Ukrainians are staging art exhibition in Kyiv to show defiance (2024)

A defiant group of Ukrainians are staging an art exhibition to show the world the spirit of their resistance.

As part of the exhibition, The Unseen Force, the 'Angry Mavka' women's resistance movement are asking other women around the world to post pictures of the group’s logo drawn on their wrists, posed in front of recognisable landmarks.

The aim is to demonstrate to Russian occupiers that they still exist, that resistance to the aggressors continues and they will not surrender to 'life under a false flag'.

Organisers are creating a 'portal' exhibit which aims to spiritually 'unite' women in the occupied territories of Ukrainewith their female supporters across the rest of the world.

Entries, which can be emailed to or posted onto social media with the hashtag #unseenforce #zlamavka, will be pulled together to create a collage for the exhibition's walls in Kyiv.

LUHANSK, UKRAINE: Women from the Angry Mavka movement are creating a 'portal to hope' through social media

BARCELONA:The organisers have created a 'portal' between occupied territories of Ukraine and the rest of the world

BERLIN: Now the movement is searching for others to join in across the world

The Mavka group is named after a female forest spirit from Ukrainian and Russian folklore and mythology.


To show solidarity the organisers are keen to create a collage that includes pictures from all over the world to be displayed at their exhibition.

Here's how you can join in:

1) Draw the logo on your wrist (it’s the logo of an all-female activist group Mavka).

2) Go to a public building/location that is recognisable (Acropolis, Big Ben …)

3) Take a picture of your wrist in front of the building

4) Pictures should be anonymous, so try not to have anything on your arm (watch, jewellery…)

Send the pics to:

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She is a long-haired woman, typically seen as a temptress figure who lures men into the woods and to their deaths.

The Ukrainian all-female and non-violent resistance group emerged in the Russian-controlled city of Melitopol in 2022.

Last year members of the group risked their lives by doctoring Russian Ruble notes into a powerful symbol of Ukrainian defiance.

Hundreds of the 50 Ruble notes appeared across the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine - from Melitopol, Berdyansk and Tomak in southern Ukraine all the way to Sevastopol and Yalta in Crimea.

The notes sent a powerful message to any of the occupiers who may think they are lucky to stumble across the 'free money'.If caught, they could have been arrested, imprisoned or worse.

At the centre of the note – in its traditional form – stood a female figure: the Monument of Neva, that sits in St Petersburg, seen holding a sceptre.

But the activists turned the sceptre into perhaps the ultimate symbol of the Ukrainian nation: the Trident (tryzub). The figure was also given a floral headdress, in the Ukrainian style, and carries the familiar facial features of the Mavka character.

In the top left corner of the note is the symbol for the Bank of Russia. But 'bank of Russia' has been changed to 'Bank of angry Mavka'.

The Russian note also had a line at the top saying 'Banknote of Russia' and at the bottom saying 'Fifty Roubles'. These lines instead read 'This is not Russia' and 'You are in Ukraine!'

DEAD SEA, ISRAEL:The latest protest is part of an exhibition called Unseen Force at Ukrainian House in Kyiv

MELITOPOL, UKRAINE: The group began in Melitopal in Ukraine in 2022 - and has since embarked on a series of brave protests

CRIMEA, UKRAINE: The symbol links defiance across the world and sends a clear message to aggressors

WARSAW, POLAND:The group is called Mavka, after the female forest spirit from Ukrainian and Russian folklore and mythology

BANGKOK, THAILAND: The protest has already travelled thousands of miles to Thailand

The latest protest is part of an exhibition called Unseen Force at Ukrainian House in Kyiv, which is running for two weeks from May 18 to June 2.

The Unseen Force project stands as a living testament to the unyielding spirit of Ukrainian citizens.

It is dedicated to promoting the understanding that Ukraine is defined not merely by its territory or a flag fluttering outside your window but by the resilience and humanity of its people.

Its stories are not stories of passivity, uncertainty and indifference: they are the stories of the resilience of a population that is under direct threat from the Russian occupier.

The exhibition demonstrates the history and the presence of activist resistance movements, their work and activities, as well as the reaction of the artistic environment.

The exhibition will be at Kyiv, Ukrainian House 18 May – 2 June 2024.

Ukrainians are staging art exhibition in Kyiv to show defiance (2024)


Ukrainians are staging art exhibition in Kyiv to show defiance? ›

The latest protest is part of an exhibition called Unseen Force at Ukrainian House in Kyiv, which is running for two weeks from May 18 to June 2. The Unseen Force project stands as a living testament to the unyielding spirit of Ukrainian citizens.

What is happening to museums in Ukraine? ›

Many Ukrainian museums in Russian-held territory now have new staff. These museums are now being repurposed to suit Russia's needs, including a new museum in Mariupol.

What kind of art is Ukraine famous for? ›

Over the centuries the Ukrainian people have evolved a varied folk art. Embroidery, wood carving, ceramics, and weaving are highly developed, with stylized ornamentation that represents many regional styles.

What is the Kyiv not Kiev campaign? ›

KyivNotKiev is an online campaign to persuade English-language media and organizations to exclusively use Kyiv (derived from the Ukrainian-language 'Київ') instead of Kiev (derived from the Russian-language 'Киев') as the name of the Ukrainian capital.

How many museums are in Ukraine? ›

In Ukraine, there are about 5 thousand different museums – public and private.

Which Ukrainian artist museum was destroyed? ›

Russian Forces Burned Down a Museum With Dozens of Works by Ukrainian Folk Artist Maria Prymachenko. Invading Russian forces destroyed a museum in Ivankiv, a city northwest of the capital Kyiv, that was home to dozens of works by the Ukrainian folk artist Maria Prymachenko on Sunday, according to the Kyiv Independent.

Do tourists still go to Ukraine? ›

Latest update:We continue to advise do not travel to Ukraine due to the volatile security environment and military conflict. If you're currently in Ukraine, we urge you to depart if it's safe to do so. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. The security situation continues to be volatile.

Which religion is in Ukraine? ›

As of 2022, according to a survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), 85% of Ukrainians identified as Christians. 72% identified themselves with Eastern Orthodoxy, 9% to the Catholic Church (8% Eastern Catholic, 1% Latin Church) and 4% adherents of a Protestant Church or other Christian movement.

What is Kyiv Ukraine best known for? ›

Kyiv is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center in Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions, and historical landmarks. The city has an extensive system of public transport and infrastructure, including the Kyiv Metro.

Who is the most famous Ukrainian painter? ›

Kazimir Malevich

Malevich was the founder of Suprematism and an avant-garde artist. He was born in Kyiv and was closely associated with Ukrainian art.

Is Kiev safe right now? ›

Avoid all travel to Ukraine due to the Russian military invasion. Your safety is at high risk, particularly if you engage in active combat. Russia launches missile and drone strikes against Ukrainian civilian and government infrastructure. These include attacks on city centres and populated areas, including Kyiv.

How do Ukrainians say Kiev? ›

CBC has been using a transliteration based on the Ukrainian spelling of the name: "Kyiv" (pronounced "KEE-ef"). The Russian version is "Kiev" (pronounced "kee-EV").

What does the name Kiev mean? ›

Meaning of Kiev: Name Kiev in the Hebrew origin, means Kiev means Gift of God. Name Kiev is of Hebrew origin and is a Boy name. People with name Kiev are usually Judaism by religion.

Where are the most Ukrainians in the world? ›

The largest population of Ukrainians outside of Ukraine lives in Russia where about 1.9 million Russian citizens identify as Ukrainian, while millions of others (primarily in southern Russia and Siberia) have some Ukrainian ancestry.

What is the most famous art center in Ukraine? ›

The National Art Museum of Ukraine, which was the first museum in Kyiv to be freely open to the public, was founded at the end of the 19th century by the efforts of Ukrainian intellectuals. Museum building was constructed under the project of Moscow architect Petro Boitsov in neo-classic style.

What is happening to the zoo in Ukraine? ›

Zoos have been swept up in the conflict across Ukraine. During Russia's attempt to seize Kyiv last year, the animals at the capital's zoo were spooked by air raid sirens and blasts, The Washington Post reported. Zoos in other places, including the eastern city of Kharkiv have been damaged in the fighting.

What is happening to the LDS Temple in Ukraine? ›

The Kyiv Ukraine Temple reopened on Friday, as confirmed by church spokesperson Irene Caso who said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has carefully evaluated the current circ*mstances and decided to resume—on a limited basis—the sacred religious ceremonies in the temple." She added, "Church members are ...

What is the crisis going on in Ukraine? ›

Two years since Russia's full-scale invasion, Ukraine has recaptured 54 percent of occupied territory, while Russia still occupies 18 percent of the country. Ukraine's counteroffensive efforts have stalled, and Russia has opened a new front in Ukraine's northeast Kharkiv region.

What is the museum crisis center Ukraine? ›

Founded just days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Museum Crisis Center (MCC) aims to sustain and support the country's museum workers.

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