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in My Word. I have given you these things.

So when your adversary, Satan, comes, when he comes like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, (know that) he can't devour you. Don't let him. He doesn't have the power to. Don't let him lie to you. Don't let him intimidate you.

Stay in My Word. Have it in front of your eyes. Read it. Have it in your ears. Read it out loud. Have these things deep down in your heart so when he comes, you can laugh at him just like I laugh at him. Yes, you will get to that point where you will.

My children, the time is coming for the end of everything you see, and this time is getting very close. But it's also getting close to this catching away, this great catching away that I have talked about. But (before that time comes) I am looking for My church with (a new level of) maturity. I am looking for My church to have persistence and faith. I am looking for My church, My body, (to be) without spot or wrinkle. Yes, you can get there. Yes, you can get there because you can get there with Me and My Authority.

So, receive this revelation today. Receive what I am doing. Receive My goodness. Receive more than enough. Receive. Receive. Receive this outpouring. Receive this "living under an open Heaven." Receive the gifts I have given. Receive the Blood Covenant that I have already given to you. Receive the Blood of Jesus Christ and the authority that goes with that Name. Receive. Just take it. How do you take it, you ask? (You take it) by believing Me, believing me. Believe Me, and you will see great rewards from Me, saith the Lord.

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